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    Best Angle Grinder – Have you been searching for the best angle grinder to make your projects more professional and put together? Or to do your DIY home projects? This article will help you decide and find the best angle grinder to suit your needs.

    An angle grinder is commonly used in workshops, construction sites, and auto repair shops. It was invented by a German company Ackerman + Schmitt, in 1954. It has multiple uses like grinding, polishing, cutting metal, grinding out mortar, cutting tiles, sharpening tools, and sanding surfaces. You can also equip the angle grinder with additional features like a disc brake, adjustable disc guard, spindle lock to increase efficiency and bring out better results. It promises the safety of the user while handled carefully and gives excellent results.

    You first need to decide the kind of work you will put the angle grinder to and your budget for the tool. The work type will help you decide on the features that you want from the machine. The reliability of the device will be the most crucial factor to consider as it should be safe. An angle grinder helps you save time otherwise wasted on using a hacksaw to cut through metal. They can be of various types and powered using different energy sources.

    The reviews of some of the best angle grinders for 2021 are:

    Buyer’s Guide

    It would help if you made proper considerations before buying the best angle grinder for 2021 that suits all your project needs. So here are a few features of angle grinders that you must keep in mind.

    #1 Power source

    The type of power source divides the angle grinders into three categories: corded, cordless, and pneumatic. Most of the angle grinders manufactured nowadays are battery-powered or cordless. Corded and air compressed options are fewer but still available in the market and therefore needs to be considered. So power source is a salient feature of angle grinders.

    Battery-powered or cordless angle grinder-

    A cordless angle grinder uses lithium-ion batteries and brushless electric motors to operate. These new technologies play a crucial role in increasing the grinder’s lifetime, i.e., it lasts longer after a recharge. The grinder’s charging can take a few hours, which can halt and hamper your work session. So if you are working outside your workshop, you must always carry an extra set of batteries. The latest technology cordless angle grinders have a 6 Ah battery charged in only 30 minutes.

    A cordless one weighs around 2-3 pounds more than corded grinders but serves its purpose correctly. You can use them while doing scaffold-based grinding tasks as it reduces the chance of tripping over trailing wires. Go for models that can accommodate high-powered batteries.

    Corded angle grinder-

    Corded angle grinders are lightweight and cheaper than cordless models and provide a high power consistent output. The grinder can run indefinitely without the need to recharge it. All you have to do is plug the grinder into a standard power outlet. But, this can limit your work area as the length of the cord is limited. You also have to take care of not grinding through the power cord.

    Use models with small discs if you are doing minor cutting jobs. It is necessary to also consider the level of vibration of the grinder before purchasing it.

    Pneumatic angle grinders-

    The pneumatic angle grinders are powered by air pressure, taking technology-powered tools to a whole new level. Professionals mostly use them to perfect their craft. It is an advanced version of the corded model where the grinder needs to be plugged into an air compressor. It is also the lightest and cheapest option, as electric motors or batteries do not power it. But you should check the model thoroughly before purchasing it.

    It is durable and also has excellent performance stats. So use the pneumatic angle grinder for high precision jobs and shaping metal pieces. Some models also come with throttle levers, which add to the performance. It makes feather edging and speed grinding perfect and more effortless.

    Petrol powered angle grinders:

    As the name suggests, these grinders are powered using petrol and alternative to the battery-powered cordless variety. Industries use these models as they are large. You need to check if you have enough fuel to complete your job and make sure that there is no fuel leakage.

    #2 Disc types:

    Angle grinders have different types of discs that serve other purposes. Your kind of job decides the type of wheel or disc you will need. They can be cutting discs, wire discs, grinding discs, and flap discs.

    • We use Cutting discs to cut metals and are very thin compared to the other available disc choices.
    • We use wire discs to clean and polish metal surfaces that are not decayed. Paint stripping discs play the role of removing the rust and old paint from metal surfaces.
    • Grinding discs help smooth surfaces as they are thicker than 5mm. We also use it to remove slag.
    • Flap discs help smoothen surfaces as they are covered with sandpaper.

    #3 Disc Size:

    Disc size of the angle grinder depends on your type of work. It also determines the power and capacity of the tool. Large-sized disks are mostly used to do a large quantity of work and are also very powerful. It gives an excellent finish in less amount of time. Use smaller discs for jobs that need precision. It can also work in small spaces and tight angles efficiently.

    Disc size can vary from 4 to 9 inches. For your DIY projects, use a disc size of 4-4.5 inches as they are relatively easy to use. They can be used on different surfaces and are exceptionally lightweight. Use a disc size of 9 inches for industrial purposes.

    #4 Disc speed in RPM:

    Disc speed also plays a vital role in grinder choice. The speed and performance of the grinder are directly proportional. Most grinders have a speed of 5000-10,000 RPM (revolutions per minute). The more incredible the speed, the better is the result.

