Wonder Woman 1984: A Colossal disappointment with a meek plot

    After 3 years of wait, DC finally managed to release the most awaited sequel, Wonder Woman 1984 on the 25th of December. Fans were rooting for a great superhero movie. Unfortunately, the sequel brings nothing but spectacular disappointment. At times, you’ll find it hard to believe that someone like Patty Jenkins, the director of the original Wonder Woman, created this buffoonery.


    The story begins with a young Diana Prince fighting her way through other Amazonians in a competition to establish her worth and identity. Fast forward to 1984, Diana (Gal Gadot) is seen trying to save everyone in Washington, be it petty theft or a gruesome crime. She develops a loving bond of friendship with her co-worker Barbara Minerva( Kristen Wiig), the nobody at Smithsonian. Even though she is highly qualified and talented, nobody seems to care about her existence. Both of them stumble onto a dream stone, a magical rock that grants wishes.

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    While Diana wished for her long-lost lover Steve ( Chris Pine), Barbara wished to become as strong and powerful as Diana. As destiny serves it, their wishes do come true. At that very moment, an evil business tycoon, Maxwell Lord ( Pedro Pascal), also starts eyeing the rock. He had been in search of it for a long time to save his sinking business. He manages to woo the shy and docile Barbara and steals the rock. He wishes to become the dream stone himself.

    What follows next is chaos unravelling. The entire world peace disrupts as Maxwell goes rabid and starts granting everyone’s wish. The Soviet Union threatens to declare war against the U.S.A. Time and again, the movie gives out a message, every wish comes with a price. Shy Barbara becomes violent and emerges into a predator. Her wickedness is fuelled by years of public negligence and confidence issues. Maxwell lashes out at everyone who ignored him for decades and didn’t think that he had it in him. Ultimately, Diana manages to restore balance and all is well again in the world.

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    Despite having a powerful cast lineup, the movie fails to woo the crowd. Who would’ve imagined that a DC villain will exist because of abandonment issue and fear of isolation? Gal Gadot is a charming presence on screen. Her smile will brighten your day and her act as Diana Prince will warm your heart. Chris Pine serves his purpose nicely. His chemistry with Diana is truly remarkable.

    wonder woman 1984

    The concept of Cheetah was in work for many years. Sadly, when it ultimately came on screen, it became a colossal disappointment. Not much thought was given to Cheetah’s costume or appearance. Kristen tries to be as villainous as possible but her character lacked depth. Pedro Pascal is truly noteworthy with his evil smirk. He tries his level best to create a strong presence on screen, but, it’s not his fault that the story is meekly woven. Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen appear at the very beginning of the movie as Antiope and Hippolyta. But, not much thought was given to their screen presence.


    Patty Jenkins failed to weave magic this time, unlike the first movie. Wonder Woman is generally considered one of the best superhero movies in the DC universe. Wonder Woman is like an icon to the youth. She is the image of justice, solidarity, power, and hope in the face of evil. Wonder Woman 1984 fails to capture even half of Wonder Woman’s charm. The cast did great in their respective roles but the story had many gaps. The action sequence wasn’t alluring.

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    wonder woman 1984

    The plot didn’t answer some major questions. Where did the stone come from? Why didn’t they tell us much about the God who created it? Why does every superhero movie show the world to be in danger without creating a strong villain? Diana, one of the most intelligent Amazonians, didn’t even think for once that there has to be some consequence if her dead boyfriend becomes alive magically. Sounds abrupt and hollowed? Yes!

    Yes, you should watch this movie. The story needs to be seen because we believe that DC will deliver a better plot next time. Sadly, this movie falls under the category of a one-time watch unlike the first one.


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