Most Loyal Dog Breeds – 18 Best Breeds To Consider

    Most Loyal Dog Breeds- Which One Would You Welcome?

    Looking for the most loyal dog breeds to welcome into your family? While all the dogs are friendly and super cute to have as your best friend, there are some breeds that excel in being friendly and extremely loyal to their owner. Who wouldn’t want a friend that is extremely loyal and lovable towards them? Many people do not expect loyalty and friendship from humans but definitely expect a lot from dogs.

    Key traits of a friendly and loyal dog include being confident, affectionate, and devoted towards its owner. Devotion is the most important factor that leads to people gravitate towards the most loyal dog breeds. Many dogs that are loyal to their owner generally become sensitive due to their close attachment towards people and intelligence. These furry beings are an absolute joy to bring home.

    Like all other breeds having dominant traits in their personality, there are few factors that take into consideration before one is committing to bringing the most loyal dog breeds at home. Some dogs are highly protective and sensitive when it comes to their family so early socialization and proper training are needed at an early age so that they don’t harm others.

    Also, once you bring your doggo home, it is very important that you give them time with each member of the family so that they do not become overprotective of one person and harm others when feel attacked.

    Here is the list of some of the most loyal dog breeds so that you can welcome them wholeheartedly as the new member of your beautiful family.

    Most Loyal Dog Breeds

    1. German Shepherds

    most loyal dog breeds
    Dog Time

    These loyal dog breeds are known for their ability to adapt to different roles and lifestyle and their amazing intelligence levels. This confident and courageous breed is not just loyal when they are working with armed forces on a battlefield, they are extremely loyal when you bring them home to add them to the family.

    They are definitely the ones that can protect your family at any cost. No intruder dares to enter once you have this beautiful creature protecting your home. The most amazing feature when it comes to german shepherd is that they will even risk their life when it comes to their loved ones. They are steadfast guardians and gentle family pets all at once. No matter who they are protecting, they are not going to disappoint you.

    2. Collie

    most loyal dog breeds

    Just look at these cuties. These puppy eyes are going to steal your heart all at once. They are super loyal and friendly when it comes to kids. They love playing around. This breed is a great companion. They are so happy and active that everyone loves to be around them for good reasons. You must work out with them and give them proper time for workouts or exercises so that they can live happily without losing their cool.

    Your kids are going to love this dog as they are hilarious and super cute to be around.

    3. Labrador Retriever

    most loyal dog breeds

    This breed definitely deserves to be on the list of most loyal dog breeds of all time. They are not just loyal, they are so famous on social media that people love showing off their best friend to the world. I am sure you might also wish to bring them home and see how beautiful life becomes after getting one.

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    They have an outgoing and pretty affectionate personality which makes them compassionate and they can bond with the whole family. Unlike some other most loyal dog breeds, they do not behave timid or underconfident with your neighbors as well. They are often great with other dogs in the neighborhood and humans.

    4. Chihuahuas

    most loyal dog breeds
    Pretige Animal Hospital

    Looking at chihuahuas, one thing is a must that you should know. These dogs look super small in size but they have huge personalities. They just love their owners and are very loyal to them. They will follow you everywhere like a shadow even if it is at a fashion show inside your purse.

    They are so cute and their weight is nearly 4 to 6 pounds which makes them super easy to be carried along with you wherever you may leave. They were initially bred for being a great companion which makes us wonder less why they are so loyal and friendly to us. Also, chihuahuas love your attention, they keep performing different tasks and running around you to grab your attention. They do need training when it comes to improve their manners and become more socialized.

    5. Rottweiler

    Initially, Rottweilers gained immense popularity for being overprotective which made them earn the reputation of guard dogs. Many people brought them home for the same purpose. Once you bring these loyal dogs home, you need to have control over them by being calm, patient, and firm leaders otherwise they are just going to assume that they can do anything. They need your guidance to know that there are certain orders to follow.

