Scottie Pippen Net Worth: 5 Interesting Facts you must Know

    Everything you Need to Know about Scottie Pippen Net Worth

    When it comes to the history of the American basketball championship, Scottie Pippen is one of the most popular names. Scottie Pippen aka Scottie Morris Pippen Sr. is a professional American basketball player whose name is firmly associated with Chicago Bulls under the National Basketball Association(NBA).

    Scottie Pippen net worth
    Celebrity Net Worth: Scottie Pippen

    He, with another famous player Michael Jordan, contributed a lot to make the Chicago Bulls a champion. Alongside this, he brought the name of the NBA into the limelight with his famous defensive moves in the playground. Here, we will discuss Scott Pippen net worth and some other interesting details about him.

    Scottie Pippen Net Worth: Early Life, Schooling, and College

    Born in Hamburg, Arkansas, he signed as a player even in his school days. Due to their poor financial condition, his father Preston Pippen could not send his other children to college. Scottie Pippen studied at Hamburg High School. Later, he started his college sports career at the University of Central Arkansas. His head coach Don Dyer motivated him to set his foot on the basketball ground. However, initially, he was only 6 ft. 1 in or 1.85 m tall, when he passed high school. But, in his college days, his overall growth improved. He was 6 ft. 8 in (2.03 m).

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    His college playing career includes averages of 23.6 points per game along with 10 rebounds, 4.3 assists. He achieved 60 percent field goal shooting and bagged the Consensus NAIA All-American honors in 1987. Later, his excellent playing techniques drew the attention of NBA authorities. And, he gradually got a chance to play under NBA, National Basketball Association. Let’s know how Scottie Pippen net worth was built up through his NBA career.

    Scottie Pippen Net Worth: His NBA Career

    In his early career with NBA, Pippen became a part of the Chicago Bulls and made his debut on November 7, 1987, when the Bulls opened against another famous group Philadelphia 76ers. Chicago Bulls won the match with a good score of 104-94 for his quick and defensive moves in the ground. Within 23 minutes, Pippen earned 10 points, 4 assists, 2 steals, and 1 rebound.

    scottie pippen net worth
    Sportinal: Pippen playing for the Bulls

    Being trained under the guidance of his teammate Michael Jordan, polished his skills and came to be known as one of the league’s famous young forwards. Pippen earned his debut in All-star selection in NBA showcasing his excellent skills. With his skills, the Chicago Bulls was achieving success every day. Chicago Bulls in 1990, reached the final game of the Eastern Conference Finals. Unfortunately, Bulls lost the match as Scottie Pippen experienced a massive migraine attack and left the game in the middle.

    From 1991 to 1993, he played his later part of his NBA career. In this phase of his career, he became popular as Chicago Bull’s primary defensive stopper. His fine defensive moves against strategic attacks by eminent players like Phil Jackson made him famous among his contemporaries. He helped the Bulls to cross their first three-peats. In 1992, he reached to Olympics, in Barcelona, Spain. Once the U.S. won, he and Michael Jordan became the first players to win the NBA championship and Olympic gold medals in the same year.

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    They both played many games together presenting their excellent bonding in the playground. However, later he also played for Bull’s second three-peats. Thus, with his NBA career, he accumulated nearly $ 109 million in salaries all alone. And now, Scottie Pippen net worth is $20 million.

    Pippen signed many endorsement deals with multiple brands like Coca-cola, McDonald’s, Ameritech Cellular TV, Frito-Lay, Right Guard, and Visa.

    His Family and Personal Relationships

    While talking about Scottie Pippen net worth, it will not be bad if we shed some light on his family life. Scottie Pippen first married Karen McCollum in 1988. They two had a son named Antron in 1987. They got divorced in 1990. Later, he married famous Larsa Younan in 1997. Their children are Scotty Jr., Preston, Justin, and Sophia. and a daughter, Taylor Pippen (born 1994), with former girlfriend and model Sonya Roby. Taylor’s twin sister Tyler died nine days after birth.

    scottie pippen net worth
    Otakukart: Scottie Pippen and his Family

    Scottie Pippen Net Worth: A Quick Overview

    Born in- September 25, 1965(55 years now)

    Alma Mater- Hamburg High School

    Parents- Preston Pippen and Ethel Pippen

    Height- 6 feet 8 inches

    Playing Career- 1987-2004, 2008

    Playing Position- Small Forward

    Number- 33

    Net Worth- $20 million

    Scottie Pippen Net Worth: 5 Interesting Facts you must Know

    After discussing the life and career of the famous American Basketball Player, let’s know some interesting facts about him.

    scottie pippen net worth
    Just Richest: Scottie Pippen #33 of the Chicago Bulls

    These facts about his life to some extent built him as a person holding a significant sum of $20 Million. Here are the facts mentioned below:

    1. Pippen also has a daughter named Sierra Pippen (born 1995), with his former fiancée Yvette De Leon
    2. Pippen has been a two-time inductee into the renowned Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. He inducted once for his individual career and once as a member of the “Dream Team”.
    3. He has a daughter, Taylor Pippen (born 1994), with his former girlfriend Sonya Roby, who is a model by profession.
    4. Pippen owns a mansion in Harbor Beach, South Florida that’s been on and off the market since the year of 2010. It was listed for $16 million. The home was also offered as a luxury rental for $40,000 a month.
    5. Though his foot was injured in the Eastern Conference Finals, Pippen helped the Chicago Bulls to win over the Utah Jazz with an 84–82 victory in the 1st game of the NBA Finals.
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    Summing up

    So, all factors related to Scottie Pippen net worth are mentioned here. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you can spare some more time, have a look at the net worth of the famous Earl Monroe.


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