Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara-Worth The Price? 3 Important Points To Know!

    Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara- Is It Worth The Price?

    Thrive liquid lash extensions mascara has crowded the internet recently, wondering why? You will get to know that soon. Keep reading.

    Anyone having a remotely passing curiousness in beauty and trends knows one fundamental truth- Not all beauty products like mascaras are made equal. Some mascara clump, some rub off, and some flake almost as soon as you apply them on. Formulas are not harmful. They are just serviceable and not anything grand.

    Of course, Thrive Causemetics’s Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara is not an ordinary mascara like that; this formula is altogether different, and it has approximately 300,000 five-star reviews to confirm it.

    Thrive cosmetic’s high-performance recipe pledges lashes that will not smudge, clump, or flake, and just as the title suggests, it provides your lashes the impression of wearing falsies. Thrive honors this mascara’s arrangement to the Flake-Free Tubing Technology. That is a trademarked formula powered by orchid stem cells that promotes longer, healthier-appearing lashes the more you wear them.

    To apply, you begin with your mascara wand at the bottom of your lashes, gradually grazing over the natural lashes as the brush holds and defines every single lash. The effect is astonishing before-and-after, and lashes that appear like you just went to the salon to get them done.

    “I’ve always had flaking of mascara on the lower lids for any mascara I wear,” one five-star reviewer stated. “The Thrive mascara does not smudge. It makes the lashes appear long and wide, too. Thrive Liquid lash extensions mascara is my new all-time favorite!”

    Hundreds of customers also treasure it because it does not aggravate sensitive and watery eyes, an issue faced very often (particularly when buying high-performance mascaras that vow great results, as the fibers are stiffer and larger).

    “I have incredibly sensitive eyes and skin,” reported one satisfied reviewer. “So I’m cautious about utilizing most skin-care products. Thrive was suggested to me. This mascara is comfortable to apply and does what it pledges. The wand includes a tight seal as you draw it out, limiting big globs of mascara from adhering to it. No trash and easy to apply. So far, so great.”

    Let’s save specifics for later- when you discover the ideal mascara formula, sometimes it is only about voicing your enthusiasm, like all the reviewers on the official website who could not help but use so many exclamation points (or several) after nearly every verdict.

    Thrive liquid lash extensions mascara has so many positive reviews. Here’s what all the reviews altogether meant with their expressions.

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    It makes the lashes appear SO extended.

    liquid lash extenions mascara

    People with decent lashes love what the mascara has to provide: It makes the lashes so long that they risk repeatedly touching the eyelids. Plus, you will get plenty of approvals or compliments on your eyes. Every person stopping by will voice out, “your lashes!”

    The mascara does not budge.

    Some people having super oily skin used to see that if they did not wear waterproof mascara (which is quite painful to get off), it would smudge and leave them with various black smudges beneath the eyes. But liquid lash extensions mascara indeed remains in place, even if you spend the day running around the town, going for a yoga class, or going out with buddies. It just does not spread.

    But, it nonetheless comes easily off at the end of the day.

    We are not yet sure what witchy sorcery is behind this phenomenon, but even though the liquid lash extensions mascara does not spread or move throughout the day, it still comes off effortlessly at night. (This is probably due to the point that it’s created with vegan elements, but we will get to that later) All we need to do is clean the face and smoothly glide off the mascara, and it will be gone in no time. No more scouring your eyes for getting the makeup off.

    Is the price for liquid lash extensions mascara justified?

    eye, eyebrow, lashes
    Photo by Clker-Free-Vector-Images on Pixabay

    Everyone knows $24 is a fair chunk of cash to pay for mascara. Still, all the products of Thrive Causemetics are vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and sulfate-free, indicating there are no undesirable ingredients you have to stress about. And more significantly, as per the company’s website, Thrive Causemetics contributes to a woman undergoing homelessness, cancer, or domestic violence for each product you buy. That is an actual win-win situation.

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    The only downside mentioned in some of the reviews is that if people applying mascara are not careful, it sometimes clumps. Still, it has not been poor enough to turn people away eventually. We are not sure if you will not use another mascara after getting liquid lash extensions mascara, but for the time being, you will be happy to apply it every day for all sorts of events.

    How To Use Liquid lash extensions mascara

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    For the most significant volume, begin with the wand at the bottom of lashes and slowly go through, starting from root to tip to lengthen and define each lash.

    To take the mascara off, rinse off the mascara using warm water and a washcloth in a delicate downward-sweeping action. The unique tubing formula will wash off each lash, departing with no mascara lines behind or any black stains on the towels! You can likewise use your favored cleanser or cosmetics remover.

    Here are some excellent features of liquid lash extensions mascara that will leave you astonished and an urge to buy the product. Thrive cosmetics is:

    • Paraben-Free
    • No Synthetic Fragrance
    • Sulfate-Free
    • Cruelty-Free
    • Formulated without Phthalates
    • Vegan
    • Available in 3 different hues!
    • Champion of the Allure 2020 Best of Beauty Awards for most satisfying Tubing Mascara.
    • Winner of the Glamour Best Clean Beauty Products of 2020 Award for “The Best Mascara.”
    • Over 343,000 5-star reviews on Ipsy as of September 2021!
    • Winner of the Prevention Beauty Awards for 2019 for Best Mascara”.

    With plenty of reviews and awards, it is not a challenging task to decide if liquid lash extensions mascara is the deal of the month or not. With this quick guide, you must have decided or even headed out to get your package today itself!


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