    They are powerful, confident, and extremely loving companions you can have. They are a wonderful add-on to your family which also makes them highly loyal and they require a responsible owner to take care of them. You cannot leave them alone for long as it will result in making your dog sad.

    6. Newfoundland

    most loyal dog breeds

    These appear as gentle giants which they actually are. They are among the most loyal dog breeds as they have been known for decades for being a loyal and patient companion for your family. Do you know another common name for these cute giant dogs? It’s nanny dogs. This is because they are very friendly and good when it comes to small kids. If you have kids at home, it is great to bring them home.

    They are not just loyal and friendly, they are also specialized in rescuing people when they are drowning in seas but they love being pet inside a home with their family. They are probably the largest loyal breeds of dog you could have, just look at their immense size. They weigh approx 100 to 150 pounds and male Newfoundland can weigh even up to 160 pounds.

    7. The Great Pyrenees

    most loyal dog breeds
    Homestead On The range

    This majestic breed of the dog falls under the category of most loyal dog breeds. They are not just natural guards for your house, but they also have as majestic hearts as their size. They are extremely gentle and good with small kids.

    Although they are large in size, they have great speed and agility and they are famous for their calm and gentle demeanor. Many people often describe the great Pyrenees is a vigilant guardian for their house and a mellow companion for life.

    8. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    They look a bit hard on their exterior but they are not. Do not let their muscular frame put you in confusion. These bull terriers are amazing companions to have at home and feel most at home with their families.

    These kind dogs are known to be very intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and kind with children. If you want to ensure a better behavior of these dogs, you must practice early socialization to get them to behave better and live a more confident life once they are grown up. Early training teaches them really good manners and improves their confidence.

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    9. Golden Retrievers

    most loyal dog breeds
    Dog Time

    Golden retrievers are not just among the most loyal dog breeds, they are also among the most adopted dogs and the reason behind this is not hard to figure out, just have your eyes fall on them. They are just the most popular among pet dogs. These dogs are loyal, outgoing, trustworthy, and they are always in search of something to please and impress every other person in the room.

    You can call it a devoted family dog. You can easily get a golden retriever home if you want a great addition to your family.

    10. Akita

    most loyal dog breeds
    The Spruce pets

    Akita is a Japanese breed. They are not just among the list of most loyal dog breeds, they are positioned at number one when it comes to loyalty. They often behave as strangers to other animals and people but with their owner, they are entirely opposite. To them, their owner is the only thing that matters which means they are very loyal, friendly, and compassionate.

    They are hard-wired when it comes to taking care of and protecting the people they love. They are also large in size, their weight in anywhere around 60 pounds to 130 pounds. They have independent spirits and it is important to socialize them at a young age with other people in your house, neighborhood, and other pets if you have any.

    11. Beagles

    most loyal dog breeds
    Beagle Baylee

    We cannot miss beagles in the category of most loyal dog breeds for sure. You might have seen beagles as pets in a lot of movies lately. Due to starring in so many movies, they have increased their fandom quite largely and have gained the reputation of being loyal and friendly breeds.

    This loyal and compassionate breed has remained man’s best friend for over centuries and won everyone’s heart. Also, beagles are amazing with kids so you must have one.

    12. Brittany

    most loyal dog breeds
    Dog Discoveries

    This fun-loving breed is very loyal to its owner. They are enthusiastic workers which means you can give them any work to do and they are going to do it or at least try doing it because they love to please their owners.

    Many people prefer these dogs as spaniels but they are closer to pointer or setters in their personality and breeding.

    13. Dachshund

    most loyal dog breeds
    Alpha Trained Dog

    These sausage-like dogs are among the most loyal dog breeds. Though they are very small and appear cute they are very protective when it comes to their owner. You can read many stories on the internet and social media about how dachshunds were able to save their family members from fires and bear attacks.

    They were initially bred in Germany to hunt badgers, dut o which they are still able to retain their persistent, hunting, and curious nature along with being super intelligent.

