Top 8 free online courses to pursue in 2021

    Learning is the best way to gain knowledge. Due to the rapid technological advances and the easy accessibility of the internet, online learning has become very much popular nowadays. Many online courses are helping the learners in various ways.

    Here are the top free online courses that you can pursue according to your choice:

    free online courses
    1. Coding and Developer courses: Coding is the process of using scripting or programming language, like Java, Python, HTML5, and many more, to develop many different types of software, apps, or websites to make your life more easy and comfortable.

    Learning the coding process is very important in working in the fields of computing and also web designing and development. These coding courses range from beginners to high level; therefore you can choose as per your taste and requirement.

    1. SEO courses: SEO courses are mainly important for media managers, executives, and also workers. This is one type of online marketing training course which helps you in finding something through Google and the increasing site traffic. In today’s job market, Google SEO programs are a very good and helpful skill. This course can help you in optimizing your online content, which helps in showing it as a top result of a specific keyword.
    2. Content marketing courses: A good content marketing course can always help you in building your language and writing skills. Content is one kind of information material that helps in you in understanding your assigned readings, video recordings, or other needs. Content marketing consists of things like various education-related articles, e-books, videos, and also the answers to the questions of many people which they can’t get anywhere else. It also helps you in building your writing as well as technological skills.
    3. Sales courses: In this modern age of tough competition, sales industries may demand a good degree in sales for their own benefit, therefore sales courses in one of the very important courses which you can pursue in 2021. A proper and well-designed sales courses can always help in building the skills of confidence, active listening, communication and also rapport building within its pursuers.
    4. Professional and personal development courses: By pursuing a professional and personal development course one can develop various strong skills in creative thinking and active decision-making skills. It can also increase the power of your speaking, listening, and problem-solving traits as well. It helps one in meeting and handling successfully any challenges and critical times of their lives. These types of courses teach strategies and the process of personal development with continuous self-improvement. The improvement of your job performance and interactive skills can also become stronger with the help of these courses.
    5. Marketing courses: Marketing skills are needed to realize a consumer’s desire and need for a specific product. A good marketing person can always help his company to get the best feedback and sales, thus increasing their profit. Digital marketing course can be very helpful in this field of modern marketing to boost up both your personal and professional life.
    6. Psychological first-aid course: In this time of rapidly increasing emergency situations, the need for various types of mental treatment is growing day by day. Therefore, this year, you can definitely pursue the online psychological first aid course to help many people in need like children, adults, and families with traumatic experiences. This course is designed to reduce the trauma or initial mental pain of many patients. One can help others to cope up with the various problems of their lives through this type of knowledge.
    7. Nutrition: A good nutritionist can always help us to remain healthy and safe in this time of pollution and unhealthy atmosphere. They can help us to cope up with various types of critical diseases with their valuable suggestions. Therefore, it is a good time for you to boost your knowledge of various foods and their nutritional values to help yourselves as well as your loved ones.
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    free online courses


    The world is a different place now as the pandemic has changed our lives entirely. We have to stay safe and maintain social distancing as much as possible. In such a scenario, online courses can be the best options to carry on with our carriers.


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