25 Amazing Rat Terrier Mix Breeds!

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    Rat Terrier Mix Breeds

    The Rat Terrier has a long history of protecting houses and fields from rats. They are robust, compact, and attractive little dogs. Rat Terriers come in two sizes, but both are slightly longer than tall (but not short-legged) and of average build. Their fur is short and silky. The American Hairless Terrier is derived from Rat Terriers that have lost their hair.

    Rat Terrier mix-breeds are designer hybrid dogs. A cross between one Rat Terrier parent and another breed’s parent. Although breed characteristics vary by litter, Rat Terrier hybrid dogs are intelligent, friendly, loyal, energetic, and high hunt drive. This little dog would make an excellent apartment pet, but it will not relax like a lapdog. To stay happy, they require a lot of exercise, training, and care. Today, we’ll look at the top Rat Terrier mixes to see which is ideal for your family and lifestyle.

    What is a Rat Terrier Mix breed?

    A Rat Terrier mix breed has a mix of one Rat Terrier parent and one from another dog breed. They are typically small to medium-sized dogs with a confident, outgoing personality and plenty of energy and loyalty.

    Rat Terriers were initially bred to kill rats, as the name suggests. A rat infestation may have ruined a farm in the past, so a good ratter was required.

    Rat terriers were also hunting companions, watchdogs, henhouse guardians, and children’s playmates. The Rat Terrier is a tough-looking, beautiful dog. The breed is ordinarily pied, with huge, erect ears and an alert, intelligent expression. However, the resulting product can vary significantly when mixed with another dog breed. The puppy you produce may resemble the Rat Terrier parent, but they may be more like the other.

    Rat Terrier Mix Size

    The Rat Terrier is a little dog that stands between 10 and 18 inches tall. As a result, whatever other breed you mix this dog with, the result will be a medium-sized dog at most.

    Rat Terrier Mix Temperament

    The Rat Terrier is often a loyal and active friend who loves to play and always looks for fun and new things to do. They usually want to please and learn quickly, but they can be stubborn and get bored or distracted quickly. They are a little shy around strangers.

    Because they are related to hounds, they are sometimes friendlier to other dogs than most terriers, and most of them get along well with other dogs, but they often won’t back down from a challenge. They can be good with cats if they are raised with them, but it is not good to introduce them to small pets. Most Rat Terriers don’t bark too much.

    Rat Terrier Mix Grooming 

    The Rat Terrier’s short, thick coat doesn’t need much care to stay in good shape. A soft brush or hound glove used once a week will keep his coat healthy and shiny. Depending on how the dog lives, a bath once a month should be enough. Rat Terrier dogs shed seasonally. A shedding tool or a rubber brush can help you get rid of their loose hair during this time.

    The nails should be cut at least once a month to keep them short and neat. If the nails are too long, they can hurt the dog. Check his ears once a week and clean out any extra wax or dirt that could cause an ear infection. If you can, you should brush your dog’s teeth every day with toothpaste made for dogs.

    Rat Terrier Mix Health

    Rat Terrier mixes are usually very healthy dogs. Responsible breeders check their dogs for health problems like hip dysplasia, patellar luxation (loose kneecaps), Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, and heart attack and eye problems. A responsible breeder tests the genes of all breeding stock to reduce the number of health problems and, eventually, get rid of them altogether.

    Your Rat Terrier mix could get any of these from the Rat Terrier parent. They could also get any of the other parent’s health problems. 

    Recommended Health Tests:
    • Patella Evaluation
    • Cardiac Exam
    • Hip Evaluation
    • PLL DNA Test
    • Legg-Calve-Perthes Radiographic

    Rat Terrier Mix Exercise

    Some Rat Terriers can get enough exercise by playing inside, but most dogs will do best with daily walks and a bit of chasing a rubber ball, and others play in a gated area.

    Most of the time, they get along well with other dogs the same size or bigger. Socialization is essential from a young age, and puppy training classes are a good idea. Rat Terriers have a strong desire to hunt, so they should never be off-leash. Most of them can’t resist the urge to chase a strange cat or squirrel.

