Amazing Information On Teacup Yorkie – Know Why You Need To House Them

    Teacup Yorkie – All You Wish To Find Out About This Tiny Breed

    Teacup Yorkie might be tiny but you should know that they have might personalities. Do You Want to know why? Read all the things you need to know about this tiny Yorkie and see for yourself!

    This dog is a tiny teacup ty breed of popular breed Yorkshire Terrier. Although they are immensely cute and tiny, you cannot get confused by their tiny little face and stature, these dogs are confident and bold to the core. They are very protective of the family they live in and extremely fond of their owners.

    Teacup Yorkie is not a dog you can expect to take lightly because they require plenty of care and attention. Also, their demands are pretty high as they do want to be the center of attention most of the time. Teacup Yorkie also has strict schedules when it comes to feeding them and most likely they might require professional groomers. Their teacup size indicates that these dogs are more prone to health issues so you may have vet bills frequently.

    If you think this particular breed will make a perfect addition to your family, here are all the things you must require to make a great living with your teacup Yorkie.

    Overview Of Teacup Yorkie

    teacup terrier
    Photo by Pezibear on Pixabay

    Look at these adorable creatures, who wouldn’t love to pet them or house them? Teacup Yorke is a miniature form of Yorkshire terrier which is another extremely cute breed. A lot of info is not available on when breeders began to breed these terriers but demand for teacup Yorkie is high and rapidly increasing among all dog lovers.

    Yorkshire terrier was bred initially to hint rodents and rats in the 1870s. This took place in Northern England in the begging. They were used mostly in industrial settings like textile factories and coal mines. Soon they became popular as fashionable companions to humans.

    Not many of you might know this but they are among the most popular breed housed by many people in the US! They are also recognized by the American Kennel Club amongst their toy group. However, the variety of these dogs is still not recognized much.

    Size And Appearance Of Teacup Yorkie

    Wondering about their size? well, you can expect your teacup Yorkie to look the same as normal or regular-sized Yorkie, just smaller than them. Their skulls are round having a short muzzle. They also have a black button-like nose which often is the cutest part of their body. They have small v-sized ears that are located upright on top of Yorkie’s head.

    As for their body, they have a well proportioned and compact body. The legs of teacup Yorkie are short and they have a medium tail length which is carried slightly higher as compared to their back. Yorkies always look alert and engaged due to spring in their steps. Aren’t they cutest?

    Height And Weight Of Teacup Yorkie

    The standard size of a Yorkshire terrier is 7lbs but teacup Yorkie is smaller than them. A fully grown teacup Yorkie will weigh nearly 2 to 4 lbs only. And as for the height, you can expect it to be 5 to 7 inches only.

    They are present in several different colors, among which the most common colors include:

    • Black and gold
    • Blue and gold
    • Black and tan
    • Blue and tan

    Coat Of Teacup Yorkie

    You can expect their hair or fur to be similar to that of a standard Yorkshire terrier. They have a silky, glossy, and fine coat of long and straight hair. You can always trim their hair using regular brushes and scissors or take them to a professional groomer for a neater look. The hair present on top of their head also grows significantly so you might have to trim them too once in a while so that they do not irritate them or enter their eyes.

    They shed very little hair so they were are also hypoallergenic in nature.

    Personality And Temperament

    As already mentioned above, they have might personalities. Although they are tiny their personalities are not. They have a bit of a similar personality as terrier has meant they are affectionate, confident, and sprightly.

    Yorkies are also popular for their demanding traits. They do seek a lot of attention but are always cautious when it comes to interacting with a stranger. It is most likely that teacup Yorkie will be prone to having anxiety when separating from you so do not leave them alone for a long time or until it is necessary. They have slightly more bossy and feisty traits than a true terrier dog.

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    They are said to have dog syndrome in which they might believe themselves to be bigger than they actually are. This can also cause them to be more excitable and anxious. These dogs can be a bit of a handful as they love to cause mischief. They have a really strong prey drive and love hunting tiny animals like rats and rodents. This sort of boldness usually gets them into troubling situations as running like crazy can harm their fragile bones.

