How To Zoom In On PC: A Concise And Detailed Guide

    If you are tired with a less magnified view of your computer, Windows will provide different methods on how to zoom in on PC to get a better view of the screen.

    This short guide will help you to know how to enlarge the text, images, and other objects on your Windows PC display screen and various ways on how to zoom in on PC.

    To zoom in on the web browser, hold the CTRL option and press the + key. If you wish to zoom on in the entire desktop screen, you can use the Magnify app or Magnifier accessibility tool.

    If you just wish to zoom in on a webpage or picture, you can apply a convenient keyboard shortcut, your scroll-wheel mouse, or a touch-screen gesture.

    If you require to zoom in on the entire screen, you can use the user-friendly tool called Magnifier provided by your Windows PC. Here are a few methods on how to zoom in on PC. Let us take a look and make the task easier for you.

    Method 1: Zooming in One Window

    Open the application or page you are planning to zoom in on. You even can use keyboard shortcuts and signals to zoom in and out in most apps. This is useful when you want to magnify something like a website or a snap.

    How to zoom inon pc: step by step guide

    Next, you have to Press Ctrl++ to zoom in. You can click on this keyboard command combination as many times as you need to zoom in for a nearer look. If you’re using a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can also zoom in by clicking on the Ctrl key while you scroll the wheel upward. If you have a touch screen PC, you can place two fingers together on the screen and magnify them apart to zoom in. Well, the zoom feature may not be accessible in all apps.

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    How to zoom in on PC: zooming in one window

    Press Ctrl+- to zoom out. With zooming in, you can keep clicking the button to zoom out as far as you’d like to go. If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, click on the Ctrl key while scrolling the wheel down. If you have a touch screen, squeeze two fingers on the screen to zoom out.

    How to zoom in on PC: A detailed guide

    Now, press on the ctrl + “0” key to return the screen to default amplification.

    Method 2: Zooming on the Whole Screen with Magnifier

    Press Win++ on the keyboard. If you click on the Windows key and the + (plus) key simultaneously, it will trigger the Magnifier feature on Windows 10 and 8.1. The implement will instantly augment the entire screen until you alter the settings. If you’re using a Windows 7 system, click on the Start button, type magnifier into the search bar, and then check out the Magnifier in the search results. Windows 10 and 8 users who opt to use a mouse can open Magnifier by navigating in the given path- Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier > Turn on Magnifier (or use the slider).

    The next step is to click the + to zoom in. This expands the entire screen. You can keep on clicking this button till you reach the anticipated zoom level. The percentage will apprise as you zoom in and out. If you wish to zoom in with the keyboard, press the Windows key and the + key.

    Click on the – button to zoom out. While zooming in, you can keep on clicking this button until you have zoomed out to the desired level. You even can zoom out by clicking the Windows key and the – (minus) key.

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    Click the Views menu to select where to zoom. The default option is to increase the entire screen, but you have other options as well. The Lens option acts like a magnifying glass that you move around the screen.

    The full-screen option expands the entire screen by default. Docked enlarges a fixed percentage of the screen in a bag or box. The increased content will appear in the box as you move the cursor everywhere.

    You have to click the gear icon to achieve your Magnifier favourites. This unlocks the Magnifier panel in settings, where you can tailor the Magnifier option according to you.

    If you wish to launch the Magnifier routinely when you start your computer, choose either Start Magnifier after sign-in or Start Magnifier before sign-in for everybody. To change the default view, pick an option from the “Choose a view” menu.

    Click on the X at the top-right angle to close the Magnifier.

    Method 3: Using Web Browser Zoom Features

    Firstly, you have to open a web browser. All web browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, have their built-in zoom selections that can be retrieved from diverse menus. Open the web browser’s menu located at the upper-right corner of the application. Check out the web browser menus for different web browsers:

    Microsoft Edge: Three horizontal dots

    Google Chrome: Three vertical dots

    Mozilla Firefox: There horizontal lines

    Internet Explorer: If you’re using this browser option, you have to click the View menu at the top corner and choose the Zoom menu to view the zoom controls.

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    Now, Click the + to zoom in. You’ll see a “Zoom” option on the menu of all web browsers. When you click on the + to the left of “Zoom” it will zoom in on the whole web page. The magnification level will update and increase as you keep on clicking the button. Click the – to zoom out present in the right of “Zoom.” This makes the things on each page reduced. Finally, press onCtrl + “0” to return the screen to actual and default amplification.

    This quick guide will help you resolve the issues of reading trouble on your computer screen and you can get the perfect solutions on how to zoom in on PC. You can adopt any of these methods on how to zoom in on PC according to your convenience.

    Along with this guide on how to zoom in on PC, you can also read our blog to Learn How To Take Screenshots on Windows.


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