What are the best non-medical jobs in health and wellness industry?

    Overview of the growth of the Health & Wellness industry

    When you mention the health & wellness industry, many micro and macro industries are included in it. Industries like personal care & beauty industry, nutrition industry, fitness industry, mental health and wellness programs, wellness tourism are some apart from the mainstream healthcare industry and obvious choices of nursing, therapists.

    According to, due to hectic lifestyle, the onset of worldwide diseases including viral diseases, diabetes, arthritis, asthma is increasing the market of health& wellness industry. Supposedly, the industry will hit $6,543.4 million by 2026. Hence, high paid non-medical healthcare careers, businesses in the wellness industries have viable growth.

    Here we will discuss the best career and business options in healthcare, wellness and fitness industry.

    Non-clinical highest paid professionals

    Jobs in wellness and health care does not necessarily require an MBBS or PhD degree. To be specific the increase of demand in personal care, preventive healthcare, wellness tourism driving the increase non-clinical high-paid jobs.

    Listed are the jobs that will require a specific degree.

    1. Wellness Coordinator:

    Requirements: Not always but often times a health& wellness degree is required to conduct wellness programs in offices, and school environment. And obviously, a masters degree will obviously receive more payment according to experience and skills.

    best non-medical jobs

    Demand: Corporate world is dynamic and therefore is a big stressor for the office goers, businessmen and workers. Most corporate offices conduct annual or monthly wellness programs. Furthermore, the increase in the corporate wellness coordinator job demand rate is more than 10%.

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    2. Nutritionists & Dietitians:

    Requirements: The minimum requirement to be nutritionist is to have a bachelor degree in nutrition. Though, nutritionists need a certificate or license to become a certified nutritionist while similarly, a nutrition consultant does not require a license.

    Demand: From athletes to children, and adults suffering from problems like obesity, diabetes, thyroid problems, heart disease visits dietitians regularly. Nutritionist job demand has been increasing with a growth of more than an average of 8% until 2026.

    3. Health technicians and safety specialists:

    Health Technicians and safety specialists have a different variety of jobs and accordingly diploma courses. Healthcare technicians are like the support system of the medical industry. Occupational health and safety specialists are people that serve safety protocol in the environment for treatment.

    Demand: Though this job is not that high paying but still have a moderate salary. This is the comparison of the salary of health and safety technician and the median is around $70k annually. But the demand and growth of health technicians are generally higher than average.

    best non-medical jobs

    4. Health Coach:

    Requirement: To become a health coach the minimum requirement is a bachelor degree. Often job descriptions include knowledge about healthcare, nutrition, fitness, communication and coaching skills.

    Health coaches generally guide clients before initial consultations with the doctor and one of the viable jobs in wellness industries. They assess and guide for behavioural changes, lifestyle changes and guide towards a better life.

    Demand: Because of an uprising amount of chronic diseases, the market of health coaching will grow up to $7.8billion by 2022. Further, people are constantly demanding a steady paced behavioural, nutritional and fitness change.

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    5. Fitness coach:

    The fitness industry has seen exponential growth in the past decade. Even online fitness app industry is in billions. The global fitness industry is of $96.7 billion currently. Here are the statistics of global fitness markets and trends by Business wire.

    best non-medical jobs


    Requirement: Jobs in the fitness industry as a fitness coach requires certification of a particular discipline that you want to coach. Though the certificate is not a necessary credential, most fitness coaches get one for increasing value.

    Demand: The growth of the fitness club, fitness supplements and increasing interest of public industries opening new doors and high growth in the jobs in the fitness industry.

    These were the highest paid jobs in the health and wellness industry. As a fact, different business opportunities which also have a steep incline in beauty brands, supplement brand, tourism has not been discussed. Except these, Physiotherapy, nursing, lab technician, also are great choices with a high paying salary. These jobs in the wellness industry as a career have increasing potential.


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