    Rat Terrier Mix Training

    rat terrier, dog, winter
    Photo by annapowa on Pixabay

    The Rat Terrier is very smart and easy to train, but some can be stubborn and set in their ways. They do well in dog sports like agility, obedience, rally, etc. They are so sensitive and intelligent, and they love pleasing their owners. They thrive on praise and are quick learners when training is done positively.

    Most are patient and kind to kids, but they may be shy around strangers. Even though they are one of the calm terrier breeds, they are still high-energy dogs that need to be walked every day and have a lot of company. When they are with people, they are at their best.

    Rat Terrier Mix Nutrition

    The Rat Terriers should do well on high-quality dog food, whether it comes from a store or you make it at home with your vet’s approval. Any diet for a dog should be suitable for the appropriate age (puppy, senior, or adult). Some rat-terrier dogs tend to gain too much weight, so watch how many calories your dog eats and how much it weighs. Treats can help when training, but too many can make a dog fat. Find out which human foods your dog can eat and which ones he can’t.

    Talk to your vet if you are worried about how much your dog weighs or what it eats. There should always be clean fresh water to drink.

    Rat Terrier mix Size and Weight

    Rat terriers usually have a shoulder height of between 13 and 18 inches. The dog should be a little longer than tall, and its legs should be extended. There isn’t much difference between a dog and a bitch in size. There are five to seven puppies in a litter most of the time. It could take these puppies up to 15 months to reach mental maturity and 24 months to reach their full height and weight.

    • Height (Male) – 13 to 18 inches tall
    • Height (Female) – 13 to 18 inches tall
    • Weight (male) – 12 to 35 lbs (Typically)
    • Weight (female) – 12 to 35 lbs (Typically)

    Rat Terriers with Children

    Rat terriers and children can form strong bonds if they are introduced to each other in the right way and are supervised.  These dogs don’t put up with much, so they might not be the best choice for a family with young children. Once the child is old enough to know how to treat the dog right, you’ll probably find that they have become great friends.

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    If you get a mini rat terrier, a young child might be able to hurt the dog more easily. This is also true when rat terriers are mixed with a smaller breed, so inform breeders about your family.

    Why should you consider a Rat Terrier Mixed Breed?

    rat terrier, terrier, dog coat
    Photo by knewf on Pixabay

    If you like Rat Terriers because of how they look and how determined they are, you might want to get a Rat Terrier mix if you don’t know how to deal with their stubborn nature. There are various Rat Terrier mixes to choose from, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the right dog for you.

    Even though you can never be sure how a mixed-breed dog will look or act, a Rat Terrier mix breed is likely to be:

    • Highly energetic and active
    • Generally healthy
    • Very intelligent
    • Loyal and devoted companion
    • Alert and full of life
    • Working dog

    The most popular Rat Terrier Mix breeds are:

    • American Rat Pinscher
    • Sheltie Rat Terrier mix
    • Rat-Cha
    • Blue Heeler Rat Terrier mix
    • Italian Greyhound Rat Terrier mix
    • Shiba Inu Rat Terrier mix
    • Cocker Spaniel Rat Terrier mix
    • Wire Foxy Rat Terrier
    • Puggat
    • Border Collie Rat Terrier mix
    • Jack-Rat Terrier
    • Black Lab Rat Terrier mix

    Rat Terrier mixes are quickly becoming a popular choice for people who want to bring a new puppy into their home. But what Rat Terrier Mix breeds are there to choose from? And how do you choose the right Rat Terrier mix for you? Let’s find out!

    1) Boxer Rat Terrier Mix -Boxer Terrier

    The Boxer Terrier Mix is a mix of a Boxer and a Rat Terrier. This type of dog isn’t prevalent, so there isn’t much written about them. We can guess how your mixed breed will turn out by looking at the traits of the parent breeds.

    Both of the Boxer Terrier’s parents came from the Terrier family. They were initially bred to keep rodents away and as house pets.

    The Mix of Boxrat Terrier is a small dog like its parent breeds. It often looks like the black and white or brown and white color of a Boxer.

    The Boxer Terrier Mix has a square-shaped head with a soft quality.

