What is David Dobrik net worth? 7 All-inclusive Facts

    David Dobrik is a YouTuber that most of you might know because of his famous vlogs. He has gained a lot of followers through his content and has never been someone who kept restraints on what he thought of as an issue. These are the reasons that you find yourself searching about David Dobrik net worth today.

    David Dobrik hasn’t been earning through just his YouTube channels but he also has a load of other things contributing to the David Dobrik net worth. Ever since he started earning through his videos in the year 2013, he has not looked back. From his YouTube channels, he has gained sponsorships, been a part of some TV shows, released songs, and a lot more.

    David Dobrik Net Worth
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    Although David and his squad have been involved in a lot of controversies that were like setbacks to the David Dobrik net worth, he has found ways to come back stronger and still keep going with his work. For a person so young, he has truly achieved a lot of things.

    For some people money is money and it is all that matters but David has tried not to live by that principle. He loves his fans and is glad of all the things they have helped him achieve. His fans are the sole reason he has managed to make the David Dobrik net worth such a big fortune.

    In this article, I am going to talk about how David started earning, all the ways that he earns all the controversies that he has been in that might or might not have had a role in impacting his net worth and most importantly, I will talk about the David Dobrik net worth. To find all these things, you only need to spend a few minutes reading this article. So let us get started.

    Who Is David Dobrik?

    Before diving into the topic of David Dobrik net worth headfirst, it is essential that you understand who David Dobrik is. David is a YouTuber like I said. He also has some podcasts and he is also the co-founder of the mobile application called Dispo which is based in the United States of America.

    David did not start directly posting his videos on YouTube despite popular belief. Before coming to YouTube, David used to post his videos on the video-sharing platform called Vine. He started his vlogging YouTube channel in the year 2015 and he has since just made the David Dobrik net worth grow bigger and bigger.

    People also know David as the leader of the famous YouTube group of performers called the Vlog Squad. This squad features in all his vlogs and consists of rotating selections of the group of his friends. Obviously, his friends and the Squad are greatly responsible for the ever-growing David Dobrik net worth.

    Now that you know how David started his money earning days, let me tell you a bit about his personal life.

    Personal Life

    David was born in the year 1996 on the 23rd of July. He was born in Kosice, Slovakia, which is a country in Central Europe. When David was just 6 years old, his family moved to Vernon Hills, Illinois. There, David went to the Vernon Hills High School and played tennis because of which he even qualified for the Boys Tennis State Tournament in 2014.

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    He came 3rd in the doubles tournament and it wasn’t really how you might have thought he started earning but this was something that helped give him confidence and hence, started him on the journey of the David Dobrik net worth and made him a celebrity that he is today.

    David also has 3 siblings that are younger than him. They are named Ester, Sara, and Toby. Even though he arrived in the US from Slovakia and stayed there illegally, he is protected under the DACA policy. Being from Slovakia, he knows the Slovakian language.

    David dated the YouTuber, Liza Koshy, for 3 years from 2015 to 2018 before their breakup in June 2018. Some people might be surprised by this but for his comedic vlogs, David decided to legally marry Lorraine Nash who is the mother of Jason Nash. He divorced her a month later and he revealed this information on Instagram on November 22 in the same year.

    The Start Of David’s YouTube Career

    When we talk about David Dobrik net worth, you should definitely know all there is to know about his YouTube days and how he started there. Like I said, before debuting on YouTube, David started posting his videos on Vines where he even collaborated with other people such as Liza Koshy, Gabbie Hanna, Jaso Nash, Zane & Heath, etc.

    David was a part of the group called Second Class before he started his own YouTube channel in the year 2015. Ever since he started posting videos on YouTube, all his comedic vlogs have been based on real-life situations. Although not all the things are real as there are some scripted bits here and there as well.

    Even though things like David Dobrik net worth have been searched by people on the internet, telling you how big a celebrity he has become, David often seems like a normal guy any one of us would be friends with.

    David Dobrik Net Worth
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    When he started making vlogs on YouTube, the initial videos had many of David’s friends from the vine collaborations he used to do on Vines. After starting his channel David Dobrik in 2015, David went on to start a second YouTube channel called the David Dobrik Too on which he posts blooper videos, challenge videos, behind-the-scenes videos as well as sponsorship deals.

    In late 2018, David made a 3rd channel called the Views Podcast where he posts videos from his podcasts. He even got credited by the Verge because he had been successful in integrating the podcast genre on YouTube because, before that, it used to be just a platform whose sole focus was on video content.

    With all these things, it is no wonder that David has made such a fortune for himself and that the David Dobrik net worth keeps on increasing. David has gained so many followers and subscribers because of the highly energetic content he posts. His videos have a lot of pranks, inside jokes, cute animals, and even real celebrities in them.

    With all these things, who wouldn’t like watching his videos? David usually used to post 3 videos per week but now that number has gone down to 2 days a week but considering the fandom he has and the quality content he posts, it is all understandable.

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    Podcasts And Getting Recognized For His YouTube Channel

    The David Dobrik net worth also makes a lot of its money from the podcast that David runs which is called Views which he runs in collaboration with Jason Nash and random features from Joe Vulpis or Natalie Mariduena.

