Post Malone Net Worth – Check out the millions

    Post Malone Net Worth – Post Malone, an amazing singer, an outstanding rapper, a superb songwriter, a wonderful guitarist and a masterful record producer. He is not only a great artist but also famous as an epitome of male beauty. He is the one who not only contextualized the surrounded culture but redefined that culture too. It can be said that he is a self-made star and his journey from being a nobody to iconic star has proved that all his hard work has paid off for him.

    Watch Post Malone Grab a Guitar and Debut His New Moody Sound With "Stay" - Maxim

    One who got famous with the release of his single “White Iverson”, that Post Malone net worth is now about $30 million. In this six to seven years of time period he has come a long way, a way that has started from nothing and now with his hard work this way has reached a point where he has got everything: a name, fame, respect, fans, money, luxurious life, what else can he expect?

    Post Malone Fast Facts

    • Age: 25 (born July 4, 1995)
    • Height: 6’0″
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Kids: None
    • Twitter: @PostMalone
    • Instagram: @PostMalone

    Post Malone Net Worth – $30 Million, Where it all started?

    Post Malone Net Worth


    Post Malone whose real name is Austin Richard Post was born on New York’s Independence Day, 1995, i.e. July4, 1995 in Syracuse, New York. There he lived for 9-10 years and then he shifted to Grapevine, Texas where his father worked as the manager of concessions for the Dallas Cowboys. His father was a DJ in his boyhood days and he introduced Austin to several genres of music including hip hop, country and rock.

    His journey of being a wonderful guitarist started from playing Guitar Hero when he was an adolescent. It is his mother who bought him his first guitar the subsequent Christmas. He learned to play it via YouTube videos and according to him it was not easy at all. It took a long time for him to be perfect in it but he believes that you have to start somewhere and once you have started, you just have to persist with it. Tons of individuals are there who give up easily in difficult situations but if you want to be successful then you should stick to it.

    Malone has always had a soft corner for Rock music and in 2017 he played songs by American alt-rock band “My Chemical Romance” at Emo Nite in L.A. According to him his journey of being a professional singer began he was in a heavy metal band and after that he transitioned to softer rock and hip hop as well.

    According to Post, he chose the pseudonym “Post Malone” when he was about 14 or 15 years old. His pseudonym is a mix of his surname and “Malone”, which he got from a web rap name generator. His first mix tape “Young and After Them Riches” was created at the age of 16 which he showed to some of his classmates and it was loved by everyone.

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    After graduating, he briefly enrolled in Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas, but eventually dropped out and moved to L. A. with friend Jason Probst. There, Post Malone, Jason Probst and a number of other producers and artists formed the group BLCKVRD. That group recorded music together. Some of the members lived together within the San Fernando Valley. It had been there that Post met Rex Kudo, one who produced several tracks for him and ”White Iverson” is one of those tracks.

    It was uploaded to Post’s Sound Cloud account in February 2015 and in July, 2015 he released a music video for the same track. This was the song that attracted so many producers, singers, fans attraction towards Malone as this song hit 1 million views within a month.

    After that, it seemed like success itself was knocking the Post Malone’s life door. His first studio album “Stoney”, his first single from his second album “Rockstar”, then “Psycho”, and so on. Each and every song of his was getting lots of love from the audience and he was moving towards a great success step by step.

    Post Malone Net Worth in Imposing – But how did he reach this stage?

    In one year of time, between June 2019 and June 2020 Malone earned about $60 million from his various attempts to reach goal and that much money was enough to form him one among the highest-paid rappers in the world.

    Post Malone – A Masterful Song Writer

    Malone writes his own music. He does not hire other people to write down his materials and thus is in a position to keep more of his royalties than other ones who depend upon different writers. According to many experts Malone’s style of writing is designed to draw listeners and that is something that connects his audiences, his fans to his music. Plus, his style is somewhat repetitive too.

