5 Best Pixar Movies everyone must watch in this lifetime

    The name “Pixar” says it all. Pixar has been weaving magic on screen for more than two decades. They have set a benchmark so high that it’ll be difficult to live up to it. The movies of Pixar have the power to make you feel things. You’ll be overwhelmed with so many emotions every time you watch a Pixar movie. They have the power to reach the deepest corner of your heart and wake your subconscious. They can arouse dormant emotions with their movies.

    We’ve comprised a list of 5 Best Pixar movies you must definitely watch. With the holiday spirit around the corner, we all deserve to sit back and chill. Take a look at our recommendations.

    1. UP

    Released in 2009, Up is a comedy-drama. Carl always had the desire to go on an adventure. He was deeply inspired by Charles Muntz, another explorer who left on his aircraft to find a rare animal and never returned. While returning from Adventure Camp, Carl bumps into Ellie, another fellow adventurer. That little boy immediately falls in love with the wide-eyed goofy girl. Both of them shared the same dream of visiting Paradise Falls, a beautiful yet non-existent place. Nobody has ever explored that part of South America.

    Best Pixar Movies

    They grow up together and get married. Pixar captures the most heart-warming love tale in under 7 minutes. Their love story inspires even stone-hearts. But, Ellie dies, leaving old Carl all alone to fend for himself. A construction company is after Carl’s house, a little abode which he and Ellie made with love. To escape, Carl ties thousands of balloons to his house and starts floating in the air. Unfortunately, amidst all this hustle and bustle, a little kid climbs into Carl’s porch and accompanies Carl in his bold venture.

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    Will they find Paradise Falls? Or, will they encounter some danger? Watch the movie and discover Carl’s journey.

    2. Coco

    Pixar revolutionised animation with the release of Coco in 2017. A simple boy Miguel from Santa Cecilia, Mexico, dreamt of being a great musician. He feels that music runs in his veins. Unfortunately, his great-great-grandfather left his family to pursue his dream of becoming a musician and never returned. Since then, music or any musical instrument is banned in their family. On the Day of the Dead, Miguel suddenly realises that he might be related to Ernesto, one of the greatest musicians of Mexico, the inspiration of everyone. He breaks into the museum to steal Ernesto’s guitar to perform a concert. Unfortunately, he starts seeing ghosts and skeletons.

    Miguel with his forefathers.

    Miguel’s forefathers realise that the Day of the Dead is a day of giving and Miguel stole a guitar on this auspicious occasion. He is cursed now and only his family’s blessing will send him back to the land of the living. Miguel discards his family and sets out to find his great great grandfather, the musician, to seek his blessing. Watch Coco to find out Miguel’s journey.

    Coco will throw your mind into an emotional roller-coaster ride. You’ll find yourself smiling, crying, weeping, and even laughing till it hurts. Coco is a spectacular masterpiece that everyone must watch once.

    3. Wall-E

    In the 29th century, the negligence of mankind has turned earth into a wasteland. The entire population is wiped off the face of the earth. The remaining are send off to a ship named Axiom, where everything is controlled by robots. They’ve built a civilisation where mankind can’t even move without artificial intelligence. Axiom sometimes sends their robots on earth to find out any sign of greenery.

    Wall-E is a robot inhabiting the earth. He is in charge of collecting the trash. At times, if he comes across something rare, he keeps them as his treasured possession. One day, he came across a small plant and kept it with him without realising its value. Then, he comes across EVE, another robot from Axiom. They develop a loving bond and friendship. It was magical to see two robots develop such a heartwarming bond.

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    But, when EVE comes across the plant, she immediately shuts down. It was a part of her program to report any sign of greenery immediately to Axiom and she is taken back to the mother-ship. In an attempt to save his beloved friend EVE, WALL-E also climbs up that spaceship.

    Wall-E and Eve, Pixar.
    Wall-E and Eve.

    If you want to see a touching friendship develop between two assets of modern science, watch WALL-E. This movie shows how robots get in touch with their consciousness and acts better than human beings.


    Marlin, a timid clown-fish, lost his beloved wife at a very early stage. They’d planned a great future together with hundreds of their babies. Unfortunately, a bigger fish attacked him and ate his wife and all the eggs except one. The attack left a crack on the egg.

    Nemo, Marlin’s son, was born with a short fin. Marlin became extremely protective of his son. He accompanied him everywhere and was hesitant to send him to school. To prove his father wrong, Nemo went out in the Great Barrier Reef, only to be caught by Fishermen’s boats. Marlin tried to chase the boat in an attempt to save his son but couldn’t keep up with the boat’s speed. The timid and scared father who never left his coral home space sets out on a daring journey to find his son. In search of his son, Marlin comes across Dory, a blue tang who suffers from acute short-term memory loss. Both of them travel the entire ocean to save Nemo.

    Finding Nemo, Pixar.
    Nemo and Marlin.

    Finding Nemo brings out the daily drudgery of a parent-child relationship. Sometimes, we say certain things we don’t mean. The bittersweet relationship between a parent and child is beautifully portrayed in Finding Nemo.

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    Andy is a huge fan of toys. He has gotten a huge collection of several toys. Be it a T-Rex or a potato head or pig, he has them all. He loves them dearly and has named all of them. But his most favourite toy is Woody, The Cowboy. This movie brings out the potential question, What if toys had life? What if they were truly alive and they observed everything?

    Andy’s toys come to life when nobody is watching them. Woody loves Andy more than anything in the entire world. But, his competition arrives when on one birthday celebration, Andy receives a Buzz Light-year model. Both of them try to fight for their space in Andy’s life.
    Andy and Buzz.

    Even though the story began with this plot, in 2019, the movie released its 4th part to provide an ending to Woody and Buzz’s friendship. They’ve endured everything together. Their friendship has been a testimony of what it is like to have a true friend by your side, someone who’ll be there for you in all your highs and lows. Pixar started a legacy in 1995 without realising how much it’ll affect the audience. Toy Story resembles all the emotion, anxiety, pain, and suffering we endure in our daily lives, yet we keep fighting for a better tomorrow.

    If you want to be part of an enchanting ride, do watch these Pixar movies. If you’ve some more suggestions, do comment below. With so many masterpieces created by Pixar, it becomes difficult to choose. Do let us know your favourite Pixar movie in the comment box.

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