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    “Nothing surprises me anymore in the NFL. The only thing I really like doing during the week is getting ready to play the game”

    There was a time when sports or athletics was not considered as a wise career option even if you had talent in a particular sport. The reason was simple, sportspersons were not used to getting paid as much as they should.

    However, today we live in a world where sports, especially football and cricket are the two most loved activities all around the world. With that being said, sportspersons have begun to earn a lot more than we could ever imagine.

    Tom Brady Net Worth
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    Tom Brady is one such sportsperson, an American football player to be more precise who proved himself and built confidence in youngsters by completely changing their perception about sports.

    Today, this legend of football has become sufficiently successful which made ‘Tom Brady net worth’ one of the most searched terms on google. Hence, in this article, we are going to talk about his career, life, his decisions, and most importantly how all these things resulted into him being a millionaire!

    Early Life

    Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. was born on August 3, 1977. He was born in San Mateo, California to Galynn Patricia and Thomas Brady Sr. Tom has been fond of sports ever since he was young.

    He used to visit the San Francisco 49ers games at Candlestick Park on a regular basis in the 1980s. There Tom was a huge fan of the quarterback Joe Montana. He calls Joe Montana his idol and one of the greatest inspirations.

    As you can see Brady has been into football ever since he was a toddler. When Tom turned four, it was then when he attended the 1981 NFC Championship where Montana threw the catch. Tom as a child attended a football camp at San Mateo where he learned to throw from Tony Graziani.

    In 1995, Brady graduated from Junípero Serra High School in San Mateo. He used to play baseball, basketball, as well as football in high school. Tom’s career started as a backup quarterback on the Padres junior varsity team.

    When the quarterback was injured in Tom’s junior year, he became the varsity starter. By his sophomore year, Tom started striving to get his coach’s attention. He developed a strong interest in football and this was the very base of what Tom Brady is today and leading to the Tom Brady net worth.

    Tom then finished his high school football career with 236 passes for 3,702 yards and 31 touchdowns. He was made a part of the hall of fame of Junípero Serra High School in 2003. Later, when visiting the school in 2012, the administrators declared that the football stadium was named ‘Brady family stadium’.


    Despite the hefty Tom Brady net worth today, Tom was not a very well known player when he just came out of college. As a result, in the initial six rounds of the 2000 NFL, Tom wasn’t even selected. Due to this very reason, he was considered the biggest steal in the NFL draft history by the New England Patriots.

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    Brady was a part of the Patriots for 20 whole seasons and he was the starting quarterback from his second season for the Patriots. Tom won the super bowl in his first season as a starter itself. He is only the second player to do so.

    Tom Brady Net Worth
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    Tom was sort of a lucky charm for the Patriots as he has never lost a season as a starting quarterback while he played for the Patriots and kicked off a good start to build Tom Brady net worth. He is considered to be the most winning quarterback and also led the Patriots for 16 titles, which is the most for any quarterback in the history of the NFL.

    Brady has a record of winning 34 postseason games. He has also won 230 regular season games. Tom holds a winning percentage of 0.767 among all the quarterbacks who have played 100 games. He is the only player who has won 200 regular season games and also who has won 16 regular season games.

    Brady has done the job of leading the Patriots to a record of 8 consecutive wins in AFC Championship games since 2011 and overall 13 wins at the Championship. Tom managed to yield a total of 17 AFC East titles with the Patriots. He has been selected for 14 ProBowls. All these things just kept adding up to the Tom Brady net worth.

    It was last year in 2020 when Tom declared that he will be joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and leaving the New England Patriots. Brady’s 18th postseason appearance for Tampa Bay last year was the first time when the team won a wild card.

    Now that we have seen Tom Brady’s career, we will now jump on to the sources of Tom Brady net worth.

    Net Worth Boost | Contracts

    Tom Brady is one of the American Footballers who had an Average start but an excellent career from 2000. More like other players he signed long-term contracts of 4 years with clubs. The pricing he set for the contract was the base price that every player should get.

    Let’s go through the contracts he signed in the past and the most recent one, no doubt we will see a massive difference between them but this shows his growth in the annual income of Tom Brady.


    Tom Brady entered the world of American Football with a decent Entry-level fee. He signed the contract of $866,500 with an average salary of $288,833. He received a signing bonus of $38,500. From the start, he had enough net worth.

    As from these 2 years, Tom had a net worth below one million, but compared to the salary he received at that time, it was considered a good amount even for celebrities.


    In 2002 Tom had a massive year ahead boosting his career in all aspects. He signed a contract for 4 years for the first time and this streak continued for 3 contracts. In 2002, he signed a contract for $29,625,500 with a $3.5 Million of signing bonus. He had an average salary of $7.4 Million in that span of 4 years.