    This hybrid has a face that looks like both of its parents. The Boxer parent has a shorter muzzle than the Boxrat Terrier mix. It’s also shorter than the Rat Terrier.

    People know that the Boxer sheds a lot. Rat Terriers are known to shed a little bit. So, you should probably brush your Mix of Boxrat Terrier at least twice a week.

    2) Corgi Rat Terrier Mix – Corgi Terrier

    rat terrier mix breeds
    Alpha Paw

    The Corgi Terrier Mix needs a lot of exercises, but because it is small, this is easily met by running for a few hours.

    The first Corgi was bred for herding needs. Because of this, the Mix of Corgi Terrier tends to watch out for its owners.

    They might not like being alone, and they might get Separation Anxiety if they get too close to their owners or other pets in the house.

    The Corgi Terrier Mix is a good dog that is easy to train. They will do great agility and obedience training and inactive sports like herding competitions and flyball.

    Purebred Corgi Rescue Groups are the best place to start looking for a Corgi Terrier Mix. There are also a lot of Corgi mixes, as well as purebred Corgis.

    3) Husky Rat Terrier Mix – Ratsky Terrier

    rat terrier mix
    The smart canine

    The Ratsky Terrier Mix is a kind and easygoing dog. The Siberian Husky’s intelligence also makes the hybrid puppy easier to train.

    There is a probability that the Ratsky Terrier Mix will inherit the dominating genes of the Siberian Husky. This can make training the Ratsky Terrier Mix difficult during its puppy stage.

    The Ratsky Terrier Crossbreed is a high-energy dog. You must supply them with a strict diet and adequate exercises, such as long walks and lively playtime.

    When looking for a Ratsky Terrier Mix, you have two choices. You might browse for a breeder or an adoption center. However, if you choose a breeder, you must select one responsible and prepared to emphasize the dog’s health above everything else.

    4) Poodle Rat Terrier Mix – Poorat Terrier

    The Poodle was first bred in Germany to help hunters catch waterfowl. They are not only great swimmers but also very smart. The Poodle is also known for its unique hairstyle, which helps the dog move quickly in the water.

    We know that there are three sizes of Poodles, but the Germans only used the small ones to make the Poorat Terrier Mix.

    Due to its small size, the Mix of Poorat Terrier is friendly, cute, and easy to love.

    But the Poorat Terrier Crossbreed can also be sassy at times, no matter how big it is. As long as it was trained to do so when it was a puppy, it can live with other animals.

    Some health risks can happen to the Poorat Terrier. But health problems are much easier to avoid if you get the dog as a puppy. Puppies can come with guarantees from their breeders. Before you take the puppy home, make sure it’s healthy.

    5) German Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix – German Terrier

    If you mix a Rat Terrier with a German Shepherd, you will get a dog that likes to play and dig.

    Since both parent breeds were raised to do different things, it’s hard to say what traits and traits your Mix of German Terrier will have.

    If you want a German Terrier Crossbreed to do a specific job, you should buy a purebred.

    On the other hand, the German Terrier Mix would be a great choice if you want a lively family dog.

    The German Terrier is not like most dogs you see on the streets or in your neighborhood. But you will find one in a rescue center since these places often take in mixed breeds and other kinds of dogs.

    6) Beagle Rat Terrier Mix – Beagat Terrier

    rat terrier mix
    wisdom panel

    The Beagat Terrier Mix is a naturally affectionate dog. As a result, they get along well with other animals. They are also welcoming to guests.

    The Mix of Beagat Terrier, on the other hand, has a strong prey drive. As a result, you will frequently see them chasing birds or squirrels throughout your yard.

    If given a wise and patient trainer, the Beagat Terrier Crossbreed can react well to training.

    You should begin with obedience training and work your way up to house training. When your Beagat Terrier has mastered those training sessions, it’s time to progress to leash training and teaching your dog some tricks.

    The silky coat of the Beagat Terrier is well known. This means you won’t have to deal with constant shedding. However, you may wish to brush it once a week to eliminate debris and maintain the shine.

