How to choose the best weight loss diet for you?

    Reasons to cross-check the weight-loss diets with scientific facts

    In the day and age of trends of weight-loss diets, the internet and lifestyle magazines are full of fad weight-loss diets with claims of 100% results. But as you may know, each of our nutritional requirements and medical conditions varies, trying on different diets won’t work until you figure out the right one for you.

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    Firstly, even before you know the areas to think through for considering a diet plan for long-term weight loss, you have to focus more on being healthy, not on just looking healthy and beautiful.

    The gimmick that has grown around weight loss and the lifestyle of people is affecting self-esteem and self-love for oneself. Therefore, Love your folds and rolls of the body if obesity is not a cause of medical concern for you.

    Now, if on the path of being healthy, you have to lose weight, here is how to choose the one for long-term weight loss results.

    Preventive measures to take before choosing a weight loss diet

    1.Medical Concerns:

    Many chronic diseases like polycystic ovary, insomnia, cirrhosis and kidney problems make it hard to lose weight. Also, behavioural issues like eating disorders, lifestyle problems like untimely and unproportionate eating, mental stress, lack of physical movements can also cause rapid weight gain.

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    So, if you have these kinds of problems and issues, take one step at a time and go slow and gentle with your body. Consult a general physician or recommended dietitian to know exactly what you can eat and what contains risks for your mind and body.

    2. Long-term effects:

    Effects of weight-loss diets can often be drastic and devoid of minimum requirements of nutrition. For looking good in an event or in a dress should not be your mindset. Lifestyle change is the most important factor in your weight loss journey.

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    Often time extreme dieters have vitamin D and calcium deficiency. The drastic and unbalanced diets and will cause

    • Severe energy ups and down
    • Loss of muscles and imbalance of electrolytes
    • Vitamin and mineral deficiency

    So, while choosing a diet, talk to your doctor and get the diet approved to be wholesome and have fewer health risks in doing long-term. More than that, make changes in your diets that can lead you to a better eating habit rather than short-term fad weight-loss diets.

    3. Flexibility and Agreeability of a diet :

    If you don’t like how you eat you won’t feel good and let alone stick to it for a long time. Whatever diet you are choosing it must have variable options in the protein, carbohydrate and fat source. Some diets like keto, paleo, high-protein diets are restrictive of some foods but still have different options and are harmless for short-term. Do not force yourself for a plan. Go for plans that make you feel good.

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    Also, your plan should go along with your physical activity. Body-builders often eat high-calorie diets, athletes often depend on wholesome and high-protein diets because of their physical necessity. Do not overeat or undereat by any means.

    4. Restrictions:

    Restrictive diets can often drain you of nutrition and make you feel energy loss, demotivated. While the correct type of restrictions like junk food, calorie intense processed foods as in volumetric diet can ultimately help you stay fit, but restrictions of right food sources will adversely affect your body in long term.

    High-protein diets diet which doesn’t contain carbohydrates can be great if you have intense workouts. But as the foods don’t contain much fibre you can have constipation and stomach issues. High-fat keto diet sets the body in ketosis which can lead to dizziness, nausea, increased urination. Restrictive diets are effective and recommended for short terms but bringing all kinds of natural food with a majority of protein or fat will ensure you maintain your weight.

    5. Setting small goals:

    If you want to change unrealistically it can be hard for you to stick to a diet. Consult with your doctors first and set small goals considering your food habits, lifestyle and medical conditions. Choosing a diet you can not follow along after a few days won’t do any good in weight loss journey.

    According to long-term weight loss statistics, restrictive diets are prone to make people regain because they cant use the food for comfort.

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    Rather than drastic changes, change your diet to a healthier version week by week to a standard that you can sustain.

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    These were the five things you should consider and keep in mind before starting your weight loss journey.



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