How To Delete Match Account Using 3 Useful ways!

    How To Delete Match Account And Cancel Subscriptions

    Tired of dating online and wish to know how to delete Match Account and cancel your subscription? Here’s what you need to know about deleting Match Account.

    The match is an online dating website service that is helping people connect from all over the world. Anyone can register and start using matches irrespective of their sexual orientation, race, gender, age, or language. It operates in more than 20 countries and the website is available in 15 different languages. Not only the website, but the match also has a mobile app on both the popular platforms Android and iOS.

    The soul motto of the match platform is to find the relationship a person is looking for. Match also claims that every other ay hundreds of people find love through Match.

    It provides singles an opportunity to express themselves through free writing services. The profile of a person on Match may include 26 pictures and a preference for the person they are looking for. People have to read about their matches and see the pictures and the quest for searching for their perfect partner begins.

    Match also states that they care about the user’s privacy and all the contact information and names are mostly hidden. Before telling you how to delete a Match account, let’s see why one should think about deleting their match accounts in the first place.

    Why Should You Delete Your Match Account

    how to delete match account

    Just like all other successful websites and big companies, Match also has controversies surrounding it. It is known to be involved in multiple sketchy and unethical situations. Some of the situations are not at all acceptable, which gives everyone a reason to stop using Match.

    • The match was once sued by the FTC as it used misleading ads to convince thousands of people to join their paid service through subscription.
    • The match was also backlashed by people who claimed that it used bullying tactics by pointing out and featuring their imperfections.
    • The match was also involved in a scandal regarding privacy by some people who deleted their match accounts still found emails from new matches now and then from Match.
    • Some users also informed and claimed that they were victims of sexual abuse and harassment from their matches whom they met through this platform.
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    Due to all such dangerous and unethical activities surrounding Match, you might want to give it a thought and learn how to delete Match Account to avoid unnecessary happenings. Also, for those who aren’t finding any good matches, you must delete your account instead of giving it time daily finding matches.

    Here are more reasons why you should learn how to delete Match Account and think about it.

    • You found your perfect match and now there’s nothing to find there.
    • If you got a better alternative to Match like POF, OkCupid, etc
    • Feel like you are spending a lot of time instead of doing your productive work.
    • Don’t wish to spend a lot of money finding partners that may not be good for you.

    Whatever the reason might be, we have got you covered. Here are few ways using which you will learn how to delete Match Account.

    How To Delete Match Account

    Once you have decided you want to close your Match Account, know that all your data in the profile including your matches and chat history will be completely lost after a year of not opening it. Other active Match members will not be able to see your profile and photos. If you wish to reactive the account for some purpose you will have to log in using your account details and it will open again.

    Make sure you cancel your auto-renewal of the subscription to avoid any transactions. Now that you are aware of everything and decided to learn How To Delete the Match account, here’s what you need to know.

    1. How To Delete Match Account From the Browser

    how to delete match account
    Wiki How

    If you are deleting your match account from the browser using your laptop or computer, you can follow the steps given below.

    1. Visit the official website of Match ( in the web browser. You may use any web browser on the phone, computer, tablet, etc to cancel the subscription and delete your account. If you are signed in already, just click sign in present at the top right corner of that page.
    2. Now click on the gear icon which represents the settings. On your tablet, Mac, or Pc, it will be present near the top-right corner of that page. If you are using a phone, you have to on the profile icon first and then open the gear once you see it.
    3. You will see a link that says “manage subscription”, just open that link. You will find it as the third option in the list of all links.
    4. Write down your password and confirm it. To continue, you have to type the password into the blank and check the box that says “I’m not a robot”, and then click on it to continue.
    5. Cancel the subscription. If you use paid subscriptions for your Match account, you must cancel it before you delete the account. Click on “Subscription status” and cancel all the subscriptions plans you currently have. Once the cancellation is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation.
    6. Below the subscription status link, you will find an option that says “cancel membership and remove profile”. Click on this will immediately deactivate your account or profile and log you out from your Match account. Once it is done, your photos and profile information will not be public anymore on the site. However, by logging in again, you will reactive your account if done within a year after deactivating.
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    2. How to delete Match Account on iPad and iPhone

    how to delete match account

    If you have the Match application installed n your iOS devices, you can follow this method and get it deleted.

    1. Open the settings of your iPhone or iPad usually present on the lock screen.
    2. At the top of the settings menu, you will see your name. Just tap on your name.
    3. At the top section just below your Apple ID, you have “subscriptions”. tap on the subscriptions and you will see a list of subscriptions for which you are billed through the app store and iTunes.
    4. Tap on the “ subscriptions“. If you have subscribed to this using your Apple ID, you will find an option of on that list itself. If you do not find the option of a match subscription here, you might have billed it through other services like’s website or google play store.
    5. Tap on “cancel subscription” present at the bottom of that screen. This will display a confirmation pop-up.
    6. Now tap “confirm”. It is in the confirmation pop-up. You must know that you can still use until the subscription gets over after your last billing. Once you cancel the subscription, you will not be billed for membership, but the photos and profile will still be visible. If you wish to delete it completely then go to settings and get it done following the first procedure.

    3. How to delete Match Account using an android device

    how to delete match account

    If you have an android device and want to know how to delete Match Account and cancel your subscription from it, follow the steps.

    1. Open the play store on your tablet or android device. The play store logo will be the one that is the multicolored icon on your home screen.
    2. You will notice a three-line menu. Click on the menu at the top-left corner. This will display the sidebar menu to the left.
    3. Tap on subscriptions present at the middle of that menu.
    4. Select the subscription of your Match account. If you are subscribed to your match account through the play store, you will find the option there. Once you tap it, all the subscription details will be displayed.
    5. Tap on the “cancel subscription” option and a message for confirmation will appear.
    6. Now tap “yes” to confirm canceling. This will cancel your subscription benefits once the current billing ends. Until the current billing cycle continues, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of Match.
    7. You will no longer be billed for the membership but the profile photos and info will still be available. If you wish to delete your account along with canceling your subscription, follow the first method that deletes the account.
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    These were 3 ways using which you can learn How To Delete a Match account easily and cancel the subscription.

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