    Choose angle grinders in which you can change the speed according to your requirement. It is suggested because you need the experience to control and operate high-speed grinders properly. If your grinder does not come with variable speed settings, choose grinders with a speed that you can manage easily.

    RPM is also known as “no load speed.” It means the speed the grinder has when there are no discs installed in it. Higher rpm comes with larger disc sizes. So even if two angle grinders have the same amp value (input power), choose the higher rpm machine.

    #5 Motor power

    Wattage (Watts, W) measures an angle grinder’s output power; however, the input power varies depending on the model. In cordless models, the input power is rated in volts (V); in corded models, it is in amps (A); and pneumatic models measure input power in cubic feet per minute(CFM). Pneumatic models also use pounds per square inch (PSI) to measure operating pressure.

    A higher wattage power grinder does not ensure heavy usage of the tool or its ability to handle excessive friction. But the higher input power (higher amperage) helps in performing large-scale projects. You can start with 7-8 amps and then move up to 9-10 amps as you gain experience. Corded angle grinders can have voltage as high as 110 V or 240 V., But the rechargeable cordless models only have 18V, which is comparatively very low.

    If you are doing heavy projects, go for angle grinders with high wattage and large discs. If you want to select between two grinders that provide the same rpm, compare their amp ratings. Select one with the higher amp rating as it will give more torque.

    #6 Weight

    The weight of the angle grinder also decides what use the product will be. Weekend projects do not require heavy and bulky tools, nor are they necessary. Use a lighter angle grinder for such projects, as they are not made for years of use. Or you can go for average weighted machines, between 3-10 pounds.

    #7 Loud Noise

    Angle grinders add to the noise pollution of the environment. But there is no way to prevent it as any machine will make noise while cutting and grinding. So wear ear defenders to protect your ears and work in secluded areas not to disturb others.

    #8 Durability

    Look for angle grinders that come with internal as well as external durability. They can also have a 3-year warranty as it will be a bonus. Angle grinders must have an excellent working life to handle challenging projects.

    #9 Brushless grinders

    Buy a grinder with a brushless motor as they have fewer parts that can get rusted over time. It may be expensive, but it is a value-for-money product.

    #10 Safety features

    Welding can be hazardous, and you need to take some precautions before proceeding with it. Heavy angle grinders can increase the risk of injuries. So you must wear safety goggles and gloves while using these instruments. One can also purchase additional features like disc brakes, safety guards, locking systems, and switches along with the grinder.

    • Disc brake: A disc will continue to spin unless it is stopped by gravity if no disc brake is attached to it. A trigger/ paddle controls the disc brake. You can stop the disc when you complete your work and prevent injuries.
    • Adjustable disc guard– This particular can be adjusted to protect you from flying debris and sparks from the project you are working on.
    • Dust sealed– These are special dust protection guards that prevent dust from entering nearby tools and working parts. Dust can destroy inner electrical components and the work of a machine.
    • Spindle lock: The lock tightens the spindle and stops it from turning. It helps you to change the disc without hurting yourself.
    • Handguard: They protect our hands from sparks and fragments that emit from our project.
    • Movable side handles- As the name suggests, you can move the handle to suit our project needs to different positions. You can also operate it with your left or right hand.
    • Anti-vibration handle: This feature of the grinder is unique as it makes it possible for the user to use the grinder handle for long periods without getting tired. It also increases the control over the project.
    • Vacuum attachment: The grinders can be attached to a vacuum to bring down the amount of dust generated.
    • Type of switch– Grinders also come with various kinds of switches like a paddle and slide-up switches. Slide-up controls make it easier to turn off the tool.
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    #11 More disc attachments

    • Cutoff Disc: It cuts hard metal objects like rods, rebars, and metal pipes.
    • Grinding discs: It is used to sharpen edges of tools faster, like that of gardening equipment.
    • Silicon Carbide Discs: It is a multi-purpose disc with endless uses. It can grind metals, sharpen tools, clean sheet metals, and shape the metal according to our desired shape.
    • Wire brush wheels: These remove rust and paint from metals that have already been used.
    • Sanding pads: It also removes old paint and sands it to prepare the surface for further steps.
    • Diamond cutting blades: They are useful in both dry and wet welding as they can cut through concrete, tiles, or even granite.
    • Aluminium oxide wheels: It is mostly used while working with wood and cut particle boards.

    #12 Price and warranty

    The price of any machine is significant as a good-quality angle grinder can make or break your project. So select the best angle grinder in your price range. Buy products that come with at least a year of warranty to act as a security.

    Types of angle grinders

    Before investing in the best angle grinder, you need to understand its different types and their purposes. The three main types are cordless angle grinders, corded angle grinders, and pneumatic angle grinders. Apart from these, we also have the Variable Speed angle grinder and Straight angle grinders.

    Variable speed angle grinder

    The discs present in this angle grinder have different speed settings for various applications. A high RPM assists in high-precision work by making it faster and easier. These grinders can also have paddle switches to give more control to the user.

