Why do cats hate water: 4 Major Reasons You Need to Know

    Know the Reasons Why do Cats Hate Water

    Are you a pet-lover and have a beautiful fluffy cat as your pet? Then, you must have seen how your pet avoids water all the time. Domestic cats usually do not prefer to go near the water. Rather, they like to go dry all the time while licking and grooming their fur.

    Few Cat Breeds that Like Water

    Though mostly the domestic cats do not like water, their cousin breeds are much likely to play with the water. Think about the large cat groups like the tiger! They like to soak their body deep in water. There are other domestic groups as well who are not afraid much of water. Rather, you will see them play with sprinkling water from the tap of your kitchen. You can even expect them to join you in a shower.

    why do cats hate water
    pinterest-cat in water

    Some of them have water-resistant fur coats which help them to enjoy staying in water for a long time. Well, some of these cat breeds are good swimmers as well. The domestic cat groups that like water are:

    • Turkish Van
    • Bengal
    • Maine Coon
    • Egyptian Mau
    • Highlander
    • Japanese Bobtail
    • Abyssinian
    • Turkish Angora

    The Major Reasons Why do Cats Hate Water

    Now, let’s know about the possible reasons mentioned by the researchers about why do cats hate water.

    Less exposure to water: When something is unfamiliar to us, we become afraid of it. As cats mostly evolve in a dry climate, water is something that they are unfamiliar with. They do not get much exposure to the water. It can be a possible reason for their hatred towards the water.

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    Uncomfortable wet fur: Cats spend most of their time licking and grooming their furs. they are exceptionally meticulous when it comes to grooming their fur and maintaining a fluffy outlook. Therefore, wet furs are pretty uncomfortable for them. It takes a long time to dry.

    why do cats hate water
    cats hate water

    Biological reasons: One of the major reasons why do cats hate water can be their biological inheritance. The cats especially the domestic ones belong to the feline group originated in dry areas without much rain or water bodies. They neither got exposure to water nor learned swimming. Because in those dry areas there was no need for it. This behavioral pattern genetically emerges in the nature of today’s cats as well.

    Unpleasant experience with water: As we discussed earlier, cats are not exposed to water much. Therefore, if they accidentally fall in water or any other unpleasant incident occurs, they tend to avoid water for their lifetime. The wet fur and uncomfortable shivering make them hate water. It is often found that out of curiosity, cats fall in the open well. Sometimes, cats with no shelter are compelled to stay out in the rain. These circumstances may lead to their prolonged aversion to water.

    Do cats need bathing?

    Cats do not really require bathing. But when they fall on some dirt, or playfully roll over the sands, they need a bath. Then, their aversion to water becomes a matter of concern. They do not like to have a bath. Considering this factor, behaviorists and other people have researched it. They suggested how to bathe a cat despite their hatred for water. Here are some essentials tips on how to bathe your cat.

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    Essential tips to bathe your cat

    You cannot bathe your cat if you are not cautious enough about it. You have to take care of certain things. As the cats prefer to stay long miles away from water, you have to apply some useful tricks to bathe them. When you know why do cats hate water you should apply these measures to bathe them properly.

    why do cats hate water

    Firstly, before you bring your pet near the water, fill the tub. Otherwise, the sound of running water may disturb your pet. Secondly, cover the sideline of the tub with a towel. it helps the cats to find grips. Gripping the sideline, they will get a sense of security while bathing in the tub. Thirdly, try to keep the floor of the tub less slippery as it reduces the risk of falling down during bathing. Fourthly, be extremely careful about sensitive areas like eyes and face.

    Bottom line

    So, now you know why do cats hate water. The article also mentions the cat breeds that like to play with water. Also, it will give you an idea about the proper way of bathing your cat. To know more details about raising cats as pets, click here.


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