    Many of you might not know this but teacup Yorkie loves the sound of its own voice. This sounds so cute, right?

    Teacup Yorkie is also territorial in nature meaning they will defend their home by making sounds or barking when someone enters the house. However, the suitability to barking can be trained through proper training sessions which are a must for your dog.

    They do have many faults as they are up to some of the other mischiefs, but they will be devoted to their owners every time. As a baby dog, teacup Yorkie loves the attention of their owners and they feel really joyous after entertaining you all.

    When you will bring teacup Yorkie to your home for the very first time, try to give them a room with a cozy bed. The bed should be such that they can easily get out and get in the bed. As they are very small they can be a little nervous in new and bigger environments. Give them few days to adjust as once they do so, you will be so enlightened with their company.

    Now those of you who are thinking if Yorkie will be good for their large families or not, you might know that these are very fragile dogs, so usually, they are not suggested for large families having children. They are suited best to a single pet household. This is because if they see other dogs in your house or any other pet, they tend to turn competitive around them and might lead to a fight. I am sure most of you would not want to witness fights between your pets, so choose wisely. If you do not own any pets till now, you may bring these dogs.

    Training Of Teacup Yorkie

    dog, puppy, yorkie
    Photo by zoegammon on Pixabay

    The teacup Yorkie is very smart and responsive towards training. They might act a bit stubborn in the beginning but with some effort and consistency, they will warm up along with you and trainers if you bring any.

    The key to carrying out the most effective training for Teacup Yorkie is positive reinforcement. Also, punishment is the worst strategy to train them so do not ever practice it. The use of punishment while training them should be specifically avoided for obvious reasons as it may cause behavioral issues later on.

    Always give them praise when they are following commands that you give them and do not provide too many treats after their activities as it may read to stomach issues later on. Also, try to find out high-quality and natural treats for your teacup Yorkie. Their training should start when they are very young including socialization as well. They might show signs of aggression due to which you must socialize them at an early age.

    Expose these dogs to a variety of dogs in your neighborhood as soon as you get them fully vaccinated to prevent diseases. Due to its small size, it becomes very easy to travel with them and take them to new places for socialization as well. Mental stimulation is very important for teacup Yorkie as they love doing several things. If you do not give them what they desire and mental stimulation is not provided, you might have to look after your shoes or sofa to see if they are chewed!

    Give them various toys and puzzle feeders as playtime is very important to reduce stress and increase the memory power in teacup Yorkie.

    How To Take Care Of Your Yorkie

    Teacup Yorkie needs a lot of care and attention, probably requires 24/7 devotion. Grooming your dog several times is a must because they love to look amazing although they do not shed much like few other breeds.

    They also have a regular feeding routine that is important for their health. This Teacup Yorkie is very adaptable and they have the ability to live in any environment be it urban areas having apartments, They are often amazing for first-time owners of dogs and anyone who wants to live with a small dog. Let’s have a look at some of the most essential requirements of a teacup Yorkie:

    Exercise Requirement

    Dog lovers would be surprised to know that this teacup Yorkie has a lot of energy but they do not need a lot of dedicated workouts to stay fit. Having a 20 to 30 minutes workout will be completely fine for them.

    Yorkies are extremely energetic in nature and they just love running around. Also, they never give up in chases due to their nature. You need to make sure that you are not letting them be too excited or jump on surfaces because their bones are very fragile.

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    When it is cold outside or in the winter months, makes rue you put on a coat to keep your teacup Yorkie warm as they get really cold and are susceptible to cold. Be careful when you are going for a walk with your teacup Yorkie as they are very easy to trip over and fall causing injuries.

