How To Raise A Kitten | Everything You Need To Know

    Bringing a kitten at home is such a beautiful, joyful feeling and a special time. Well, this will be possible only then when you will raise a kitten rightly and most people do it incorrectly. So, if you are also about to bring a kitten to your home, go through this article to know how can you correctly raise a kitten. Here you will get to know from A to Z everything about raising a kitten.

    raise a kitten

    Image by Ty Swartz from Pixabay

    The Right Age To Adopt A Kitten

    Well, the perfect age to adopt a kitten is 10-12 weeks. Some people bring a cat into the home at the age of 6 weeks but it is not a good thing for a cat. It can turn a cat into a shy full and fearful cat. Maybe it could be also stressful for kittens. When a kitten gets well handled by humans makes him friendlier. So, make sure to look for confidence in a new kitten.

    Basics To Raise A Kitten

    A kitten demands to feel safe, something like surrounded by his sibling or mother. A cat bed or a blanket-lined blanket would be a great thing. In the first year, kittens need more calories and protein detected in the food formed only for kittens. So, always make sure to buy the food that is specific to them. Right after walking or after meals, start the training of litter by arranging your kitten in a box and simulate digging with the claws of a kitten kindly. One more important thing to focus on: Do not punish your kitten for using the box incorrectly but constantly Praise him for using it correctly.

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    Make Your Home Kitten Proof

    raise a kitten
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    Wondering? “What are the ways to make your home kitten proof?” Here are a few ways I am mentioning below:

    • Bundle all the electric cords and keep them far away from the reach of the kitten.
    • Close the lid of your toilet along with that also close kitchen cabinet washer and dryer lids.
    • Remove all the insect traps and poisonous plants.
    • Keep all the small items away from your kitten.

    Introduce Your Kitten To Your Family Members Gradually

    Keep your kitten in the quiet room with all the basic things such as a litter box, food, and a bed till he gets settled. Introduce only one family member at one time, giving extra oversight with the kids. Instruct kids how to kindly associate with kittens. Make sure you instruct them to wash their hands just after touching or handling the kitten.

    If You Have Other Pets, Prepare them

    If you already have other pets, make sure that they are good with their health before bringing the kitten in front of them. To assist in reducing anxiety, give more attention to the older cats. After that, you can allow them to know the kitten deeply. If they express physical hatred, make them separate and try it again after some days.

    If you are owning a dog, don’t ever leave your kitten alone with him. Make your kitten familiar with the dog on a strap. Try to prevent your kitten from running away from the dog so that dog doesn’t chase the kitten. Remember to give rewards to all your pets while introducing them to each other. So, that’s how you raise a kitten with another pet.

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    Take Your Kitten For A Grand Tour Of Your Home

    Take your kitten on a tour of your home, keep in mind that you visit only one room at a time. Make sure to prevent hiding behind or under your home’s furniture. For discouraging him from climbing on your bed, just put him back whenever he attempts to climb.

    Take Him To The Vet For His First Check-Up

    Within a few days of the arrival of the kitten, fix an appointment with a vet, and whenever you call him, remember to inform him that the kitten is very new to your home, it will help you in making a list of all the questions that you want to ask to him. Also, make sure to consider speaking about neutering and spaying because it can help in stopping overpopulation and health issues. Usually, kittens can get neutered and spayed at the age of 8 weeks, but your vet and you should choose the most suitable time for a kitten.

    Keep The Time Of Playing Safe

    raise a kitten
    Image by Ivo Zahradníček from Pixabay

    Choose toys that are specially made for kittens. Don’t pick toys that contain small parts because they can ingest that. So, the feathers on the small fishing pole’s end and tiny stuffed animals could be the perfect fit.

    When You Are Away, Remember To Provide Comfort To Your Kitten

    When you are about to leave, keep your kitten kindly in a room with a scratching post, litter box, food, water, and a bed. Try to leave the room’s light on or fix a nightlight in the room. You can also leave a talking radio or music playing that may make him feel calm.

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    Avoid Overprotection

    Many people raise a kitten by overprotecting but that is not a good thing. There is a possibility that new surroundings, movements, and sounds can disturb your kitten. The Cat Behaviour Associates’s owner “Pam Johnson-Bennett” says that it is necessary to slowly make a kitten familiar with new sights, smells, and new sounds so he grows to be happy around any stimulation.

    Present your kitten to various environments, including a few varieties of floors like carpet, tile, and wood. You must remember to familiarize your kitten with a mixture of toys containing different textures, shapes, and colors. To raise a kitten well, make sure to give attention to this.

    Final Tip

    A signal kitten may feel lonely, so try to adopt a pair. If you are not able to adopt a pair here is the solution that will you to get rid of this problem.

    • Take a towel and wrap up a ticking clock in it, keep it near the kitten’s bed. The sound will make him feel comfortable. It also reminds him of the heartbeat of his mother. Further to decrease his stress, pick him up, and speak to him in a very soothing sound.


    This was the article on “How to raise a kitten?” So, whenever you bring a cute kitten to your home, make sure to implement these crucial tips. Now, I hope this article was helpful to you.

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