Argan Oil For Hair: The Natural Liquid Gold

    Argan oil for hair is one of the popular products which comes under multiple uses. Thus people are kind of crazy about it. However, many people don’t know about its history. There are very few types of oil that are available for multiple purposes, and if you want an example, coconut oil is the best of all.

    In today’s time, we call it Liquid gold. From the name, you can understand how precious the oil would be. It is not that expensive compared to other oils in the market, but it has many such benefits which will surprise you. So before starting with that, we will learn about its history and will carry on further till how to use it. So let’s get started.

    Argan Oil | History

    Argan oil for hair is not discovered in recent times. You can say it prevails from a couple of centuries ago, and it was used for beauty products from the Mediterranean period. Argan Oil is one of the essential oils, and it is made from Argan Tree’s Kernels. These Argan trees are mainly grown in Morocco and, to be more specific it grows in the southwest region of morocco.

    Argan oil is used in various fields of work too; along with the beauty industry in Morocco and Algeria, it is used for Culinary purposes. Apart from that, Argan oil is so widely used for various purposes that it is used from moisturizers to treat skin injuries as a healing agent. This oil can be applied anywhere on your skin, you can apply it on your nails too, and Argan oil for hair is quite popular.

    Argan Oil For Hair

    Argan oil is so popular nowadays, but you’ll not believe that there was a time when the Argan Tree was scarce, and this was due to deforestation. Agran trees also faced human brutality, but now they are one of the popular essential oils in the market.

    During the 90’s period when because of deforestation Argan Trees were cut down, UNESCO came forward to save this species of the plant kingdom, they made a biosphere reserve so deforestation can stop in that region, and later production of argan oil was continued.

    Argan oil is now popular all over the world, and in different parts of the world, it is used for various purposes, but mainly Argan oil for hair is most widely used. Argan oil can be used in various types of hair products like shampoo, conditioners, and oils. For skin, Argan oil comes in products like moisturizing cream, body lotions, sunscreen, eye creams, anti-aging cream, and more.

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    So all this shows us that it is really beneficial and you can get it in your nearby stores. So let’s have a look at its benefits to humankind.

    Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

    Argan oil is proven to be beneficial for us in many aspects, as it consists of essential elements like Antioxidants, Vitamine E, minerals, and Fatty acid. All these essential elements in Argan oil make’s it a great natural oil that is healthy for our scalp and hair.

    Now we will know about the benefits of Argan oil for hair and how you can maintain hair health with the help of it, even improve their health with the help of it.

    Argan Oil for Hair Loss

    There is no proper research done on Argan oil for hair loss, but the type of elements it consists of are proven to improve scalp health. So keeping that in mind, Argan oil can help with hair loss.

    Argan Oil For Hair

    Argan oil is packed with Vitamin E, as many studies say that vitamin E helps for hair growth. Along with these packs of nutrients, there are elements like fatty acid and antioxidants which nourish and moisturize your hair. With these goodies, they also protect our hair from any damage from free radicals.

    We face hair loss because of these free radicals. As I have mentioned above, Argan oil for hair contains antioxidants, so it can prevent or reduce hair loss.

    Dye and hairstyle Damages

    Our hair gets damaged because of the various chemical dyes we generally use on a daily basis and various hairstyles we try. Adapting a different hairstyle would make you cool, but it makes your hair health worse. Talking about Dye, it affects your hair health more or equal to hairstyling because of the chemicals used in it.

    However, Argan oil can protect your hair from Dye and hairstyle damages. The oil contains medium-chain fatty acids, which is the reason behind the protection against hair damage. Palmitic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid are medium-chain fatty acids.

    Argan Oil For Hair

    Whenever you comb your hair, straighten it, or try to do curls, in this process, our hair rubs and experiences high tension; they experience heat and more processes which damage our hair. So the three fatty acids have a serious job to do against all of these damages; fatty acids form a protective layer around our hair which prevents our hair from these damages.

    Many of you would’ve experienced split ends and have problems relating to it. However, Studies on Argan oil say that it reduces the split ends, and because of it, hair looks more healthy. So argan oil for hair problems can be a good solution and however, it can improve your scalp and hair health.

