5 Yin Yoga Poses – Perfect For Beginners

    Yin Yoga Poses-Things You Should Try

    Also popularly known as Taoist Yoga, Yin yoga, or Yang yoga. It is believed to be founded by Taoist Yoga teacher and martial arts expert Paulie Zink, which is a general misconception. Paul Grilley was the one to develop Yin Yoga of which we are familiar with today. The amazing popularity of Yin Yoga poses is due to Paul along with his wife Suzee, Bernie Clark, and Sarah Powers who contributed in taking to different parts of the world and spreading its awareness with amazing benefits this yoga style possess.

    Be it physical fitness, mental wellness, or spiritual healing, YOGA is something every soul needs in their routine. The benefits you get after performing a good yoga session are immeasurable. Start performing today itself, and within a year see how your perspective changes towards everything with the mindful thought process.

    Yin Yoga is one of the most trending Yoga these days. Yin Yoga Postures are very efficient to do for years. It is a slow and sedate style of yoga as a workout or exercise, that includes many principles of heritage, ancient and traditional Chinese medicines, with postures and asanas that are held for a longer duration of time than in other styles of Yoga.

    If you’re looking for great relaxation and a soothing experience, Yon Yoga Postures are specially for you. These Yoga postures will awaken dormant energy and recharge your soul with positive energy surrounding your life like a sheath or barrier helping your mind avoid all negativity or negative energy.

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    Presenting you with some of the most beginner-friendly and enthralling Yin Yoga Poses that have the ability to change your physical and mental wellness within no span of time.

    Butterfly Yin Yoga Poses

    Pose of the Week – Butterfly - Yin Yoga Therapy Training
    Yin Yoga Therapy training

    Begin with a sitting position and draw the soles of your feet together in contact. Slide your feet away from you. Create a small place between your heels and pelvis. Gently bent forward, allowing your spine to softly bend forward. You may rest your elbows on the floor and place your head in your hands. You can also place a cushion. Hold the position for 3 to 5 minutes to feel the pure magic of this asana. Butterfly posture will target inner thighs, outer thighs, and the spine.

    Sphinx Ying Yoga Poses

    A Yin Yoga Sequence - Yoga Flavored Life
    yoga flavored life

    Lie on a mat with your stomach facing the ground. Place your elbows beneath your shoulders. Allow the weight to rest on your forearms. Allow your lower back to relax while softening the thighs and abdomen region. Try pressing your palms to feel a mild compression in your back. Hold the posture for 4 to 5 minutes and feel the power of Yoga on your lower back.

    Open Wing Yin Yoga Poses

    Heart Meridian: 4 Yin Poses To Be More Forgiving Now — Annie Au Yoga
    Annie Au Yoga

    Lie on your stomach, keep your right arm 90 degrees or less from your torso with the palm facing downwards. Press your left hand into the floor rolling onto the right side of your chest. Bend your knees and open your left leg up towards the ceiling. Hold for 3 to 4 minutes and experience relief in the target areas that is shoulders, arms, and chest.

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    Wide-kneed Child’s pose

    This Valentine's Day, Nourish Your Heart Chi With This Yin Yoga Sequence
    Peaceful Dumpling

    Use a yoga mat or thick blanket to provide a soft surface for placing your knees. Place your hands under the shoulder and knee under your hips, with your knees wide with the main intention being gently stressing your inner legs. Move your hips towards your heels, either place your arms overhead or you may rest them along the sides of your body parallel to your legs. Hold the position for 3 to 4 minutes.

    Swan Yin Yoga Poses

    Yin Yoga: How to Try it at Home
    The Chopra center

    Draw your right knee towards your right wrist. Draw your right foot closer to your left hip, and slide your left leg back. Avoiding sensation in your right knee. Consider supporting your right hip with blocks or a blanket. Allow your left leg to rotate slightly. Hold the position for 2 to 3 minutes. You will feel a great relief in the outer hips and hip flexors.

    Benefits Of Practicing Yin Yoga Poses

    Restorative yoga sequence | Ekhart Yoga
    Ekhart Yoga
    1. Yin Yoga Poses balances your mind and body along with providing you with a sense of calmness that takes on your soul.
    2. These poses are one of the best yoga practices that may help you reduce anxiety issues and undeniable stress.
    3. Ying Yoga poses increases the circulation in every part of the body which is quite good for the proper functioning of your healthy body.
    4. Yin Yoga poses requires a lot of stretching that further leads to the increased flexibility of your body.
    5. Those of you having certain joint problems should try to incorporate yin yoga poses as they help in improving the overall mobility of your joints.
    6. These poses releases fascia.
    7. It also enhances the balance between internal organs.
    8. Yin yoga can improve the flow of prana and chi.
    9. Possess great medicinal entitlements.
    10. Porvides spiritual healing.
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    Yoga does amazing changes to your health and body spiritually, mentally, and physically. For better health and mental peace, practising Yoga postures is a must to include in your overall workout routine. Yin Yoga is one such amazing yoga style that can do wonders to your physique and mental health as it is associated with ancient Chinese medicine. Do practice these beginner-friendly Yoga Poses.


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