    7) Bull Mastiff Rat Terrier Mix – Mastiff Terrier

    The Bull Mastiff dog is more reserved than its Rat Terrier counterpart, who is lively and friendly to its owners. Despite this, the Bull Mastiff has a sensitive spot for those it cares about. Based on the parental features of the Mastiff Terrier Mix, your dog’s temperament is likely to range from mild to sweet.

    The information about the Mastiff Terrier Mix is hazy. You can, however, make an educated guess about your dog’s disposition based on the qualities and characteristics of the parent breed. You should chat with your breeder about the history of your dog’s parents.

    The Mastiff Terrier Crossbreed, like all dogs, is susceptible to hereditary diseases. To ensure that your dog is in good health, purchase your dog from a breeder rather than a rescue center. Breeders can supply you with a health clearance, proof that the puppy is in perfect health.

    In terms of height, the Mastiff Terrier can inherit the genes of either the Rat Terrier or the Bull Mastiff. The Terrier can reach a height of 17 inches, while the Bull Mastiff can reach a height of 27 inches.

    8) Labrador Rat Terrier Mix – Labrador Terrier

    The Labrador Terrier Mix is a people pleaser in addition to being sweet and friendly. It is therefore bred to be a family and companion dog.

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    The Labrador Terrier Mix is not the dog you’d see resting on the couch or your front porch. It is vivacious and always looking for someone to play with. Its playful attitude can make it look dominating to its owners and children. However, the Labrador Terrier Crossbreed can make an excellent family pet with early training and socialization.

    Because both breed parents are in good health, the Labrador Terrier is also predicted to be in good health. However, you must watch for specific problems the dog mix may contract, such as heart disease and hip dysplasia.

    The Rat Terrier typically stands 10-18 inches tall, depending on whether the breed is tiny or average. As a result, the height of a Rat Terrier crossbred with a Labrador can also be included in these figures.

    9) Chihuahua Rat Terrier Mix – Ratchua Terrier

    The Ratchua Terrier Mix, regarded as one of the best designer dog breeds, was discovered in the 1990s.

    The Ratchua Terrier Mix is ideal for people looking for a playful and cute pet.

    The Ratchua Terrier Crossbreed is not only a wonderful pet, but it is also recognized by the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC) and the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC).

    There is little known about the Ratchua Terrier’s personality. According to sources, the dog’s traits and characteristics may fall somewhere between its parent breeds. This means that the Ratchua Terrier may act more like a Chihuahua or a Rat Terrier.

    The Ratchua Terrier’s coat color can range from black to sand-white to tri-color.

    This dog breed typically has a short coat, but your puppy may develop a longer coat due to its Chihuahua parent.

    10) Great Dane Rat Terrier Mix – Ratdane Terrier

    rat terrier mix
    Pet keen

    The Great Dane was originally bred to hunt wild boars. However, the ability and traits to hunt down animals were eventually bred out of the Great Dane. The modern Great Dane is a noble and gentle creature who gets along with almost everyone, whether they are humans, dogs, or other animals.

    The Great Dane is very similar to the Rat Terrier breed parent in that they both enjoy having fun and playing with children. The size difference is noticeable. Because of its enormous size and calm and caring demeanor, the Great Dane is commonly referred to as the “Gentle Giant.”

    Your Ratdane Terrier Mix can inherit either the Rat Terrier parent’s height of only 18 inches or the Great Dane parent’s height of 34 inches.

    You will notice whether your Ratdane Terrier Crossbreed grows to the size of its Terrier or Great Dane parent. If your puppy inherits the Great Dane genes, the best approach would be to train the Ratdane Terrier Mix puppy. The Great Dane genes may be gentle and loving, but this can be a massive problem if you have children or smaller pets at home due to their enormous size.

    11) Border Collie Rat Terrier Mix – Collie Terrier

    Both the Border Collie and the Rat Terrier are alert dogs. The Rat Terrier was originally bred to control vermin. The Border Collie instinctively protects its herd. As a result, the Collie Terrier Mix is an excellent choice whether you want a guard dog or a family dog.

    Meanwhile, the Border Collie and the Rat Terrier are very active dogs. As a result, we can conclude that your Collie Terrier Mix will require extensive exercise.

    It will become wired if you don’t brush your Collie Terrier mix’s hair often. The thick fur of the Border Collie parent is the reason for this.