    Grooming And Shedding

    dog, yorkshire terrier, lazy dog
    Photo by Josch13 on Pixabay

    Your teacup Yorkie will appear the best when you take it to a groomer regularly. They have a long and straight coat that requires regular trimming. Their hair will also continuously grow throughout the year and tend to grow more than their height as well. When the growth is not stopped it leads to irritation by covering their eyes. Thankfully, they do not shed much hair.

    You should always brush their air to keep it from matting and keeping it clean. Yorkies are also very prone to having dental issues so make sure their teeth are regularly cleaned so that they remain healthy. Check their ears too for debris and wax buildup.

    Feeding And Diet

    They have a very specialized diet. You must feed them every 3 to 4 hours and make sure no meal is skipped in between. They do not eat huge portions but they do eat frequently. Do not worry much about feeding them something at night just make sure you give them a meal before going to sleep and as soon as they wake up.

    If you do not know what proportion of food to give do to worry. As a general rule giving them 40 calories per pound of their body weight is sufficient. For instance, if your teacup Yorkie is somewhere between 4 to 5 lbs, they will require 160 to 170 calories a day or so.

    Dogs also require to take a balanced diet just like other breeds and human beings. They require protein, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibers in their diet. You need to look for a portion of specialized or premium dog food for your dog. It might cost some more bucks but it is worth feeding them.

    Avoid food having filler ingredients that have very high levels of carbs as these can turn out to be harmful and lead to obesity especially for your teacup Yorkie.

    Health Problems In Yorkies

    Unfortunately, these dogs have multiple health-related issues. Make sure you perform all the research work before bringing them home so that you can easily spot any symptoms of some diseases in your teacup Yorkie. Their bones are fragile and they do activities that can break their bones.

    Bringing a teacup Yorkie does come with a lot of health problems and complications. When you take good care of them, you can expect your yoke to live as long as 12 years.


    When Yorkies turn 4 to 5 months old, they start losing their puppy teeth. When they turn 8 to 9 months old, their permanent teeth usually grow fully. Unfortunately, teacup Yorkie due to its very small size is more prone to having teeth problems as compared to regular-sized dogs. Their tooth decay and dental diseases begin due to the everyday buildup of tartar and plaque on their teeth and then it progresses to infections of their gums and roots.

    To help with their oral issues, you should regularly brush their teeth using a doggy brush and kinds of toothpaste safe for dog use. It is ideal to brush twice a day. Most dogs enjoy it when you brush their teeth daily as part of their daily schedule. You should at least brush their teeth 3 times a week if you cannot perform it daily. This will help remove tartar and plaque accumulation leading to healthy gums.

    Dogs also require to get their teeth scraped and cleaned to avoid buildups but several other factors, for instance, overcrowded teeth might also cause tooth decay in dogs. Due to tiny jaws, teacup Yorkie is prone to overcrowded teeth. For this reason alone, you must always take them to a professional to get their teeth cleaning done.

    Genetic Defects

    Several genetic defects might occur in teacup Yorkies. These include:

