Zoom Teeth Whitening- Procedures, Cost, and 2 Important Types!

    Zoom Teeth Whitening- All You Need To Know!

    You may have come across Zoom teeth whitening too often out of all the teeth whitening products. We are overly obsessed with whiter teeth for all good reasons. There are tons of products in the market that claim to whiten teeth. Zoom is one such product manufactured by the well-known Philips.

    If you doubt, your dentist can suggest one out of numerous zoom treatments to whiten your teeth. These include at-home solutions to procedures held in dental clinics.

    You might wonder what zoom teeth whitening is, how it works, or how long the results last. Here’s all you need to know about oom teeth whitening treatment.

    How Zoom Teeth Whitening Works?

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    There are several types of Zoom teeth whitening treatments. Some are available at the dentist’s office, while others can perform at home after conferring with your dentist.

    These techniques all include the use of a whitening substance having hydrogen peroxide. The fastest and most helpful treatment also incorporates the usage of LED light during the process to whiten your teeth.

    As already stated, there are a few types of zoom whitening treatments available. The Zoom White Speed treatment will make the teeth visibly brighter after a 45-minute session at the dentist’s office. It includes the use of both an LED lamp and a whitening gel.

    Another treatment is the Zoom QuickPro treatment which takes only 10 minutes at your dentist’s office. It counts only on a whitening substance sitting on your teeth for just 30 minutes.

    Two at-home options utilize trays loaded with whitening gel that possesses the ability to whiten the teeth in only two weeks. You will have to make sure your teeth are immaculate for these procedures, so be conscious of the drinks and food you intake prior.

    Your dentist might also suggest limiting your food and drink consumption instantly after the procedure.

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    Let’s have a closer look at in-office and at-home treatments so that you can figure out which one to go for.

    In-office Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatments

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    Philips Zoom QuickPro

    This process requires half an hour only, and the dentist can apply the whitening substance in only 10 minutes. However, it does not whiten your teeth as the Zoom WhiteSpeed alternative does, but it needs less time in the office, and the cost is lower too.

    For this treatment, the dentist will perform the following steps:

    • lay a whitening substance to the teeth following your regular cleaning
    • apply a sealant over the used whitening substance to shield your teeth
    • feed you with guidelines for aftercare.

    You are then free to leave the dentist’s office once the application is made. You’ll require to brush off the spread whitening substances after the given time, which is half an hour.

    Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

    This treatment is the adequate Zoom treatment that gives your teeth a much brighter appearance in just an hour or less. It needs the application of a good whitening gel and the help of a particular LED lamp in 45 minutes. It will whiten the teeth by a few shades making the results visible.

    The dentist might suggest a professional cleaning preceding the whitening treatment. Then, the dentist will:

    • apply a whitening gel on the teeth
    • turn on the present Zoom WhiteSpeed LED light and point it towards your teeth
    • perform this process two more times
    • lay an enamel-protecting gel

    Following the procedure, the dentist will deliver at-home whitening cures and instructions for supervising your teeth after the treatment. These reserves and materials are contained in the total cost of the Zoom WhiteSpeed treatment.

    Now that you know enough about the in-office treatments let’s see what at-home therapies offer.

    At-home Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatments

    There are two popular types of at-home treatments for zoom teeth whitening. The dentist will examine your teeth, suggest the best options per your requirements, and send you home with the needed supplies for other treatment.

    Your dentist may also suggest one of the given zoom teeth whitening treatments after a zoom QuickPro or zoom WhiteSpeed treatment to whiten your teeth even more.

    Philips Zoom NiteWhite And Philips Zoom NiteWhite

    Zoom teeth whitening at-home alternatives will comprise custom trays to fit over the teeth. For Zoom DayWhite, you are needed to wear the trays during the day for a suggested time (half an hour to one and a half hours either once or twice a day). Zoom NiteWhite treatments are to be applied at night, and you are supposed to wear the trays overnight.

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    Both these at-home treatments should be applied over two weeks. Your at-home treatments will involve:

    • brushing the teeth
    • adding a tiny quantity of the whitening gel to the custom trays supplied by the dentist
    • placing the trays over the teeth
    • wearing the custom trays for the instructed length of time
    • removing the custom trays and washing them using cold water
    • brushing the teeth once again

    Your dentist might also supply another gel to employ after the whitening procedure to safeguard your inner layer of the enamel tooth.

    How long does Zoom teeth whitening last?

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    Zoom teeth whitening can stay on the teeth for several months or even more than one year. One study revealed that Zoom WhiteSpeed treatment after a Zoom DayWhite procedure lasted 12 to 15 months.

    Does Zoom teeth whitening hurt?

    Zoom teeth whitening products and procedures should not seemingly hurt during the process. You might need to get used to the feeling of the custom trays in the mouth during the at-home treatment, but they should not be distressing or painful to wear.

    Your teeth might be more sensitive after the zoom teeth whitening, but this is not generally registered when it comes to Zoom treatments. One study revealed that only 1.8 percent of participants experienced tooth sensitivity after the Zoom teeth whitening treatments.

    Another study revealed that only 2 out of 9 participants informed sensitivity after the treatment.

    What is the aftercare for Zoom teeth whitening?

    The dentist will deliver you detailed instructions after your procedure. Zoom QuickPro needs you to brush off the applied varnish to the teeth after just 30 minutes. It would help if you brushed your teeth following at-home treatments.

    The dentist will presumably suggest you avoid foods and drinks that may stain the teeth, as these may impact how long the teeth remain white after the treatment. Beverages like coffee, soda, and tea can stain the teeth. Tobacco products will also tarnish your teeth.

    How much does Zoom teeth whitening cost?

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    The costs for each zoom teeth whitening treatment differ. The Zoom WhiteSpeed will cost you nearly $500. This comprises the 45-minute treatment at your dentist’s office as well as further at-home treatments. Zoom QuickPro will cost you approximately $125 to $150 based on your dental office.

    At-home treatments are known to cost less compared to WhiteSpeed and QuickPro alternatives. These treatments need the dentist’s consultation, who will deliver you a price depending on the treatment plan.

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    Teeth whitening treatment is a cosmetic procedure, and maximum insurance plans do not cover such costs. Therefore, you will pay for it out of pocket.


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