    The Collie Terrier Crossbreed gets along well with children and other animals. On the other hand, Cats have a strong tendency to chase them away, most likely due to the nature of the Rat Terrier parent.

    12) Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix – Ratterrier Aussie

    The Rat terrier Aussie Mix can make an excellent house pet if it resembles the Australian Shepherd. On the other hand, if this dog breed inherits the traits of its Rat Terrier parent, you can expect your dog to be a bit aggressive, necessitating the training of a dominant and assertive owner.

    If you intend to purchase a Ratterrier Aussie Mix, it is best to expose it to training and socialization while it is still a puppy in case it inherits the traits of its Rat Terrier parent.

    The Rat terrier mix Aussie Crossbreed is usually in good health. They are, however, susceptible to certain illnesses such as joint dysplasia, allergies, and eye problems, among others.

    You should give your Ratterrier Aussie regular grooming and baths despite being a low shedder. This can protect them from certain illnesses.

    13) Dachshund Rat Terrier Mix – Dachrat Terrier

    People know that the Dachshund has a long spine and a small rib cage. This makes it more likely to get diseases in those areas. Still, if the Dachshund genes are more robust than the Rat Terrier genes, the Dachrat Terrier Mix is more likely to get these diseases.

    We recommend that you don’t let your Mix of Dachshund Terrier jump from high places like tables and chairs. Your dog can quickly get a slipped disc if you do this.

    The Dachrat Terrier Cross is an excellent dog for kids. This mixed breed is one of the best pets to have around the house if you want a friend. They have a lot of energy and like to play.

    They are also easy to take care of. If you leave them in a safe place, they will be able to keep themselves busy for a couple of hours without you.

    14) Pug Rat Terrier Mix – Prug Terrier

    rat terrier mix
    Alpha paw

    Both the Pug and the Rat Terrier are friendly and energetic. This means that they get along well with kids and other people.

    On the other hand, if you live with other pets, you can’t always trust them around the house because both breeds have a strong drive to hunt. Because both parent breeds have these traits, there’s a good chance that your Prug Terrier Mix will also have them.

    Since both of its parent breeds are small, the Mix of Prug Terrier is also tiny.

    If the Pug genes appear in the Pug Terrier Crossbreed, the dog will look square and have a short muzzle and a broadhead.

    15) Cocker Spaniel Rat Terrier Mix – Spaniel Terrier

    The Spaniel Terrier Mix is an intelligent breed with a friendly, active personality.

    Aside from wanting to play and have fun with their owners, they can also be great hunting partners.

    It is also known that the Mix of Spaniel Terrier loves getting attention from its owner. Because of this, these breeds need to be trained from a young age. If not, it can get into trouble around the house.

    The Spaniel and the Terrier are small breeds, so your crossbred dog will also be small.

    The Cocker Spaniel is known for being one of the most friendly dogs you’ll ever meet, but the Spaniel Terrier might be more like the Rat Terrier. So, it’s best to get it used to other people and animals when it’s young, especially if you have other pets in the house.

    16) American Bulldog Rat Terrier Mix – American Bullrat Terrier

    The American Bulldog is muscular and stocky, and it was made to help find lost cattle and do other work. The Rat Terrier is similar in that it was also created to look for specific animals.

    Both the Rat Terrier and the American Bulldog make good housepets because they are friendly and protective.

    There is no history of the American Bullrat Terrier Mix that has been documented. But since both parent breeds have similar traits, we can say that your American Bullrat Terrier Crossbreed will be a great house pet and guard dog.

    On the other hand, because it gets attached to its owner, you can’t leave your Mix of American Bullrat Terrier for long periods of time.

    17) Shar Pei Rat Terrier Mix – Shapreit Terrier

    There isn’t much information out there about the Shapreit Terrier Mix, but if we look at the history of its parent breeds, we can get a good idea of how your pet will act.

    The Shar-Pei is an intelligent, loyal, and independent dog from China. It cares about its owner, but it can seem rude when it comes to strangers.

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    On the other hand, the Rat Terrier is usually friendly to everyone.

