Are Cats Nocturnal? Or Is It Only a Misconception? Find Out Here

    Are cats nocturnal? This is one of the most common questions that comes to the mind of almost every cat owner. And here we are going to talk about exactly that.

    Many people have a concrete belief that cats are nocturnal. This is probably because they have noticed their feline more active at night than during the day. Yes, there is a high chance that some cats may be more active at night. But that doesn’t mean they are nocturnal.

    Keep reading to find out if your furry friend is nocturnal or not?

    Are Cats Nocturnal?

    are cats nocturnal?
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    So, are cats nocturnal?

    One word answer: No

    Every animal out there has a different active time. Those animals that are more active during the daytime are called Diurnal. On the other hand, animals who are more active during the nighttime are called Nocturnal. Lastly, animals who are more active at dawn, and dust are called crepuscular.

    Diurnal Nocturnal Crepuscular
    Animals of this category are most active in the daytime and used to sleep at night. Animals of this category are most active during the night and rest throughout the daytime. Animals of this category are most active when the sun is rising and setting.


    Cats are neither nocturnal nor diurnal, they’re crepuscular. Yes, cats used to stay more active during the low light time (just when the sun is rising and setting).

    But still, there are chances that your cat may show some nocturnal characteristics. This may happen because cats have a natural instinct to travel and go for the hunt at this time. So, when this instinct light-up in your cat. You are most likely to see nocturnal characteristics in your cat.

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    What Can You Do If Your Cat Disturbs Your Sleep During Night?

    are cats nocturnal?
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    Well, your cat can sometimes disturb your sleep because of her natural instincts. But there can also be some other reasons too. Here are some of the most common ones:

    • Hunger is the most common reason that can wake your cat up at night. As we mentioned above that they have a natural instinct to hunt which makes this reason more relevant.
    • They may be looking for attention. If you left your cat alone for the whole day, they may become bored. And this can make them come to you at night for interaction and attention.
    • Aging can also be a major factor. As your cat grows, you may notice changes in her sleep cycle.
    • If you are a working person who used to go out for work and leave the cat alone at home. Then it can also lead your cat to stay more active at night. Because when they are alone, they spend most of the time while relaxing which makes them active at night.

    Now if your cat is staying active at night and interrupting your sleep, the only thing you have to do is – completely ignore her.

    Yes, it is best to not give your cat any attention. Because, if you will listen to your cat at this time and decides to feed or calm them. It would be encouraging for them to continue these kinds of night behaviors.

    Also, you must keep in mind that being active at night is natural for your cat. So make sure you don’t punish her as it’s not a good thing for her mental health. It will only create stress and nothing else.

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    Remember – If notice intense nocturnal activities or sudden changes in your cat, visit your vet as soon as possible.

    A Few Tips That Can Help Your Cat To Sleep At Night

    are cats nocturnal?
    Photo by Ouarda Banani on Unsplash

    If your cat is waking up at night and not letting you sleep. Here are a few simple, yet practical tips for you that can help your cat sleep at night.

    • Engage your cat in physical activities – Get some toys and spend some of your time playing with her. Just regularly engage her in any kind of physical activity. It won’t only improve her physical health but also mental health. It also helps in establishing a strong bond between you and your cat. A decent amount of physical exercise will tire them out which ultimately helps them to sleep.
    are cats nocturnal?
    Photo by Jonas Vincent on Unsplash
    • Bring a slight change in the feeding schedule – Feeding your cat her largest meal right before the bed can be very helpful. As we know that a full stomach makes us feel sleepy, the same happens to cats.
    • Go for medications – If anything doesn’t work, you can go for medication. Talk to your vet because they are the best to prescribe the most suitable medication for your cat.

    So, that was all about “Are cats nocturnal?”. We hope that this article was helpful to you.

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