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    Talking about the dye damage, overdoing it makes your hair weak and brittle. Your hair health becomes worse. It breaks your hair because dying dries out the hair. Many studies found that Argan oil reduces hair damage and protects it from various problems like mentioned above.


    Many people use Argan oil for hair and skin as a moisturizer. It is adapted as a moisturizer because of the types of fatty acid present in it; linoleic acid and oleic acid are the ones that moisturize or lubricate the hair thoroughly.

    Argan Oil For Hair

    It is scientifically proven that these fatty acids lubricate the hair shaft and help to maintain moisture. As even mentioned earlier, argan oil is high in vitamin E, and thus with the help of vitamin E, a layer is created called a fatty layer. This layer is present on the hair and scalp, and because of it, hair doesn’t go frizzy or dry and shines all along.


    It has been for centuries that women in morocco used to apply argan oil on their skin as sunscreen. This remedy was adapted from generation to generation as argan oil acted as a protection layer for tanning and sunburns during hot summers.

    As you know, how brutal free radicals are for the human body, worse can happen if we get it from the sun. Further studies and researchers were done on argan oil; back in 2013, it was discovered that argan oil contains antioxidants that fight free radicals. However, using it proves how educated our ancestors were.

    The same concept of sun applies to the hair. The ultraviolet rays harm our hair and cause dryness; here, argan oil for hair protects it from dryness and ultraviolet rays.

    Scalp Health

    We know that argan oil contains antioxidants, and along with it, it also has anti-inflammatory properties, which make it better for our skin. Argan oil helps our scalp and protects it from any damages which affect our scalp health. Mainly argan oil protects our scalp from two major diseases, i.e., Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis.

    If you hear about the problems related to the scalp, you will mostly hear about dandruff, and if you see dandruff, the problem occurs because of fungus or infection related to it. No brainer, this oil also solves dandruff problems, so one can say Argan oil for hair especially does solve fungal problems.

    How to Use Argan Oil?

    The application of oil is a very strange and genuine question asked all over the internet. This is strange for many of us because most of the oil application is quite simple and doesn’t need any extra equipment. However, there are some oils that need proper equipment, like a comb-like bottle that can oil all along. But, argan oil for hair falls in the simple category.

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    So I’ll be listing some common steps to follow, just if you are not aware of it or maybe some new methods for you. The following are the step for oiling:

    • Hair oil Mask: Here, you have to put some amount of Argan oil on your hand and then massage it nicely all over your head, making sure oil reaches every part of your scalp. If you are not good with only argan oil application, you can mix it with coconut oil and apply it gently. After applying it, you can wrap your hair with your towel and keep it overnight for better results. The last thing you have to do is wash it thoroughly.
    Argan Oil For Hair
    Aria Starr
    • Styling: A lot of you want to style your hair properly and want to protect them from the heat you apply by using various machines to style them. Argan oil for hair is good in protecting your hair from the heat it gets from straightening machines, and along with that, it protects your hair from frizziness too.
    • Shampoo Hack: In this step, if you are one of those who don’t like oil in your hands and you don’t have proper gloves to apply it. Here’s the shampoo hack for you. If you have argan oil and a shampoo sachet or bottle, here you have to pour some shampoo and argan oil on your hands and mix it well. That’s it! Apply the mixture to your hair and wash it.
    • Conditioner: I know you will now have an idea of doing the same shampoo thing with conditioner. Let me cut out your thoughts and introduce you to new ideas. Here you have to wash your hair with shampoo, and while cleaning or drying it, don’t dry it totally. Do that semi thing, you know! Now put some drops of Argan oil and apply it like a conditioner and then dry it.

    Cessation | Argan Oil for Hair

    Winding up with this article, I hope you got all the information and got to know something new today. Here you can see Argan oil for hair is so beneficial. In this chemical era, our health is on a downscale, and natural products like these help to improve in our day-to-day life.

    Argan oil is very popular, and nowadays, there are products like these that are getting more attention. People now are well aware of their health, and they really want to know what they are eating and using. I hope you too will study about all these products and use them afterward. Till then, if you want to read more articles like this, you can check them out on our website.


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