    No matter what genes your Mix of Shapreit Terrier will get, it will need to be trained and socialized for a long time. If your dog has Shar-Pei genes, this will help it get used to meeting new people. At the same time, if your Shapreit Terrier Crossbreed gets its high energy from the Rat Terrier genes, exercise will help calm it down.

    18) Blue Heeler Rat Terrier Mix – Blue Terrier

    rat terrier mix
    Propeller heler

    Because both parent breeds are intelligent and active, you can expect your Blue Terrier Mix to be very active.

    The Mix of Blue Terrier can be destructive, and its jaws are strong. So, this breed needs to be trained consistently when it is a puppy.

    We suggest that you take it on long walks or to the park for a game of Frisbee.

    The Blue Terrier Crossbreed is very active, which helps it live up to 15 years.

    Even though the Blue Terrier can be trained, you shouldn’t keep it as a pet if you also have small animals. The way it looks tends to scare them away.

    19) Golden Retriever Rat Terrier Mix – Golden Terrier

    Both the Golden Retriever and the Rat Terrier are hunting dogs. Regardless, both of these breeds are obedient and loyal to their masters. In line with that, you can expect your Golden Terrier Mix to exhibit these characteristics.

    Consistent training is required during the puppy stage if you want to use your Golden Terrier Mix for rescue operations and competitive events.

    Because of the obedient nature of the Golden Retriever parent, the Golden Terrier Crossbreed is simple to train.

    The Golden Terrier usually has a short coat, but this depends on whether the Golden Retriever’s genes are dominant. In this case, your Golden Terrier will have a thicker coat that must be brushed frequently.

    20) Pitbull Rat Terrier Mix – Pitrat Terrier

    rat terrier mix

    One of the most determined dog breeds is the Pitrat Terrier Mix. You can count on them for hunting and competitive events. On the other hand, they are excellent pets around the house.

    Your Mix of Pitrat Terrier will have a muscular chest and a thinner body as it gets closer to the back. It will have a square face and a wide jaw.

    Your Pitrat Terrier Crossbreed is easy to groom because its coat is short, even though we suggest that you brush it often to keep the coat shiny.

    Your Pitrat Terrier could reach a height of 22 inches and a weight of 110 pounds.

    This breed is healthy and does best in warm places.

    21) French Bulldog Rat Terrier Mix – French Terrier

    A French Terrier Mix price starts at $900, but it can be more or less, depending on where you live.

    The Mix of French Terrier often has trouble with its back. So, you shouldn’t let your puppy move around in high places.

    It’s sweet and loving when it’s with its owner, but it can mean when it’s with a stranger. There must be enough training and socialization.

    Your French Terrier Crossbreed can take on the shape of either parent. But the ears will be bat-shaped like the French Bulldog parent, just like the parent.

    22) Catahoula Rat Terrier Mix – Catarat Terrier

    The Catahoula and the Rat Terrier are both friendly and cute. The Catahoula, on the other hand, is known for being stubborn. In the same way, you need to be patient with the Catarat Terrier Mix when you are first training it.

    If your Mix of Catarat Terrier has the same personality as a Catahoula, you should give it a lot of room to run around. In this case, it wouldn’t make sense to keep the dog inside.

    The Catahoula parent of the Catarat Terrier Cross gives the Catarat Terrier Cross a lot of energy. If the dog gets enough exercise, it could live up to 14 years.

    Both of the parent breeds of the Catarat Terrier shed about the same amount. So, brushing the coat twice a week would be best.

    23) Shih Tzu Rat Terrier Mix – Shizurat Terrier

    rat terrier mix
    The smart canine

    People thought the Shih Tzu would die out, so they made the Shizurat Terrier Mix. This dog wasn’t known as a Mix of Shizurat terriers until the modern era when breeding standards were made.

    The Shizurat Terrier Crossbreed has a long coat of silver, white, grey, black, brindle, sable, or heather.

    Because the Shizurat Terrier has thick hair, it needs to be brushed about six times a week.

    You also need to use a cream to get the knots out of your Shizurat Terrier’s hair and shampoo to condition it.

    The Shizurat Terrier is often bored and will chew on anything it comes across. You need to work out for at least an hour every day.