    Straight angle grinder

    The specialty of this grinder is the 90- degree angle of the wheel. It helps to grind out inner and outer pieces effectively, as it has various grinding stones attached to it. The unique disc angle increases the functionality of the straight angle grinders’ many-fold.

    Uses of Angle Grinders

    We use angle grinders for four main reasons:

    • Cutting– Angle grinders can cut through strong materials like metal and ceramics, so they are preferred over saws. You don’t need to take the material to be cut to the tool. You can cut it in its original place. So angle grinders provide excellent maneuverability.
    • Grinding– it is the primary use of the tool. An angle grinder can grind through masonry and also smooth materials quickly.
    • Polishing: Angle grinders use special polishing discs to polish surfaces, which is aided by the device’s high RPM.
    • Sanding: An angle grinder can smoothen surfaces using sanding discs, providing an alternative for a traditional sander.

    Angle grinders remove dust from a material, sharpening of blades of tools, material finishing, and application of matte finishing. They are also used in emergency rescue as they can cut through various types of materials.

    Angle grinders are an essential part of wood-working and metal-working. They can extra cut-off pieces of the metal and act as a sander to smooth it. Angle grinders have applications mostly in industries like engineering, construction, automobile tools, and many more.

    Operational Tips:

    Assemble the angle grinder according to the steps mentioned in the instruction manual. Pay attention to the angle of the handle, electricity flow, etc., while assembling. Some extra tips that you should keep in mind are:

    Protect yourself

    We advise you to wear industrial safety tools like masks or eye gear with gloves while operating the device. Proper care is required to use a power tool safely. On the usage of angle grinders, debris and sparks fly from it, entering your eyes and damaging it. So safety of your personnel is a must.

    Prepare the work area

    Keep your work area clean and uncluttered, and remove unnecessary objects from it. Corded angle grinders can also increase the chances of tripping, so keep that in mind while moving around. People in your surrounding area must maintain a safe distance from your workplace. Your indoor workspace must also have proper ventilation. Cutting and sanding using an angle grinder produce a lot of heat due to friction, which can become suffocating without ventilation.

    Mark the cutline

    To make things more straightforward for yourself:

    1. Mark the area you want to cut before actually using the angle grinder.
    2. Make a small slit with a hammer to keep the spot working with concrete.
    3. Place your blade correctly at the desired location and then power on the machine, which will reduce the chance of errors.

    Check your grip

    Angle grinders come with two grips that have different uses. So check which grip you want to use before powering the grinder. Angle grinders feel heavier due to the handle’s vibrations, so have a firm grip and test it out beforehand. Apply little pressure where you want to cut and check the grip ahead.

    Use the correct grinding disc

    You should use the correct type of disc along with the right size while working. It will depend on the material you are working on. It would be best if you did not use metal discs to cut ceramics or stone, as it will wear down the disc and destroy the material.

    Use the grinder correctly

    Use the grinder with the safety guard. Please do not remove it to make your job easier. Safety guards must always be kept in place. Hold the angle grinder with two hands to avoid twisting it. Also, inspect it properly before usage and replace parts that may seem damaged or rusty.


    12 Best Angle Grinder with Reviews

    #1 DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

    Best Angle Grinder 2021

    DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool
    Item weight 6.2 pounds
    Item dimensions 15. 6 X 5. 9 X 4. 8 inches
    Item manufacturer Dewalt
    Item color Black and Yellow
    Item style Angle Grinder only
    Item material Plastic


    The DEWALT Angle grinder tool is one of the best grinders, with extensive features and efficient functionality. The super-fast 11000 RPM motor gives you strength and power with a sensible weight/size ratio. With the spiral bevel gear, you can expect a long transmission life with the machine.

    The high-performance drill is also ideal for overhead uses and applications, with its brushless DEWALT motor. The angle grinder’s one-touch guard feature further enhances the mechanism and allows for a 360- degree rotation with a single move.

    The angle grinder’s durability is excellent, paired with a novel small gripping system for a firm grip. The spindle lock button further enhances the grinder’s strength and gives a depth of cut without any complications. The new side handle design of the product provides for efficient ergonomics as well.

    With the dust ejection tool and the auto-off brushes feature, you can expect durability and longevity with this product. With the 2.1 joules of impact energy paired off with a safe vibration control technology, this grinder is not only secure, but it will give you the best experience and productivity.

    This is indeed the best angle grinder in the market.


    • The angle grinder comes with a utility hook for hanging to enhance convenience and make it easy to use.
    • The factory-set clutch protects you against high torque sudden reactions if the product jams.
    • The machine’s dust ejection system further removes additional dust and debris particles that may harm the machine’s functioning, thus ensuring durability.
    • The top-mounted spindle lock button helps you maximize the depth of cut without any harm to the grinder’s operation.
    • The oversized heading of the angle grinder increases the longevity of the machine for you.
    • The machine also allows for tool-free wheel removal, and with its strong motor, you can use the product for overhead activities.