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    The success rate started gaining heights since 2002, the club appreciated Tom for his great form and really wanted him to be their part for a long period. Tom was one of their key players, and he was one of them who has won games for the patriots.

    In 2006, the Patriots had Tom at $42.8 Million, pushing Tom Brady net worth near $ 50 Million. He had $ 14.5 Million as a signing bonus, with an average salary of $ 10.5 Million.


    In this span of 9 years, Tom Brady signed 6 Contracts with the patriots. In these 9 years, Tom had the biggest break in Football history, even he broke many records and set new ones which boosted Tom Brady net worth.

    He had a contract of one year in 2019 which he signed for $ 23 Million, he had $ 20 Million as a signing bonus. In past the Highest Tom Brady net Worth was in the year 2016, he signed the patriots for $41 Million just for 2 years, and the next was in 2018 with $ 30 Million.

    If we count all the money he earned from the contract from the year 2000 to 2019, he earned $234 Million in the span of 20 years. The inspiring thing is that the $26 Million Tom Brady net worth is just from Contracts from 2010 to 2019.

    If we look in numbers, he had his biggest break in 2010, he was offered years of contract from The Patriots with a hefty $ 72 Million, he had $16 million as a signing bonus, and had an average salary of $ 29,250,000.


    Tom had a great decade or we can say he had a great time since 2000. His great form and hunger made the Patriots 17 times champions. He won many titles for his club and he continued to do so for 20 years straight. But after spending 2 decades with The Patriots, he left the club and Joined Tampa in 2020.

    The Reason behind him joining Tampa was the offers from The patriots with more than Tampa offered him but the Patriots didn’t fully guarantee, so he turned down the amount.

    He signed 2 years of contract with Tampa and as a wild card, he won for them. Tom Brady has a massive amount in the contract, he signed Tampa for $ 50 Million. This amount highly influenced his net worth making Tom Brady net worth $ 250 million. His average salary is $ 25 million, till the present time.

    Tom Brady Net Worth | Total Wealth

    Tom Brady net worth is estimated at around $ 250 million but he has many sources of earning other than his salary. He has big brand endorsements and apart from that, he owns many expensive cars and expensive properties.

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    Let’s see how much he earned from endorsements and from his salary in total.


    Tom Brady net Worth is mostly boosted because of his salary, but during his journey, he totally earned around $100 million from endorsements. Ideally, this is not a small amount at all and he heavily affects Tom Brady’s net worth.

    Tom Brady Net Worth
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    Currently, four popular brands endorse Brady. Under Armour is one of the brands. For Under Armour, Tom Brady has his own line of clothing and shoes, just like any famous sports personality has.

    Under Armour is one of his highest-paying brands, other than that he has Upper Deck, IWC watches, and Molecule Mattress. All endorsement sums up around $ 100 Million and adds more to Tom Brady net worth.


    If we look into Tom’s salary we will observe, only from his salary, we can estimate Tom Brady Net Worth above $ 250 Million. Other than that he had many brands who endorsed his estates and luxury he owns which makes his Net Worth around $400.

    If we calculate from the year 2000, Tom Brady net worth goes around $255 million only from his salary, this would be his all lifetime earnings from salary. From his salary, he on average earned $ 17 Million from the year 2000, but during these past years, his income doubled.

    His latest contracts of $ 50 Million can be exceeded to $ 60 Million or more if he performs well and opts for some achievements in this coming season. Thus, every penny will definitely increase Tom Brady net worth or his lifetime earning near to $ 400 Million mark.

    Personal Belongings

    Brady before arriving in Tampa Bay lived in Brooklyn, Massachusetts. There he and his wife Gisele owned a house of 12,000 sq. ft on a land of 5 acres. After arriving at Tampa Bay, the house in Massachusetts was gone on the block for $39.5 million.

    Upon arrival in Tampa Bay, the Brady family moved into a lavish mansion of 30,000 sq. ft area on Davis Islands. The place is built by Yankees Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter. Well, even though they reside in this lavish mansion, sources say that there are rumors of the Brady family moving across old Tampa Bay.

    Tom has an exclusive collection of cars worth $4 million and over. The vehicles include Rolls Royce Ghost, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, two Aston Martins, and a Ferrari. You can clearly see how these things add up to the Tom Brady net worth.

    Cessation | Tom Brady Net Worth

    Tom Brady, being a football star, has great earnings throughout his journey. His journey will inspire many players out there, if you’re talented and have goals then you can achieve anything. Tom Brady net worth shows how consistently he grew and made value among tons of people.

    The American quarterback had also faced many negative things, but challenges and failures are the ones that bring glory while conquering them. The kind of man Tom Brady is he will definitely inspire many young footballers to join the path of faith and hope.

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