    24) Doberman Rat Terrier Mix – Doberat Terrier

    Since the Doberat Terrier Mix is a rare and little-known breed, there isn’t much written about it. So, we looked into the parent breeds of the dog mix and came up with a few things about it.

    The Rat Terrier is a dog that hunts rats, just like its name says. On the other hand, the Doberman is one of the best breeds of dogs. It is brilliant and has a beautiful body. It’s one of the best ways to keep dogs safe.

    Based on what we know about the parents of your Doberat Terrier Crossbreed, we can say that your dog mix will be good at herding. This means that you will not only have a friend at home, but you will also have someone to protect you when you are in danger.

    The coats of both the Doberman and the Rat Terrier are short. So, you only need to groom your Mix of Doberat Terrier at least once a week.

    25) Newfoundland Rat Terrier Mix 

    rat terrier mix
    Dog time

    Most mix-breeds don’t have a lot of history written down about them. We looked at the parent breeds of the Newfoundratterier Mix to give you an idea of how your new dog will look.

    The Newfoundland is a friendly dog initially made to help anglers with their work. The Rat Terrier was also made to help, but their main job was to get rid of rats and mice.

    With these two breeds, you will probably get a Mix of friendly Newfoundratterier that can also be counted on to warn people if there are strangers or other dangers in the area.

    You can also train your Newfoundratterier Crossbreed well enough so that it can help you with work around the house.

    Final words

    Rat Terrier mixes are becoming increasingly popular as designer dogs, and for a good reason! These lively dogs are excellent companions and loving pets because they love life and have an energetic and playful nature.

    Most of these mixes are small to medium and are considered low-maintenance dogs.

    A highly energetic and fun-loving Rat Terrier mix, on the other hand, can be a handful for people who value peace. However, if you want a dog that will make you laugh or who will be your constant exercise partner, Rat Terrier mixes are a good choice.

    Rat Terrier Mix – Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. What is a Rat Terrier mix?

    A rat terrier mix is a loyal and intelligent dog.

    2. What Does a Rat Terrier mix Look Like?

    A rat terrier’s shoulder height is between 12 and 18 inches. They are about the same length as they are tall. The tail and ears of this breed stand straight up. It has a short coat with at least two colors, and one of those colors is usually white. This breed tends to gain weight during its 15–18-year life span.

    3. Are Rat Terriers mixed Good Pets?

    Rat terriers are very loyal, and in the right home, they make great pets. They get along well with animals their size or bigger most of the time. Also, they get along well with older kids and adults most of the time. If you like the look of a rat terrier but are worried about its behavior, talk to breeders about a mixed breed dog whose other parent’s breed is good with kids.

    4. Are Rat Terriers mix Aggressive?

    When they are young, rat terriers can be aggressive if they are not socialized enough. If you are getting the dog from a rescue group, ask what they have done to get the dog used to people. If you choose to get one as a puppy instead of from a rescue, introduce it to strangers, kids, and other animals as soon as possible.

    5. Do Rat Terriers mix Kill Rats?

    Yes, rat terriers were initially bred to hunt rats. Most still have a strong prey instinct. The instinct is usually present in purebred animals but can also be found in mixed breed dogs.

    6. What are rat terriers known for?

    Rat terriers are excellent diggers who love to dig holes and trenches. They are good dogs who need to be led by a strong person. You can teach these dogs to do many different things.

    7. How Much Does a Rat Terrier mix Cost to Own?

    For a purebred rat terrier, you can expect to pay about $700. Then, it will cost you about $300 per year to feed your dog. Remember that this price could be higher depending on the quality of feed you choose. Vet bills cost about $1,200 per year, and vet supplies can cost more than $500 per year.

    Expect to spend at least $200 more each year on treats, beds, and toys for your dog. Keep in mind that the price you pay may differ, especially if you choose a rat terrier breed dog.

    8. Is a Rat Terrier mix Good With Kids?

    Rat terriers can get along well with older kids. Keep a close eye on the interaction and teach your kids how to play with the dog properly.

    9. How Long Do Rat Terriers Live?

    A rat terrier has an average lifespan of 15 to 18 years.


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