    • The paddle in the product is slightly uncomfortable after extended use.


    #2 Makita Paddle Switch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder

    Best Angle Grinder 2021

    Makita Paddle Switch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder
    Item weight 12.42 pounds
    Item dimensions
    Item manufacturer Makita
    Item color Multi-colored
    Item style Tool only
    Item material Plastic


    Makita’s angle grinder is an ideal choice when it comes to features and performance levels. With an 11000 RPM delivery, the angle grinder gives you a soft and smooth start for efficient performance. With a wide range of features and properties, the angle grinder is very advanced.

    Various properties like an extra-large paddle switch and an on/off lock feature further help you use the machine without any hassle. With a high industrial performance rate, the angle grinder is versatile and is powered for cutting, grinding, and polishing uses in the best and most robust way.

    The angle grinder’s gear housing mechanism rotates to 90-degrees on both the left and right sides for maximum accuracy. With an all-ball bearing design, the machine assures longevity and durability. Makita’s angle grinder is compact and resourceful, with a slim barrel grip to allow for prolonged use.

    The wheel guard is made tool-less for your convenience. Furthermore, the grinder also comes with a side handle that can be installed on both sides of the machine easily. With an AC/DC switch to help you use a different power source, the device also features thick coil wires, closely placed to reduce heat and power loss.

    If you are looking to build a workshop at an affordable rate, then this product will fit as the best angle grinder.


    • The grinder’s mechanism is based on a labyrinth construction that effectively protects and seals the motor from harmful dust and debris particles for durability.
    • Further, the zig-zag varnishing is designed to protect the armature from dust and debris particles.
    • The rotatable gear housing included in Makita’s gear housing allows for 90-degree rotations for your convenience and cutting applications.
    • The entire kit comes with the Angle grinder, 5 4-1/2″ grinding wheels, cut-off and grinding wheel guards, a metal tool case, and a Makita Diamond Blade with turbo rim engineering for your benefit.
    • The light and compact design allow you to use the machine for more extended periods.
    • The dust ball bearings allow for an efficient power transfer as well.


    • The angle grinder has an overheating issue.


    #3 Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

    Best Angle Grinder

    Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder 1375A
    Item weight 5.35 pounds
    Item dimensions 14 X 5. 2 X 5. 2 inches
    Item manufacturer Bosch
    Item color Multi-colored
    Item style Grinder
    Item material


    A robust and durable grinder, the Bosch 1375A is an excellent choice for a grinder, especially if you are looking to use it daily. The strength and high performance of the product allow you to fulfill all your needs satisfactorily. With a powerful 6.0-amp motor, the grinder successfully generates power to last you through the day without any problem.

    The design and mechanism of the grinder prove it a good fit for cutting and grinding applications. With an ergonomically designed top handle, the configuration of the machine allows for maximum functionality. The 2-position side auxiliary handle is designed strategically to position it at a natural place for maximum operator comfort.

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    Specially designed for metal workers, vehicle fabricators, plumbers, and professionals using the grinder daily, the machine can be used for intensive work and prolonged use. With a smooth and robust grip, you can handle the equipment comfortably for long hours without any discomfort.

    The 11000 RPM of the motor, paired off with a two-position side handle and a lock on/off slide switch, the Bosch angle grinder gives the best performance and power for you. The grinder’s novel configuration features Bosch’s signature Service Minder Brush System, which automatically shuts off the mechanism when maintenance is required.

    Bosch has always been determined to provide the best angle grinder available in the town.


    • With a compact field diameter, the efficient motor system allows you to use the machine effectively for cutting applications.
    • The 6.0-amp motor with an 11000 RPM provides for quick and robust functionality. With so much power, the machine is compact and handy.
    • The lock-on side switch, with a dual-position side handle, helps you use the grinder for extended hours without trouble.
    • The Angle Grinder features an epoxy-coated field winding to protect the machine from harmful dust and debris particles.
    • With a burst-protection guard set in place for your security, this machine encourages both safe and efficient work.
    • One of the best angle grinders in the market, this product is best for people who require durable angle grinders for daily use.


    • The trigger position is not set in a comfortable place, according to customer reviews.


    #4 BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch

    Best Angle Grinder

    BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch
    Item weight 4..51 pounds
    Item dimension 12. 5 x 5.1 x 4.6 inches
    Item manufacturer Black and Decker
    Item color Black
    Item style Sanders & Grinders, Power Angle Grinders, Pneumatics
    Item material


    A durable and robust angle grinder, this product is the ideal solution to fulfill all your needs in the best way. Affordably priced, the grinder tool further helps you use the machine for long hours with various comfortable properties. The product is easy to use and holds a lot of power for efficient functioning.

    The narrow and compact body, paired with extensive and advanced features, will help you make the best of the grinder’s comprehensive properties. The current configuration and design enhance and quicken all operations. With a one-touch release switch, the product also allows for a rapid shut down.