    Even if you are hearing his song for the very first time you can predict the very fact that there’s getting to be that down, on-the-one phrase. This is something that makes it easier for the traditional listener to latch on thereto and commit it to memory and know what’s close to come next.”

    Berkley professor Brian “Raydar” Ellis says that Post Malone’s limited vocal range also works as an advantage for him. Tons of people think that Malone’s songs are easy to sing. This is because he doesn’t move far from the root of the song. The notes he sings are in the scale degree of whatever he is singing. Whatever may be the formula of Post Malone’s for his songs but one thing is sure the formula is working, it is helping to achieve a great success.

    Post Malone Broke all Records

    Malone is a hit American singer who broke the record for the most simultaneous top 20 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 with nine songs in May 2018. The Beatles held an impressive record of six tracks for 54 years. Malone crushed the long-help record with his nine selections. He also shattered a 34 year long-held record of Michael Jackson in August 2018 by his album “Stoney”. Other than this, Malone’s Beerbongs & Bentleys every single song came on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2018. Similarly in September 2019 his Hollywood’s Bleeding was the fifth-highest streaming record ever for a debut week.

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    Post Malone net worth doesn’t denotes that he has earned all the money through songs only. He has made this worth through several performances and tours. In addition to his musical projects, he also has different partnerships with great brands. Among all those Bud Light deal is the most financially lucrative. He has also performed at various Bud Light sponsored events, and has earned plentiful amount with the company. The musician also has also secured on-going partnerships with True Religion and Hyper X. He has not been here in this industry for a very long time but he seems to achieve good in terms of both success and net worth.

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    Post Malone’s All-time Hits

    The 10 Best Post Malone Songs (Updated 2017) | Billboard | Billboard

    Sunflower Post Malone & Swae Lee #1 on 1.12.2019
    Better Now Post Malone #2 on 10.06.2018
    Wow Post Malone #1 on 4.06.2019
    Congratulations Post Malone Featuring Quavo #3 on 7.15.2017
    Rockstar Post Malone Featuring 21 Savage #1 on 10.28.2017
    I Fall Apart Post Malone #8 on 10.28.2017
    Psycho Post Malone Featuring Ty Dolla $ign #1 on 6.16.2018
    White Iverson Post Malone #3 on 1.23.2016
    Goodbyes Post Malone Featuring Young Thug #2 on 7.20.2019
    Candy Paint Post Malone #17 on 5.12.2018
    Circles Post Malone #1 on12.07.2019
    Take What You Want Post Malone Featuring Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott #2 on 9.21.2019
    Rich and Sad Post Malone #46 on 5.12.2018
    Spoil my Night Post Malone Featuring Swae Lee #34 on 5.12.2018
    I Fall Apart Post Malone #15 on 1.06.2018
    Ball for Me Post Malone Featuring Nicki Minaj #7 on 5.12.2018
    Same Bitches Post Malone Featuring G-Eazy & YG #10 on 5.12.2018
    Stay Post Malone #18 on 5.12.2018
    Die for Me Post Malone Featuring Halsey, Future #20 on 9.21.2019
    Paranoid Post Malone #38 on 5.12.2018
    Only Wanna Be With You Post Malone #32 on 3.13.2021


    Post Malone Famous Albums

    • August 26th (Mixtape, 2016)
    • Stoney (2016)
    • Beerbongs & Bentleys (2018)
    • Hollywood’s Bleeding (2019)

    Post Malone Awards

    Post Malone Toasts To 9 Wins At 2020 Billboard Music Awards As Killer Mike Accepts Change Maker Award With $1M Donation | HipHopDX

    Billboard Music Awards 2020

    • Top Artist
    • Top Male Artist
    • Top Streaming Artist
    • Top Billboard 200 Artist
    • Top Hot 100 Artist
    • Top Rap Artist
    • Top Male Rap Artist
    • Top Rap Tour
    • Top Rap Album – Hollywood’s Bleeding

    American Music Awards 2019

    • Favorite Album (Rap/Hip-Hop) – Hollywood’s Bleeding

    Billboard Music Awards 2018

    • Top Rap Song – “Rockstar”

    American Music Awards 2018

    • Favorite Male Artist
    • Favorite Album – Beerbongs & Bentleys

    Juno Awards 2018

    • Favorite International Album – Beerbongs & Bentleys

    MTV Video Music Awards

    • Song of the Year – “Rockstar”

    Post Malone is a Great Earner & a Spender too!