    14. English Cocker Spaniel

    most loyal dog breeds
    American Kennel Club

    Cocker spaniels just want to be a part of your family member and feel loved within. They are extremely loyal and lovable towards their family and kids. They were originally bred for retrieving games and now, they just want to be around family as much as possible.

    They are cute, happy, and playful dogs that everybody loves to keep although sometimes they make that sloppy innocent face. They also make a pretty amazing watchdog. They are so friendly that they keep making noises seeing people.

    15. Doberman Pinscher

    most loyal dog breeds
    Dog Breeds List

    According to American Kennel Club, Doberman was also bred initially to make a good protector as they are muscular and big in size. They might appear slightly intimidating to many people, but do not let that image confuse you as these are extremely loyal, loving, and stable, unless someone harms their loved ones.

    They make pretty amazing family dogs when they are provided the right training and early socialization. You might hear some bad stories about their behavior but that’s only because of some careless owners that did not treat them right and gave good training.

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    16. St. Bernard

    most loyal dog breeds

    Saint Bernards got their name and reputation due to their early appearance with monks in the Swiss Alps. They were used as rescue dogs previously and did great work in their field. They used to rescue lost travelers and they make an amazing family dog nowadays. They are very big, so if you want to get them you need to be very sure. They shed sometimes so you need to have a great brush and their grooming done every 4 weeks.

    They are loyal, compassionate, and helpful to humans in every possible way.

    17. Boxers

    most loyal dog breeds

    These dogs are among the most loyal dog breeds. They are very big, affectionate, and goofy dogs which makes them so fun to be around every time. Not only loyal and lovely, but they are also patient. protective and athletic in many ways.

    These amazing characteristics of boxers have made it pretty evident that they are great with kids and loves spending time with family. They are incredibly strong and courageous which means they will risk their lives to protect their owners from anything.

    18. Yorkshire Terrier

    most loyal dog breeds

    American Kennel Club refers to these cuties as affectionate and slightly tomboyish in nature. These cuties are quite magical and have an amazing combination of their personality. Nowadays they are known as lapdogs, they were initially bred to become ratters or dogs that hunted rats in mines and mills. This definitely makes them among the most loyal dog breeds.

    Although they are tiny, this tiny cute dog is a brave, loving, and amazing companion to have. They can also act bossy sometimes but that’s okay looking at other great qualities.

    These were the 18 most loyal dog breeds that one could bring in their house with utmost confidence to welcome their new house member. You should know some important things and tips for most loyal dog breeds before getting them home. Let’s see what are they.

    Tips For Most Loyal Dog Breeds

    While all the dogs mentioned above are believed to be the most loyal dog breeds, you should still remember that they are separate individuals. They require a good upbringing, amazing training, and love while they are being raised to calm down and have control over their temperament. This should be especially considered if you want a family dog as your companion.

    You should highly emphasize their early socialization and training in order to receive the best and expect great outcomes from your furry best friend. These are super loyal breeds but they should be trained to get their qualities out and shine.

    They should not ever be left alone for too long as it will make them sad as no one will be there to prevent your pet from suffering anxiety by separation. As they get older they become more closely and attached to you, making it harder for them to stay away.

    If your puppy or dog is immensely loyal to you and always by your side there is a high chance you have to take them with you wherever you may go. Also, be quite selective about the breed you chose. The more you like your dog, the closer you will be with them and they will be more loyal to you.

    You should also be mindful when it comes to your dog’s emotional state. They also feel pain, comfort, fear, depression, sadness, happiness, etc when it comes to you. You have to take slightly more precautions when you get the training or teaching them something new. Do not scold your dog and make them trust you. When the trust increases between you and your puppy, they will become more affectionate towards you. It works both ways, right?

    These were some important tips and breeds that are the most loyal dog breeds out of all. If you are looking for ways to get service training for your dog, you can follow this article which mentions all the important aspects along with the cost involved in completing their training.

    Welcome your loyal BFF happily!


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