    You can use the grinder easily and without any complications. The product gives excellent service for its price and can be used for various applications, including cutting and polishing. With a three-positioned handle, you can be on top of all controls and operations without any hassle.

    With a spindle lock to make machinery changes easy, the grinder’s property set makes it easy to use for prolonged hours. With various components included in the kit, the grinder is very powerful. Strengthened by a great motor, the grinder features durability and a quality build.


    • The grinder is durable and comfortable. The narrow body of the machine makes it easy to hold and use.
    • The 3-positioned controls included in the angle grinder allow you to retain maximum control over all the applications.
    • You can utilize the grinder’s excellent functionality to fulfill all kinds of activities without any complications.
    • The spindle lock allows for easy accessory change, and the configuration of the machine provides you with a firm grip.
    • The components included in the product are a 4-1/2″ Small-angle grinder, a metal grinding wheel, a spanner wrench, and a wheel Guard.
    • The machine is very compact and is handy for extensive use.


    • The disk wrench in the grinder is soft and flexible for use.


    #5 Milwaukee 2680-20 M18 18V Lithium-Ion 4 1/2 Inch Cordless Grinder

    Best Angle Grinder

    Milwaukee 2680-20 M18 18V Lithium-Ion 4 1/2 Inch Cordless Grinder
    Item weight 1 pound
    Item dimensions 16.1 x 6.7 x 5.3 inches
    Item manufacturer MILWAUKEE’S
    Item color
    Item style
    Item material Plastic


    Another excellent grinder for satisfying all your applications, whether it’s cutting through metals or sharpening tools, the Milwaukee angle grinder will serve you in the best way. The comprehensive feature set, paired with durability and performance, allows for efficient functioning and optimal results.

    With the paddle switch, you can easily activate the grinder with an efficient design. The tool-free guard allows you to use the hero without any hassle. You can quickly push a button and adjust the guard according to your convenience. With the broad and comprehensive feature set, you can use the grinder for all kinds of cutting applications.

    The three-positioned side handle is another benefit of the product. With this excellent feature, you can stay on top of all functions quickly and efficiently. A robust motor powers the grinder, and it delivers results quickly. With a 4-pole design, the engine generates maximum power.

    The overload protection included in the angle grinder provides you and your machine with a safeguard from any kind of complication. With an adjustable wheel guard, you can flex the mechanism to suit all your needs and employ different angles for different applications.


    • The molding near the grinding wheel clears the machine of any harmful dust or debris particles and ensures the product’s durability.
    • The grinder’s comprehensive components and feature set allow maximum speed and power, with current configurations for your convenience.
    • You can adjust the wheel guard as you require for suiting different cutting applications and manipulating angles.
    • The machine’s L-shaped vents further keep away any dust or debris that enters the device and protect the core components from clogging up.
    • With features like the paddle switch, the grinder is easy-to-use and highly convenient.
    • You can attain maximum grip and control with the 3-sided handlebar and the rubber textured handle. The advanced design further aids you in using the machine to fulfill all your needs.


    • The motor only powers up to 1000 RPM.


    #6 Angle Grinder Tilswall 4-1/2-inch Side Disc Power Grinder

    Best Angle Grinder

    Angle Grinder Tilswall 4-1/2-inch Side Disc Power Grinder
    Item weight 5.69 pounds
    Item dimensions 12.8 x 4.92 x 5.51 inches
    Item manufacturer Tilswall
    Item color Calm blue and black
    Item style
    Item material


    The Tilswall Angle Grinder values safety and performance. It delivers excellent functionality and power for all cutting and grinding applications. With a robust configuration and design, the grinder can cut and grind through steel smoothly and consistently, with a wide variety of assistance features.

    The advanced properties of the grinder make it an ideal choice for daily activities. With a strategic design, the grinder has many innovative features that provide for effective and consistent results. The Tilswall grinder features a compact and lightweight design, despite its high power.

    The dual ball bearings allow for a smooth power transfer and further enhance the machine’s dust-proof design. With epoxy-coated windings included in the product, it protects itself from clogging up and keeps debris and dust at bay. The various components also allow you to perform heavy-duty tasks.

    The tool-free quick-release guard is another excellent benefit of the product. This fantastic property of the grinder provides you with an easy way to switch to cutting wheels from grinding wheels. The textured and ergonomic handles in the grinder give you a comfortable grip and make the machine easy to use.


    • The ergonomic handle featured in the grinder provides you with a firm grip, optimum control, and a non-slip property.
    • The compact and light design makes the handle highly easy to operate. You can easily cut through rigid material with advanced features that support the functioning of the product.
    • With a strategic design in place, the grinder also allows for convenient airflow and cooling for durability.
    • The product’s slim barrel grip allows you to use the grinder for prolonged hours without any discomfort.
    • The locking switch and the quick release lock featured in the grinder allow continuous use without a hint of fatigue.
    • With its wide array of properties, the grinder also has optimum vents to prevent dust and debris from entering and damaging the machine.


    • The grinder is expensive.