    • Distichiasis- This is a common condition on dogs especially in toy breeds like teacup Yorkie where extra lashes start growing on unusual regions on the eyelid. Depending upon the growth and number of hairs these rigid hairs may cause problems in the eye itself. Their growth is unusual and occurs n different directions causing problems.
    • Hydrocephalus- This is a defect in dogs generally associated with a large soft spot on top of their skull. This spot is leakage inside of the skull of an excess fluid called cerebrospinal fluid. This surrounds the spinal cord as well as the brain. It leads to an increase in pressure inside the skull that presses sensitive tissues in the brain later leading to permanent damage and health.
    • Hypoplasia Of Deans- This is a congenital condition in which the pivot point in the second vertebra is formed incompletely. It can cause damage to the spinal cord. The onset of this condition can begin at any age. The sytoms can be varied in dogs but they mainly comprise of dogs being unable to move their legs or neck pain.
    • Luxating Patella- Yorkshire terrier is second most prevalent to this condition among all dog breeds. This may lead to osteoarthritis of the knees which will cause pain in their legs finding it very difficult for them to even walk.
    • Portosystemic Shunt– It is an abnormal blood vessel inside the abdomen which allows the venal blood to flow from the intestine to the liver. Damage in this can cause the inability of toxins to be filtered.
    • Retinal dysplasia- As the name suggests it is an eye disease that affects the retina. It is characterized by round clumps or folds of the retinal tissues.
    • Tracheal collapse- Your teacup Yorkie could also suffer from tracheal collapses but it sounds more serious than the condition it is. In this condition due to limited airflow, chronic coughing and respiratory diseases might be caused.
    • Bladder stones- There are several sorts of stones that might form inside the bladder or kidneys. Unfortunately, these small dogs are likely to develop a bladder stone as compared to other breeds.
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    Teacup Yorkie is also prone to developing low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. If your puppy is just 8 to 16 weeks old, this condition is more prevalent than you think. For such reasons, you must feed them regularly during the day. Also, you can place dry food all the time outside so that they can binge n it whenever they feel hungry. Also, when you give them water, make sure you add 2 tablespoons of Karo syrup inside them.

    Some of the common sytoms of this condition may include staggering, depression, shivering, disorientation, and drowsiness especially in young, active puppies. Othe that these muscle weakness, collapse, and seizures are also a sign of low blood sugar.

    Hypoglycemia can be fatal in the rost case scenario when it is not controlled using a specialized diet for your Yorkie. If you feel any of the signs of low blood sugar are prevalent in your Yorkie, you must call the vet immediately and find out a solution.

    Tip- If your puppy developed a seizure due to hypoglycemia and you are waiting for your vet to reach you, you can always look for a clean towel and wrap it around the puppy for keeping them warm. Try to rub honey on their gums while keeping them warmer. This is done because sugar that I present naturally inside the honey will elevate the concentration of glucose in them. Also, attempt your doggo to eat something.


    The issues of docking is still a controversial subject in dogs. Naturally, the tail of your dog will stand upright and curve over its back. There are no health-related issues or joy related subject to docking their tail.

    Many countries have banned the procedure of docking tails in dogs. Also, the practice of docking has decreased very much over the last few years.

    Where To Buy A Teacup Yorkie

    dog, the language, smile
    Photo by elaly on Pixabay

    Considering all the above-mentioned health issues in a Yorkie, it is highly suggested that you look for a trustworthy breeder that is known to sell healthy puppies with no genetic diseases involved as there are too many.

    Unfortunately, many reliable breeders are not available these days. Most are unscrupulous and unreliable but with a little bit of research, you can always bring a dog having excellent health and no genetic diseases at all.

    Breeding a teacup is risky as it can be harmful to the other. Always ask the breeder if he or she can show you the mother with their pups, if they do not let you see them together, there are high chances of them being not trustworthy.

    Always ask your breeder various thing related to the Yorkie, like their temperament and the way they live their life as they have plenty of information and ideas to give. Breeders may also provide you health certificates of the dog’s dad and mom to show that they were genetically fit with no condition found.

    Always know that teacup Yorkie should be at least 9 weeks when they leave their mother, some breeds often wait for 12 weeks to give them away to their ower.

    Also, a teacup Yorkie costs anywhere between 100 dollars to 2000 dollars depending upon where you get them from and the breeder.

    Teacup Yorkies are known for their huge personalities so they need an owner with similar traits and personalities too, are you sure you can match their amazing persona? If Yes, bring them home.

    Teacup Yorkie is not only highly demanding, but they are needy too. As their owner, you must be aware that they need your attention every hour or minute to be precise. They need strict diets and a great feeding routine, say 4 to 5 times a day after every 3 hours or so. This is done to prevent any diseases that may occur.

    Just love your Yorkie and you will be showered with unconditional love. They will bring a lot of joy and confidence to your house.

    This was all you needed to know about teacup Yorkie’s lifestyle, various diseases, and other important factors.


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