23 Gorgeous Red And Black Hair Color Idea For Pretty Ladies!

    Red And Black Hair- Which Style Would You Prefer?

    Red and black hair is a trending style in which black hair is dyed or colored red, leaving some strands of black hair revealed or exposed giving a chic look overall. The most usual way to color your black hair red is by going for either highlights, ombre, or balayage.

    This color hairstyle is a uniquely new and creative solution for transforming your plain black mane into something truly gorgeous and funky! Women all over the globe use this stylish color match to achieve a romantic yet dramatic look with excellent depth and aspect.

    All you require are pretty red-streak patterns or a unique multi-color scarlet ombre style to enjoy a bold and soft look, based on how you like to carry this blend. Also, do not skip to consider a tone that will match your complexion and complement it pretty well, and take a record of the maintenance your reds will then need!

    Before your set out or plan your next hair appointment, just check out these contemporary photos of red and black hair colors and decide which one would you like for your hair.

    Red and Black hair

    1. Dark Red and Black Hair

    red and black hair
    Makeup by frances

    Jazz up the gorgeous black hair you have with this dark red hue. Many separate red tones blend to form an unusually gorgeous hair color. We truly cherish this black and red hair idea as it is over-the-top stylish and beautiful. Shades like this one will generally suit everyone and it may be used on different hair lengths.

    2. Bright Red and Black Hair

    black and red hair
    Xo stylist xo

    Searching everywhere for a hair design that will help you stand out from the masses in style? Then you most certainly must consider doing this! Here is a super glossy bob. The hair in this type is essentially red but you can notice black roots glimpsing through. The detailed black roots provide your hair a fashionable look. This bright red is striking and will definitely oblige attention. It will be a perfect type for anyone who wishes to have an influential hair makeover.

    3. Red and Black Hair with Red Tips

    red and black hair
    Maei paint

    The next look to consider is another one in the ombre category. This is distinct from the others given in this article because it begins very low on your hair. The hair is essentially black then slowly mixes to a dark red and finally gives a striking red shade or hue. This is a gorgeous and trendy ombre hairdo and will satisfy everyone with both long or short hair.

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    4. Dark to Red to Bright Ombre

    red and black hair
    K. S colors

    The latest idea on the best picks list on red and black hair is this impressive hairstyle that is labeled as ‘Sangria Wine’. Interesting, right? It displays dark roots and then combines to dark red and eventually to a light and glossy red. This is a charming and chic look to have this year. A combination like this is strongly recommended for long hair to sport most of its color change.

    5. Red and Black Short Hair

    red and black hair
    mz Fly Beautician

    Make an impact and let everyone notice you with small-length hair like this! The hair is highly short around its edges and is deep red and long towards the top. We adore this look as the red surprisingly stands out and you know why! You can create a striking red style like this or prefer a darker red as per your satisfaction. The wine red colors would look marvelous too.

    6. Unique Red and Black hair

    red and black hair
    Cry istalchaos

    Want a different style that is unique from all the rest you have come across? Then this style is meant for you! This hair owns a very dramatic and creative expression. Rather than the standard black roots with red color, this one can be said to have what appears like horizontal lines or bands all over. This is a marvelous yet complex coloring method and it is ideal for trendsetters!

    7. Light Red and Black Long Bob

    red and black hair

    If you believe all the dark red tones are not meant for you, then you may also consider a more golden red color like this specific tone. Here is a wonderful asymmetric hairstyle having a coppery red color. It is pretty light and bestows a warm spiciness to your hair. A color similar to this will look stunning on all hair ranges and styles.

    8. Long Red Hair with Dark Roots

    red and black hair

    Our succeeding hair idea is a lovely rich red shade. Again, the hair starts off with black and stops in a beautiful dark red tone. This is a gorgeous color that would appear astounding for the fall season and winter. It can lighten up your appearance during the colder seasons, making you look great!

    9. Subtle Red and Black Hair

    red and black hair

    In a dilemma about changing your hair color but do not wish to have a more dramatic makeover? Then this look is the one to consider. The hair in this is a black bob having definite red streaks running across the hair. As you can observe, it only provides your hair a red hint and it seems very fashionable. If you own natural black hair, then going for this color is comfortable to wear and effortless to maintain.

    10. Spicy Red and Black Hair

    red and black hair

    Spice up your hair with a red hue like this one! This style is deep black at the roots and then converts into a striking red shade. We embrace the color applied to this hair as it’s impressive! A darker or deeper red like this one will be a fabulous choice for anyone who wishes to seek red hair color but is confused with very shiny and vibrant shades. Hair color like this one will look marvelous with an ombre too.

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    11. Half Red and Half-Black hairdo

    red and black hair

    If you are fed up completely with your regular hair and desire to jazz it up with a flawless unique style, this is meant for you. Here is a style that is done half black and half red. It is truly an artistic yet bold hairstyle and would look fabulous for all the daring ladies around the block who desire to attempt something new. Half red and half black color will look astonishing on all hair ranges. If you are ready to take this dare, go on!

