How Apple M1 Chip can be the Next Big Technology?

    Using the 5-nanometer fabrication, Apple created the new M1 integrated chip, packing the CPU, RAM, and GPU into one SoC. This integration has paved new ways for Apple as it can be claimed as one of the most highly efficient chips available to the consumers. With a tumultuous year coming to an end, the world of computing saw a revolution. The Apple Silicon M1 has not been introduced by its chief Fabler, unlike other Apple products, thus not being able to capture similar attention. However, as a consumer or a tech-savvy person, understanding the significance of the new processor is important.

    Apple M1 Chip

    What Makes it the Next Big Thing?

    The microprocessor chip or the CPU is without a doubt, the brain of a computing system. Apple’s transition to the custom silicon is said to make things easier for developers, along with letting them optimize the apps. The Mac industry is all set to deliver GPUs with higher performance. This will also enable developers in writing apps and games with a higher-end. The Apple M1 chip can be said to be a product of reverse disruption. This chip uses ARM, bringing power efficiency, which has been due for all this time. The reason behind choosing ARM is the increasing importance of battery life and power efficiency of the device. With M1, Apple will be introducing the first mainstream processor having the complete system on one chip along with NPU for AI.

    M1 Macbooks

    Why is ARM Significant?

    Two main reasons make ARM relatively significant. Firstly, ARM has only written the software for CPUs and moving ahead, licensed the same. It never made CPUs of its own. Secondly, in comparison to CISC-based systems and Intel, ARM consumes relatively low power.

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    With the evolving tech world, a few important questions are still at hand like. Will it be a future trend? Will power efficiency be the reason for integrations? Huawei and a few other Chinese companies own integrated chips that are based on ARM. The era of smartphones has called for the CPU race, where every brand from Apple to Samsung, Hitachi, Qualcomm, have felt the need to license ARM and make their own CPUs.


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