3 Best Ways On How To Remove Keyboard Keys Easily And Replace Them!

    How To Remove Keyboard Keys

    To clean the key or underneath it, you must know how to remove keyboard keys. Cleaning under the keyboard keys is oftentimes a necessity when you mistakenly drop food crumbs or spill some drink over them.

    At some point in your keyboard’s life, you will find the need to clean it or just replace your keyboard. Even if the keyboard stops working, you should know how to remove keyboard keys to fix it on your end. Also, it should be done properly taking all the precautions because you don’t want to damage your keyboard.

    You can easily accomplish this task and learn how to remove keyboard keys using a special tool called Keycap puller. If you do not have any tools right now, you cal also use some household tools usually available in your house.

    Let’s see some of the best ways using which you will know how to remove keyboard keys in the best way possible.

    How to clean keyboard keys- Step by step

    There are 3 different sets of ways using which you can learn how to remove keyboard keys. Choose the one you can use based on tools you are having currently. Let’s get started.

    1. How to remove keyboard keys using a keycap puller

    how to remove keyboard keys

    If you have a keycap puller in your house, you don’t have to worry as it becomes really easy to accomplish the task. Here are few steps you have to follow to get it done.

    1. You have to get a keycap puller from the electronic shop if you do not have one. Keycap pullers are small accessories designed specially to wrap around the keyboard keys so that they can be removed without any chances of damage to the keys or switches. They come in plastic types and wire types. You can go for wire varieties as they are better than plastic ones because they are less likely to leave scratch marks and are more durable. However, both varieties work just fine to remove the keys. If you are concerned about scratches, you should go for the wired ones.
    2. You need to slide the keycap puller prongs underneath the key’s edges for taking them out. If you have a plastic keycap puller, you will be able to hear a click when the keycap puller snaps onto the key. If you are using a wire keycap puller, you will have to twist the handle after the prongs are holding the key to hook the wire loops under both the corners of those keys.
    3. Pull up on the keycap puller for getting the keys removed one by one. Once you pull the keycap puller, the key will slide right off from the switch it has been attached to. If you wish to remove more than one key, just hold the key you want with the keycap puller and keep repeating the same process. When using a wire keycap puller you will be able to remove 3 to 4 keys one after the other before you require to take them out from the puller and then proceed further.
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    2. How To Remove Keyboard Keys Using Household Tools

    How To Remove Keyboard Keys

    If you do not have plastic or wire keycap pullers, you can easily get the task done using household materials. Want to know how? Keep reading.

    1. You can use a butter knife or a screwdriver as an alternative to plastic and wire keycap pullers. But make sure the butter knife or screwdriver you’re using fits properly beneath the keys on the keyboard. Take precautions when you use a knife as you don’t want to hurt yourself in the way. Also, know that there are more chances of scratch with a knife or screwdriver so if you are worried about scratching the keyboard even slightly, you must bring a wired keycap puller.
    2. Another trick you can use is making your own homemade keycap puller out of a paper clip. As an alternative to a flathead screwdriver and a knife, you can take a paperclip and shape it into a keycap puller in a “U” shape making two prongs. Just like you used a normal keycap puller, you have to repeat the same and hook it under the keys to take them out.
    3. Slide the keycap puller alternative you have chosen is it a knife, screwdriver, or a paperclip keycap puller underneath the key to pry it off. You have to apply pressure gently until the key starts to lift. Work slowly when you are pulling the keys off the switch as you don’t want them to be launching into the air and disappearing.

    3. Cleaning the keys and replacing them

    How To Remove Keyboard Keys
    Super User

    Now that you know how to remove keyboard keys, the next step that comes to your mind is how to clean and how to replace them. We have got you covered. You can follow the steps given below and use them to clean underneath the keys.

    1. Once you have removed the keys, clean underneath them. Moisten a cotton swab using rubbing alcohol or simply water to clean the keys. Wipe away sticky spots and dirt in areas that are hard to reach. If you find any switch of area slightly damaged under the keys, do not use anything and take it to a repair shop where it can be repaired without damage.
    2. Clean the removed keys using water and soap. Make sure you are using a mild detergent and warm water to clean thoroughly the keys before you put them back on the keyboard. If you are washing those keys, make sure they are completely dried before attaching them back onto the keyboard. But, if you have new ones, you can just throw the old ones away.
    3. Snap replacement keys or cleaned keys back onto your keyboard. Orient these keys based on which you want to attach to the keyboard by aligning holes in the bottom of these keys with plastic pieces that are meant to hold the keys in place on the keyboard. Press down all the sides of the keys evenly to snap them back into place. When the key is attached properly, you will hear the click and feel the pressing down of the key normally.
    4. Once the keys are inserted back into their place, you are good to go. Just uses your clean keyboard as you did before without struggling.
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    This process was especially for computer keyboards as they have a slight gap between the keys where keycap puller can be inserted and the keys can be pulled out easily, but what if you have to know how to remove keyboard keys in a laptop. In that case, you have to take extra precautions. Let’s see how that can be done.

    Removing the laptop keys

    Removing keys from the laptop keyboard is possible but you should do it as infrequently as you can to prevent malfunction of the keys. However, if you have spilled something on the keyboard of your laptop, it is necessary to remove them. You will know how to remove keyboard keys from a laptop by following the steps given below.

    Tip: Before removing the keys, make sure the laptop is turned off.

    Here is a 3-step procedure you have to follow for removing the keys.

    1. To remove the keycaps from your keyboard, place a knife, small head screwdriver, or your nail under the corners of the keycap and pry it off gently. If you are removing longer keys like the spacebar key, instead of a corner, go for the center to pry the key off.
    2. In most cases, once you do this, the key snaps out only partially. If you notice the keycap to be still attached to your laptop, you can remove it completely using your fingers.
    3. Once they are removed, you will see a scissor-switch or key retainers attached to the laptop with a thin pad present in middle. If required, you can remove this too from the laptop. To do this, place the screwdriver’s flathead off the edge of the knife under the corner and twist it gently until it pops off from the keyboard.
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    These were some of the most useful ways using which you will know how to remove keyboard keys. If you wish to know how to clean a laptop fan, follow this wonderful guide and get your work done at home.


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