    #7 Metabo HPT Angle Grinder

    Best Angle Grinder

    Metabo HPT Angle Grinder
    Item weight 4 pounds
    Item dimensions 10.1 x 4.5 x 2 inches
    Item manufacturer Koki Holdings America, Ltd
    Item color
    Item style Metabo HPT G12SR4 Only
    Item material Plastic


    An excellent choice for an affordable, durable, and decently powerful grinder, the Metabo HPT Angle Grinder is a perfect product for daily activities. The wide array of components and properties further enhance the grinder’s functioning, making it a convenient option.

    With a 6.2 Amp motor and 980W of maximum output power, the grinder is very powerful. It can easily carry out all functions, including intensive grinding, cutting, and more. With a weight of only 4 pounds, the machine is surprisingly lightweight and compact, compared to the power and strength it provides.

    With comfortable features like a compact body with a small grip, the grinder also features a labyrinth design for optimum operations. The machine is priced reasonably, with the extensive features it offers.

    With a spindle lock with a rapid shut-off feature, the grinder is relatively easy to use. The removable side handle featured in the machine gives you comfort and convenience and allows the device to be used by left-handed people. The excellent dust and debris ejection system further enhances the machine’s longevity and prevents damage to the grinder.


    • The grinder, powered by a strong motor, is created for maximum functionality and allows you to use it for various applications.
    • With features like a convenient spindle lock and a slide switch, you can operate the machine effortlessly. The compact design further makes the machine easy-to-use.
    • With a low-profile gear case to get into tight congested areas, the Metabo Angle grinder allows you to grind through rigid material as well.
    • The removable side handle in the machine allows control and gives you the liberty to use the device exactly the way you want.
    • The labyrinth design featured in the grinder keeps dust and debris at bay while preventing any damage to the machine’s core components.
    • The product comes with various components like a 4 1/2″ angle grinder, five grinding wheels, and a carrying case for your benefit.


    • The grinder does not have a tool guard adjustment.


    #8 SKIL 9296-01 7.5-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

    Best Angle Grinder

    SKIL 9296-01 7.5-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Paddle Switch Angle Grinder
    Item weight 6.1 pounds
    Item dimensions 13.11 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
    Item manufacturer Chevron-SKIL
    Item color
    Item style 7.5A Angle Grinder
    Item material


    Created with user safety and efficient performance in mind, the SKIL Angle Grinder is an excellent choice for a decent and inexpensive grinder. When dropped or released, the grinder automatically shuts down, keeping in mind security and preventing any kind of damage to you or the product.

    With advanced features like an 8-foot rubber cord and more, the grinder defines durability and longevity. The comprehensive feature set serves to deliver the best results in all applications and uses. With a compact and lightweight design, the machine aims to reduce customer fatigue while providing excellent services.

    The non-locking paddle switch featured in the grinder allows you to switch wheels without any hassle. Conveniently placed at the bottom of the grinder, the paddle switch is powered when you want to use it and shuts down when released. With a 3-position handle in place, the grinder further reduces vibration.

    The tool-less guard adjustment further allows you to replace your grinder wheel without any complication. With a strong motor and various advanced properties, the product is an excellent choice for a grinder. It can be employed for several types of activities, including cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding, sharpening, and more.


    • The tool is durable and lightweight. With its strategic design and configuration, it is easy to use and convenient for prolonged use.
    • The non-locking paddle switch is an excellent advantage in the grinder. Strategically placed, the paddle switch also turns off automatically when the grinder is dropped or released.
    • The ergonomically designed handles further reduce vibrations and provide you with a comfortable grip.
    • The tool-less guard adjustment helps you replace and change your grinder wheel without any complication.
    • With a powerful motor and design, the grinder is affordable and beneficial.
    • The handles further come with wrench storage to maximize your convenience and help you get the best out of the product.
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    • It delivers sub-par performance when it comes to prolonged use.


    #9 Electric Angle Grinder Meterk 6A 4-1/2 inch

    Best Angle Grinder


    Electric Angle Grinder Meterk 6A 4-1/2inch
    Item weight 5.84 pounds
    Item dimensions 12.2 x 5.12 x 4.33 inches
    Item manufacturer Meterk
    Item color Black and Orange
    Item style
    Item material ABS plastic


    A fantastic grinder powered by Meterk, the product is a smooth blend of power and efficiency. With wide applications in almost all uses, the grinder features durability and safety as well. The modern cutting technology used to design the grinder allows you to experience convenience and ease when using the product.

    The wide array of advanced features allows you to stay on top of all the operations with this grinder. With an adjustable support handle featured in its configurations, the product will enable you to adjust the handle towards either side. You can expect ease and flexibility of use with this grinder.

    The powerful motor features 12000 RPM, with a premium spec motor for maximum strength. The 6A motor with 750W max output power allows you to utilize the product for various purposes-including grinding, cutting, sanding, and more. With efficiency and speed, the grinder delivers excellent results.

