How To Remove Waterproof Mascara- 5 Easy Ways

    How To Remove Waterproof Mascara Using 5 Different And Easy Methods

    Are you among those people that love fluttery waterproof mascara? Then you should definitely know how to remove waterproof mascara perfectly. We love voluminous lashes, and waterproof mascara does everything as per our needs, don’t you think so?

    It is all fun and flirty till the time you are wearing it for your day, when it comes to removing it, it is a troublesome job. It is quite challenging when you start removing it because when you proceed the wrong way, you might end up impacting your lashes and the skin around it. The skin near our eyes is quite delicate than other areas of the face, you have to make sure you are following good practices to remove it.

    Have you ever run out of all the makeup remover at night someday and went with mascara on to sleep? That situation is a huge NO NO!

    Do not worry and stress yourself much if you still cannot figure out how to remove waterproof mascara, because we have some clever hacks that you can easily use to remove waterproof mascara without putting any sort of stress or strain on your precious and beautiful lashes.

    Just read the instructions given below to find out how to remove waterproof mascara perfectly from your lashes.

    How To Remove Waterproof Mascara Perfectly

    Here are the top five ways that you can easily use to learn how to remove waterproof mascara in no time.

    how to remove waterproof mascara

    1. How To Remove Waterproof Mascara Using Eye Makeup Remover

    The no-brainer idea to remove your waterproof mascara. If you are a daily out-goer, this one is perfect or let’s say a go-to technique for you to remove waterproof mascara because in this way you will have a constant check on stocks of makeup remover. You will never get short of it because you know when to but what. If you already do makeup regularly you might already know how to remove waterproof mascara at home, for all the newbies here wondering what to do, this guide is for you.

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    So just get yourself a good quality makeup remover and get going with amazing skills.

    You will require a good quality makeup remover and a cotton pad for removing your waterproof mascara from your eyes.

    Step By Step Guide

    1. Look for a cotton pad and our few drops of your eye makeup remover on it.
    2. Close the eyelids firmly and rest the cotton pads first on top of your eyelashes for some time (few seconds).
    3. Now wipe this cotton pad gently on your eyes downwards, towards the tip of your lash.
    4. Keep doing it and repeat the procedures until all traces of this waterproof mascara have been removed from your eyelashes.

    If you still haven’t brought any eye makeup remover, make sure you are getting an ophthalmologically tested eye makeup remover. The quality should be great, read all reviews before buying. It is very important to get yourself a good eye makeup remover because your eyes are the most sensitive and you need to take care of them to avoid any damage or itching sensation.

    2. How To Remove Waterproof Mascara Using Micellar Water

    This is a wonder product and works pure magic after use. If you are among people having a bit itchy and dry skin, using micellar water for your issues is the answer you are looking for. Micellar water is a truly incredible product for sensitive skin too. The area near your eyes and lashes is quite delicate as we mentioned earlier, you need to be as gentle as possible in this region.

    This is the hack you need, to learn how to remove waterproof mascara perfectly. Just use oil-infused micellar water and you are good to go without waterproof mascara.

    All you need is cotton pads along with oil-infused micellar water (go for a good product)

    Step-By-Step Guide

    1. Take a cotton pad and apply micellar water over it, you will need cotton pads in all the removing methods because these are lightweight and has an amazing texture.
    2. Close the eyelids firmly and rest the cotton pad first for nearly 10 seconds and then gently start wiping your waterproof mascara towards the tip of lashes.
    3. Keep repeating the process using a fresh cotton pad every time the first pad becomes unclean. Keep wiping until your mascara is removed fully.
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    The best products to use for this scenario are hypoallergenic products that have amazing quality and are good for use on sensitive areas like the eyes. While choosing micellar water, make sure you are purchasing them for the best and well-known brands which are known to give good-quality products.

    3. How To Remove Waterproof Mascara Using Natural Techniques

    If you do not have time investing and ordering micellar water or products to remove your mascara, some safest oils that you can use at home are great to remove waterproof mascara. These oils can be olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil.

    you do not require a lot of struggling for rubbing or tugging your precious brows. The most amazing part of using these oils is that they are highly rich in many essential nutrients and will eventually encourage the growth of healthy and dark eyelashes for which we go through so much struggle and apply various mascaras or lashes.

    To follow this guide on how to remove waterproof mascara, you need a cotton pad along with cold-pressed olive or coconut oil, or maybe almond oil.

    Step-By-Step Guide

    1. As you follow other methods, just dab some oil (whichever you are using) on the cotton swab.
    2. Place this cotton pad on your eyelids and let it sit for few seconds to absorb.
    3. Gently wipe down the waterproof mascara towards the tips of your lashes without too much rubbing or tugging.
    4. Keep repeating the same process until the formula of mascara you are putting breaks down and no traces of mascara is seen further on your eyes.
    5. You may use any wet pipes in order to get rid of all the oil residue that is still sitting on your face.

    Use very little oil while doing this step by step because this method becomes quite messy otherwise. Using less oil is best because excess oil might start getting inside of the eyes or starts flowing. If it gets inside your eyes, just wash it as early as you can to avoid any sensation.

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    4. How To Remove Waterproof Mascara Using “No Tear” Formula

    If you see no options available in your house at that moment for removing the mascara, you can also use this simple way for removing your waterproof mascara. Just look for baby shampoo in the cabinets of your bathroom or inside the room. Baby shampoo usually has no chemicals and it’s great to use for removing makeup. Also, it has no odd fragrance and is hypoallergenic. These properties make it great for usage.

    Let’s see what we require for this method. Just grab cotton balls, cotton pads, or wet wipes along with our HERO agent baby shampoo with no-tear formula.

    Step By Step Guide

    1. Using a small amount of this baby shampoo and a damp cotton ball, apply it all over the lashline
    2. Hold the cotton pads or wipes you have and wipe them downwards along with the tips of your lashes.
    3. Just use a cotton pad or wet wipes may be to remove the mascara and excess baby shampoo sitting on your eyelashes or eyes. Make sure no shampoo is left behind.

    Make sure you are only using baby shampoo as an agent to remove access oil and no other shampoo. Other shampoos we regularly use have harsh chemicals in them which might irritate your eyes and cause a lot of major stinging.

    5. How To Remove Waterproof Mascara Using Cold Cream Or Regular Lotion

    how to remove waterproof mascara

    In case you are out of all other options mentioned here, just use any face moisturizer present at your house or cold creams. Although you will have to put a lot of extra effort into doing so, it is great and works almost the same as other methods of removing makeup.

    All you need is a moisturizing lotion or cold cream along with a warm washcloth.

    Step By Step Guide

    1. Just wash your face using a regular cleanser you always apply and apply the cold cream or moisturizer after drying your face.
    2. Carefully and gently run this cream on your lashes and then wipe them clean using a warm washcloth.

    You are highly suggested not to use any strong lotion that has a lot of chemicals in it. Your eyes are highly sensitive and simple chemicals can also cause infection, choose wisely. As a lotion or cream, petroleum jelly is not good to remove makeup and neither are other petrochemicals. It can even cause zits or milia, so make sure you are using a good product that will not harm your eyes.

    These were 5 ways to learn how to remove waterproof mascara perfectly. Use anyone based on the products you have and remove the mascara.

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