    In December of 2018, David got a Diamond Play button from YouTube because he had crossed a total of 10 million subscribers which is a very big feat and not many have been able to do it so far. David was also proclaimed one of the 10 social media personalities who made the most noise by the Paper magazine. All these things show how good the David Dobrik net worth is doing.

    In the year 2019, David got featured in the W magazine because he was part of a trend of creating a different Instagram account that was dedicated to their pictures taken with the use of films or disposable cameras.

    David Dobrik Net Worth
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    David was also a judge in America’s Most Musical family along with Ciara and Debbie Gibson. He got featured in Variety Magazine’s annual Power of the Young Hollywood list as well. A lot of his other awards including Choice Male Web Star.

    He has been recognized by a lot of other magazines and has become a huge celebrity in the years he has been running his YouTube channels and various podcasts. He has been on various TV shows like Chopped Junior, American Music Awards, etc.

    David also appeared in various talk shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. All these things indicate that David Dobrik net worth is truly earned and shows the amount of hard work he has put into things.

    David Dobrik Net Worth

    The David Dobrik net worth is estimated to be over $20 million which is a lot for a YouTuber, not even NBA players make so much money in their whole careers. All this has been achieved because of all the YouTube channels that David posts on as well as the podcasts and TV shows he has been on.

    David Dobrik net worth is so much because he has a lot of followers and subscribers. David Dobrik currently has over 18.4 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel. This channel has over 8.2 billion views on its own, not counting all his videos from his other channels.

    The video titled ‘She Said She’d Never Do This Again (Caught)’ has the most number of views on his channel. This video has over 35 million views and a lot of his other videos have over 20 million views as well.

    David’s secondary channel, David Dobrik Too has over 8.56 million subscribers whereas his 3rd channel, Views, has 1.69 million subscribers as well. All these things are a big contributor to David Dobrik net worth.

    David Dobrik was the 5th most viewed created channel on YouTube in the year 2019 when he got more than 2.4 billion views just that year. David Dobrik net worth has grown because he even voice-acted in the Angry Birds 2 movie as well as being a judge on various TV shows. He also hosted a SpongeBob SquarePants special and the 1st season of Dodgeball Thunderdome.

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    David’s Integrated Advertising

    In the April of the year 2019, Chipotle celebrated its National Burrito Day by partnering with Dobrik in making his go-to Chipotle order the brand’s official National Burrito Day burrito which was called the Dobrik Burrito. No wonder the David Dobrik net worth keeps growing.

    The next month, Chipotle again partnered with David to help get them some momentum for the Lid Flip Challenge on TikTok. They got over 110,000 video submissions for that with the hashtag and it resulted in 104 million video starts and more than 230 million views in just a month.

    David Dobrik Net Worth
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    The next year, Chipotle again got with David for the #ChipotleSponsorMe TikTok challenge for Cinco De Mayo in which 5 fans got chosen to win Chipotle celebrity cards. Tubefilter even praised David’s relationship with the advertiser SeatGeek in his videos.

    David also won the Brand Engagement Award in 2019 at the Streamys Bran Awards for the collaborations with Chipotle. David got named the sixth most Influential Person in Influencer Marketing by Influence Weekly. David’s partnership with SeatGeek also generated a lot of interest.

    Why has the David Dobrik Net Worth Lost Its Pace

    Like I mentioned before, the David Dobrik net worth might have suffered a bit from all the controversies that David and his squad have been involved in.

    (Trigger Warning: Mentions of sexual assault in this sub-heading. Skip if not comfortable reading.)

    In the second month of 2021, Seth Francois, who is a former member of the Vlog Squad, accused Dobrik of sexual assault after she was deceived into kissing Jason Nash while she was blindfolded.

    As Francois is the sole black member of the squad, he said he was conformed to do things he was not comfortable in doing and these things were culturally insensitive. BigNik also accused David of bullying and said that was the reason he had left the squad in 2018.

    In March 2021, Business Insider stated that during the shooting of a vlog in 2018, which was about group sex, a woman was raped by Dom Zeglaitis when he was drunk. David posted a video named ‘Let’s Talk’ on the same day in which he talked about these controversies surrounding him.

    David did not really address the allegations about Dom in this video. David and Dom’s channels were temporarily demonetized on 26th March in 2021 because of creator responsibility violations.

    Because of these things, David has been losing popularity and people have started talking about how he is not really a good person to follow and look up to and hence, his net worth has taken a beating and is slowly decreasing.

    Cessation | David Dobrik net worth

    David Dobrik has tried hard to build what he has today. All the fandom that he had, does not come easily and you have to work hard to get it. Even though he has been involved in many controversies, he still keeps on making videos.

    If David is not the person that these controversies make us believe he is, then we can learn from him the quality of getting up to fight even after being beaten down. But if he is the person responsible for all those things, then we hope that you learn from his mistakes.

    David Dobrik net worth is $20 million and that is not something you achieve if you do not have talent or the knowledge of how to do things. So get inspiration from that and start working towards your dreams.

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