    The spindle lock on the grinder allows you to change accessories and discs without any hassle. With the auxiliary handles installed on either side of the machine, you can expect optimum control for all functions. The grinder also comes with an ergonomic design for the handle, with a small size grip for prolonged use.


    • The Meterk grinder is durable and safe. The protective covering in the hero prevents any damage to the machine or yourself while in use.
    • The 2-stage safety trigger featured in the grinder is easy to operate and convenient for use.
    • With advanced features like quick heat dissipation, a compact design, and more, the grinder efficiently reduces user fatigue.
    • The Meterk grinder is used for various purposes, including cutting, sanding, grinding, and polishing.
    • The product includes the electric angle grinder, three grinding abrasive wheels, 3 cutting abrasive wheels, one auxiliary handle, one wrench, and a user manual for your benefit.
    • The angle grinder is efficiently coated to protect the device from harmful dust and debris.


    • The product might overheat if not used, according to the guide.


    #10 PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool

    Best Angle Grinder

    PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool
    Item weight 6 pounds
    Item dimensions 14.1 x 4.75 x 5.63 inches
    Item manufacturer PORTER-CABLE
    Item color Black
    Item style
    Item material Metal


    Specially designed for aggressive power and durability, the Porter-cable angle grinder is an affordable and convenient option for you. With high-performance features and advanced configurations, the angle grinder delivers excellent results. It can handle hard and tough jobs without any hassle, with the wide range of properties it offers.

    The product can be used for all kinds of purposes and applications, and you can utilize it conveniently. The product can be used for grinding, cutting, sanding, tuck-pointing, and more. Further, contractors, tradesmen, welders, fabricators, masons, and anyone who wants quality results with efficiency can use the grinder.

    The grinder’s compact and lightweight design is another beneficial property of the grinder and makes it easy to handle for longer hours. The cast metal gear house featured in the product’s flawless design allows for quicker heat dissipation. With a comprehensive feature set, the angle grinder promotes durability and longevity.

    The 3-position handle in the machine allows for optimum control over all the functions. With a robust 7-amp motor that gives up to 11000 RPM, you can expect the grinder to be tough and rugged. The strategic design, with the spindle lock and tool-free guard, allows for maximum convenience.


    • The grinder is composed of excellent features and benefits, priced affordably just for you.
    • The spindle lock feature included in the angle grinder allows you to manage single wrench bit changes quickly and without trouble.
    • The non-lock paddle switch is another beneficial property featured in the grinder. It shuts down automatically when the grinder is dropped or released to prevent any damage.
    • The grinding and cutting guard that comes with the product allows you to use the grinder for various purposes.
    • The 3-position side handle on the grinder helps you maximize control over the product.
    • The tool-free guard included in the machine further allows for convenient and quick guard adjustment to suit your purposes.


    • The grinder can overheat with intensive use.


    #11 King Arthur’s Tools MERLIN2 Variable Speed, Mini Angle Grinder

    Best Angle Grinder

    King Arthur’s Tools MERLIN2 Variable Speed, Mini Angle Grinder
    Item weight 3.04 pounds
    Item dimensions 8 x 13.2 x 4.75 inches
    Item manufacturer King Arthur’s Tools
    Item color
    Item style
    Item material


    The King’s Arthur angle grinder is another ideal solution for a decently powerful, affordable, and safe grinder. The variety of features included in the grinder will help you use it quickly and efficiently. The strategic design and compact body adds to the product’s convenience and make it easy to use for long hours.

    The mini grinder comes with six accessories to assist you in cutting, grinding, and sanding in the best way possible. The wide array of tools and features add to the ease of use for the grinder. The portable grinder is versatile and allows you to employ it for various applications and purposes.

    With a strong motor and a modern design, the grinder delivers exceptional results. Its small form and compact body weigh comparatively lesser than other grinders. This beneficial property allows you to use it comfortably for extensive work and long hours.

    Specially designed for activities like woodcarving, auto repairs, woodworking, finishing, and metalwork, the grinder is efficient and quick. It can work with wood, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, and more. With its versatility, you can also upgrade the model with over 60 accessories to expand the applications.


    • The lightweight and compact tool will do wonders with any project or purpose you need to deliver satisfying results.
    • The modern design and configuration allow for easy-usage and convenience, even when using the machine for a prolonged time.
    • The small body and narrow design of the grinder allow it to adjust and fit anywhere, and it helps you with various kinds of activities, with precision and details.
    • The mini grinder is durable and robust, powered by a strong motor, and surrounded by advanced features.
    • The handy tool is excellent for sanding and carving. You can use it without any complications.
    • With an upgrade possible to expand the grinder’s range and applications, you can expect exceptional results at a reasonable price.


    • The grinder cannot be employed for heavy-duty work.


