How skateboarding influenced and changed popular culture?

    Skateboarding culture & influence

    Skateboarding is one of the sports that have influenced and shaped fashion, music and games, and movie over time. Countries and places where skateboarding hugely inspired popular culture are the USA( starting from California), Spain, Australia, UK, China, Germany, Israel, etc.

    Skateboarding and popular culture has evolved from the baggy costume and being limited to a small group of people. Skateboarding culture according to has even shaped how we talk, dress and attitude. The reflection of skateboarding in behavioral attitude is also vivid as they are free, experimental, and often opinionated.

    Skateboarding culture and sub-culture like the street style, transition, longboarding, all have tons of tricks and no regulation to imagination and creativity. Hence, the creative style and free spirit, dexterity, flexibility have taken over in the popular culture as well.

    Skateboarding and popular culture

    1. Fashion and skateboarding:

    The fashion world loves skate culture so much so that it is present in runways and popular Instagram fashion pages evidently. From Bella Hadid’s costumes for the Nike commercial to ruffled shirts, short dresses, bomber jackets, oversized cool tees and the fashion statement in including skateboarding and popular culture of fashion is endless. From layered casual looks, cool shorts with a beanie to trench coat and bag you can rock any skating fashion style you want.

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    Skateboarding and popular culture of fashion

    skateboarding and popular culture of fashion

    2. Music and skateboarding:

    Skateboard and popular culture of music is heavily dominated and associated with upbeat rock or punk. The counterculture of US punk music is heavily dominated by skateboarding culture. In the times of its origin in the 50s and 60s, the music in skateboarding and popular culture had a rebellious attitude.

    In the 80s skateboarders Jesse Martinez, Jef Hartsel, Jemi Zebulon emerged as the faces of upbeat, electrical, Jamaican style reggae music. Reggae was the first style of music that started in the 1980s by SMA Rocco division skateboarders with songs like I N I style. Outside of punk music today hip-hop, street style, and rock has got a big presence in skateboarding and popular culture of fabrication of music.

    Today’s culture of music has also embraced skateboarding and used it in hip-hop and street style songs. Skateboarding often shows a freestyling spirit of a person or just the hip and grunge style. In the 21st-century skateboarding and popular culture, Hip-hop and street style music like Skaturd, If You Flip It, Flip Flip Flip are some to portrait skating in MVs.

    Skateboarding and popular culture in movies and animes:

    Animes and movies also have portrayed the interrelationship between skateboarding and popular culture. Animes like Air Gear, Eureka 7 successfully introduced the theme of skateboarding in different ways in in-universal stories.

    Movies with huge skateboarding scenes and themes like Thrashin’, Paranoid Park, Lords of Dogtown, Dogtown and Z-boys, Bones Brigade, Minding the Gap have portrayed the life of skaters, skateboarding culture, and how it shaped popular culture.

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    The story of Dogtown and Z-boys is a beautiful interlacing between personal struggles and skateboarding. The biographical approach in the movie showcases skateboarding and popular culture was not just a small buzz but entered in a lot of aspects of life.

    Skateboarding and popular culture of gaming:

    In the gaming scenario skateboarding is still popular and booming with games like Skater XL , Session, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, Skate 3 etc. Classic games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater have always been acceptable and indicate how people have embraced skateboarding in daily lifestyle.

    skateboarding and popular culture of gaming

    This is how skateboarding and popular culture intermixed and influenced each other. Skateboarding and popular culture starting from movies, games, everyday fashion, music has changed and embraced the free and creative spirit of skateboarding. Skateboarding has grown to be an art and sports of inspiration from the time it was born in California.



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