    Yes, Post Malone earns a lot of money but he also loves to spend a lot. According to his statement before being so much famous he worked in chicken joint and then also he spent $800 on Versace slippers and after becoming famous these habits haven’t changed at all. He owns a Royal Royce Wraith, pairs of slippers costing about $1700, Lamborghini.

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    According to a report, he spent &8000 on just Popeye’s biscuits in April 2017 and in 2018 it was declared that he dropped a whopping costing $40000 on Postmates within a year. Other than this he is also famous as a betting man. On losing a bet on Dallas Cowboys game against St. Louis Rams, Malone paid $20000 to rapper YG.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1 How much does Malone earn in a year?

    Post Malone is an amazing singer, an outstanding rapper, a superb songwriter, a wonderful guitarist and a masterful record producer. Between June 2019 and June 2020 Malone earned about $60 million from his various attempts to reach goal and that much money was enough to form him one among the highest-paid rappers in the world.

    Q2 Does Post Malone has a daughter?

    There has been a rumor going on that Post Malone has a daughter. However it is not true. He doesn’t have any kids.

    Q3 Was Malone poor at some time?

    Yes, there was a time when Post Malone was not rich. He has experienced a journey that brought him from nothing to everything. Before becoming famous he was struggling financially but now his hard work has paid off for him.

    Q4 Is Malone a nice guy?

    Malone is known for being a friendly and kind person. Though he has a scraggly beard and lot of tattoos on face but he is a successful nice person who is unbeatable.

    Q5 Who is Post Malone’s father?

    Post Malone Father’s name is Rich Post was a DJ in his boyhood days and he was the one who introduced Malone to several genres of music including hip hop, country and rock.

    Q6 Is Post Malone single or mingle?

    There is a rumor going on that Post Malone is dating Korean rapper MLMA and it seems that they have almost confirmed this news too.

    Q7 What is Post Malone biggest hit?

    Post Malone doesn’t have a single hit song. He has a long list including Sunflower, Better Now, Ball for Me, Take What You Want, Psycho and many more.

    Q8 Why is Post Malone so much popular?

    Post Malone is an amazing singer, an outstanding rapper, a superb songwriter, a wonderful guitarist and a masterful record producer. However, it is not just his music that made lot of people fall in love with him. His personality, his nature, his hard work, his dedication is what making people fall in love with him. There are innumerable people all over the world who not just love this guy but also see him as their role model.


    Concert Review: Post Malone's 'Rockstar'-dom Rouses Hollywood Bowl - Variety

    In the last few years no one has been more constant than Malone in making blockbuster hits. Rockstar, Circles, Sunflower, Better Now, Ball for Me, Take What You Want, Psycho and other such songs all being loved by his fans. Even Spotify declared him the most streamed artist of 2019 and as per Nielsen, Hollywood’s Bleeding (2019’s album) was one of the most listened albums of the year in spite of the fact that it got released in September only. He is so young now and Post Malone net worth is $30 million. Still he ensured his fans that though he can afford expensive ones but he hasn’t given up upon cheap thrills.

    There are innumerable people who are obsessed with Post Malone not only because he is a great singer but also because he has an eye-catching personality. He upswings each and every presupposition of male beauty held by the industry and reveals himself as a sort of male THOT. With more upcoming works and entrepreneurial ventures, Malone certainly has the potential of becoming one of music’s top earners in the future.


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