    12. Scarlet Red Hair Color

    red and black hair

    Lighten up the look with a hair color similar to this one. This hair is a beautiful scarlet color with a dark root tone. It is a pretty glamorous design and will seem amazing on most hair lengths and with different styles. We embrace this elegant color as it reminds us of our favorite princess Ariel from our very own Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. It will be accurate or ideal for someone who wishes for a trendy and enchanting hairstyle.

    13. Elegant Red and Black Hair

    red and black hair

    If you are searching for hair inspiration all over the internet, then you must check out this hairstyle. Not only does it have a beautiful red and black color blend, but the original styling with the accessory used appears more than amazing! This hairstyle will look beautiful for special events if you want all eyes on you and are ready to acknowledge a lot of compliments in one go. It is a perfect example of how daring colors can give pretty and elegant vibes while being super chic. What do you think?

    14. Short and Sweet, Red and Black!

    red and black hair

    First up, this stunning red and black bob looks a bomb. The hair is colored black at the roots and then red is added gradually across as it moves up. It is a fashionable hairstyle that is ideal for gentlewomen who prefer an exciting yet dramatic sort of hair transformation. You can also recreate the look given in the picture or try an extra vibrant shade as per your liking. You are free to experiment with the colors. It will grow back if something goes wrong, so do not panic!

    15. Red and Black Hair Pixie Cut

    red and black hair

    Next is a short hairstyle to reveal you. For this particular look, the hair is dyed black on the bottom layer and then red on the uppermost layer. The color blending used here is chic and statement-making. Such a short pixie cut like the one given here will look marvelous on anyone. You may try this bold red or attempt for a darker red to get your makeover done. Both ways, it will come out to be a trendy style!

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    16. Red With Black Hair Underneath

    red and black hair

    Wishing to glam up your look for special events? Then this is one hair pattern and color you require! This hairstyle highlights long hair in an elegant, bold red color. As your hair grows to an end, you will see the smart black color beneath. This is a modern hair idea that appears red but when you split your hair or put your hair into an up do, you can view the emerging black color too. Dressed in impressive waves like this one makes the black highlights appear stunning and pop.

    17. Black and Red Ombre

    red and black hair

    Ombre is the hair trend you will always find extremely stylish. Here is how you can rock or swing black and red ombre style. The hair is colored black at the bulb or the roots of the hair and then the red color begins shortly after. This is a beautiful hair idea that would make a lasting impression. Recreate the similar look given in this picture or use a deeper or brighter red. You may also begin the color to start further down at moderate lengths.

    18. Warm Red and Black Hair

    red and black hair

    Brighten up your look with hair color like this one! The hair highlighted in this is again colored black at the root and then as we move up slowly as it blends to a glossy red and then to a beautiful copper-esque, warm red. We embrace this idea as it has more than one color and the mixture seems very beautiful. Hair like this one looks perfect for everyone who wishes to be a trendsetter!

    19. Red to Black Ombre Hair

    red and black hair

    Our following hairstyle is smooth, straight, and extremely fashionable. Here is a red and black irregular or asymmetrical bob as you can see. When your hair is asymmetrical, it appears longer on one side of your head and shorter on the other side. This is a stylish haircut these days that is preferred by our favorite celebs. You can think of only one now, the one and only queen Rihanna and it will appear astonishing on you too! Pair this lob with black and red and you will have one beautiful hairstyle.

    20. Red Highlights

    red and black hair

    If you wish to have a definite red look, then this should be your go-to choice. This hairstyle highlights long black hair having dark red tones. Even though this shade is deep and dark, there is a shine to it as it possesses a pastel look moreover. This is a beautiful hair idea and you could simply recreate it with your favorite shade of red.

    21. Soft Red and Black Hair

    red and black hair

    Next, here is another chic bob. This hairstyle is black at the bottom and then combines beautifully to a soft red hue and then eventually reverts to a lighter shade. We cherish these elegant colors and it shows that you can combine more than two hues. Recreate the bob given here or try any similar combinations of red on longer hair too.

    22. Bold Red and Black Hair

    red and black hair

    Our next concept is this brilliant red style. This one holds black roots along with red continuously added to your hair till it forms an ombre look. We enjoy this red color because it is vibrant and fashionable. Colors like the one given here can be applied to any style featured here or you may add the color to shorter hair also.

    23. Black and Red Short Hair Cut

    red and black hair

    Fascinated with shorter hair lately? Then this haircut and color are for you. Here is a popular short haircut where the hair is colored black at the back but red at the front. It seems like an ombre for highly short hair. Hairstyles like this one form a must-have for the pretty ladies out there who want a bold and fresh hairdo.

    These were some amazing red and black hair ideas for you. Which one are you going to recreate?!


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