    #12 Hitachi G12SQ 4-1/2 Inch 7.4-Amp Angle Grinder

    Best Angle Grinder

    Hitachi G12SQ 4-1/2 Inch 7.4-Amp Angle Grinder
    Item weight 3.1 pounds
    Item dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 inches
    Item manufacturer Koki Holdings America, Ltd
    Item color
    Item style 4-1/2-Inch, 7.4 Amp
    Item material


    With durability and security as the grinder’s primary core, it is a great grinder for everyday use. The wide array of features is a great benefit to the product. Affordably priced, the Hitachi grinder works for various applications, and you will find it easy to handle and use.

    The advanced tools featured in the machine’s structure further reduce user fatigue and provide you with a decent solution for all your projects. The design features convenience and allows a firm grip. You can use the grinder for long hours without a hint of discomfort.

    The grinder finds its use in various applications, including finishing and polishing, cutting, and grinding. It can cut through mild steel and use it for hard stone materials. With the excellent and sturdy build, you will find that this grinder can handle tough jobs without any damage.

    The large paddle switch included in the grinder provides safety and security and prevents damage to the product and yourself. The adjustable wheel guard is flexible, and you can adjust it according to your requirements. With a compact and lightweight body, the Hitachi grinder comes at an affordable price.

    Hitachi has always enticed us with its magnificent collection of products. However, let’s get to know more about the best angle grinder they have to offer for us.


    • The product is durably and strong, with an excellent life span. It can further be used for a variety of applications.
    • With tools like an adjustable wheel guard and a paddle switch, the grinder values safety and protection.
    • The spindle lock featured in the grinder allows for an easy wheel replacement and change, making things easier for you.
    • The removable 2-position side handle allows a comfortable grip and gives you maximum control over all your functions.
    • You can use the grinder for cutting, grinding, and grooving rigid materials without any hassle.
    • The compact and lightweight body further elevates the comfort level of the product.


    • The paddle switch is placed in an uncomfortable position.


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    Safety precautions

    Follow these precautions to use the angle grinder efficiently and without harming yourself or others.

    • Go through the instruction manual given with the machine before even trying to assemble the grinder.
    • Always hold the grinder using the grip. Don’t carry it by its wire or cord.
    • Please switch off the grinder before plugging it into an electric supply socket.
    • Select spinning discs based on the requirement of your task.
    • Use the angle grinder with both hands.
    • Always check the grinder for parts and functionality before starting your day’s work. Replace the parts if necessary.
    • Keep your focus entirely on the grinder to avoid accidents.
    • Clean the grinder after use and store it in a clean place, out of reach of kids.
    • Wear eye protection, gloves, and industrial safety shoes for proper operation.
    • The cord socket should not be left open. Neither should it be near fire, water, or electric appliances.
    • Take off the abrasive wheels and the grind and polishing wheels when the grinder is not in use.
    • Do not remove the safety guard of the grinder.
    • Most importantly, keep it someplace where kids can’t reach it.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) concerning the best Angle Grinders for 2021

    #1 What are the most popular brands of an angle grinder?

    It is necessary to choose tools that serve your desired purpose. Various angle grinder types are available in the market from different brands, and they each serve a specific purpose. Some of the preferred brands for the best angle grinders are:

    • Bosch
    • Makita
    • Dewalt
    • Black + Decker
    • Hitachi

    #2 can we purchase angle grinders that run on batteries?

    As discussed in the above buying guide, angle grinders can also be cordless. It would help if you replaced batteries at intervals. Some of the best cordless models are also discussed above for your benefit.

    #3 how to fit a new disc into an angle grinder?

    The first and most crucial step is to remove the angle grinder from the power supply. Then press the spindle lock button. Now you can push the disc into place. Hold the spindle lock button to remove the clamping flange. Now you need to attach it so that it is in direct contact with the disc. Tighten the flange into place.

    #4 How is an angle grinder different from a disc cutter?

    Angle grinders are heavier, and you need experience and strength to use them. They are versatile and can be used for cutting, grinding, and polishing. However, disc cutters are light and are used for light-cutting operations.

    #5 Can angle grinders break?

    Improper use can break the abrasive wheel of an angle grinder. To prevent this, you need to mount the abrasive wheels and check the discs correctly. Kickback can also be another cause of damage. It can be due to the use of incorrect wheels or using the grinder at the wrong speeds. The grinder may also jam while using it to cut or shape.

    #6 can an angle grinder cut through metal?

    You need a high-powered angle grinder if you want to cut through metals. But precautions in the form of goggles need to be taken to protect you from flying sparks and debris.

    #7 which materials cannot be cut by an angle grinder?

    An angle grinder can cut most materials. However, you might find it challenging to cut through the diamond and a few multi-layered materials, as they have high cutting resistance. Follow all instructions and safety measures when using an angle grinder.


    Angle grinders are potent tools that serve multiple purposes. The article discusses some of the best angle grinders available in the market and their features. We hope that the above buying guide, safety tips, and operational tips will prove useful while purchasing the best angle grinder for 2021. Some frequently asked questions are also covered to help clear your doubts.


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