What Age Should a Child Get Spanked: 3 Important Points You Should NOT Miss!

    At What Age Should a Child Get Spanked: All Details Explained

    what age should a child get spanked
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    You should NOT! Yes, I repeat! You should not spank your child regardless of age. According to a study by Harvard University, spanking is not an effective way to discipline your child.

    It harms your child’s psychology badly, may cause brain impairment, and makes them more disobedient.

    For ages, spanking has been a common method to discipline children at home or school. As time passes by, people are more concerned about their activities. Research works are also done on children’s psychology.

    In this scenario, often, people want to know- at what age should a child get spanked?

    “Is it normal to get spanked as a child?”, “Should toddlers get spanked?”- Such questions always come across people’s minds. Many parents are confused about the appropriate age for spanking the child.

    what age should a child get spanked

    If you are also concerned about at what age a child should get spanked, here I am going to answer that. Before that, let me shed light on when you can spank your child and when you must not.

    Let’s proceed!

    When You must not Spank your Child:

    As the experts say, spanking is not a justified method to discipline your child. If any extreme situation occurs where spanking is the only option, you may go for it.

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    But, under some specific circumstances, you must not spank your children, no matter what happens. The situations are as follows:

    Out of anger:

    If you do not want your child to become a rude, heartless individual, you should think twice about your decision to spank them out of anger.

    It is said that anger is an emotion that ruins any good relationship. And when it is a vulnerable one with your kid, you should be cautious.

    Due to frustration:

    I understand that being a parent is not easy. Along with taking care of every detail of your child, you may have to bear many stings from outsiders regarding your child’s upbringing.

    Do not release that frustration on your little star. You will lose your respect and love in their eyes, which may affect your relationship with your kids.

    To intimidate them:

    Many parents find spanking an effective method to intimidate a child. That is why they often look for answers – at what age should a child get spanked? But the reality is that this way of intimidating a child is utterly wrong.

    It may create fear in their minds and discipline them temporarily. But the impact is dangerous in the long run. They can never gather enough self-confidence to talk to you ever.

    what age should a child get spanked

    Comparing with another child:

    Regardless of the child’s age, you must not spank while comparing them with their peers. Comparison creates an inferiority complex within a child. And when spanking is added to it, things may get worse than ever.

    Every child is unique and born with one-of-its-kind abilities. Respect them and let them flourish in their way. Make sure they develop good humane qualities like love and respect for all, empathy, helpful nature, etc.

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    To impose your viewpoints:

    It usually occurs after a certain age. Parents often spank children of teenage groups and, more than that, impose their ideas and viewpoints on them.

    That is wrong! Spanking can never establish what you want to say. Instead, it makes your child more rigid towards their thoughts. If you think you are right and want your child to listen to you, discuss it with them. That’s the only way.

    Also, remember that nothing in this world except the Omnipotent is completely right or wrong. Your child may be right too. Listen to them carefully, keeping aside your preconceived notions.

    When can spanking be a method to discipline your child?

    It’s simple but a matter of crucial vigilance. You can spank your children when the situation is extreme. First, learn at what age a child should get spanked. Then, consider which situations can be considered extreme ones. The situations are-

    Willful disobedience:

    Sometimes, children become too difficult to manage. And instead of spontaneous age-like disobedience, they go for willful disobedience. They perform acts of disobedience consciously to tease your temper or disturb you.

    That’s an inhuman act. Later, it may lead to a criminal mentality. In that case, spanking may help.

    Violent defiance of authority:

    If your child tends to become violent while countering your questions, you may need to stop them with a spank. Their strong refusal of something often comes with a violent, harmful attitude towards others.

    If it is not controlled with firm hands, they may lose their humane qualities soon.

    The constant act of deliberate dishonesty:

    If you find that your child performs dishonest acts more than often, it is time to spank them. But, before that, you have to learn at what age a child should get spanked?

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    Otherwise, you may hit them at the wrong time when they cannot understand the consequences of their wrongdoings.

    what age should a child get spanked
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    Thus, even if you get detailed knowledge about at what age you should get your child spanked, you should take steps attentively. Any wrong move may leave a long-term negative effect on your child’s psychology. Also, it may hurt your child physically.

    Things to Keep in Mind When you Spank them:

    Even if you hit them for the right reason, there are certain points that you must not forget. They are-

    1. Always explain-

    Only spanking without any explanation is just an act of violence. If you want to discipline your child, you should explain the consequences of their activities and the reasons why you spanked them.

    2. Do not hit too hard-

    Yes, I understand! It isn’t easy to measure the limit of the impact. But, it would help if you considered it. Using only hands instead of any belt or other items is always better. When you learn at what age a child should get spanked, make sure to spank them not before that age limit.

    3. Limit the frequency-

    Too much spanking causes indifference towards it. If your child gets spanked more often, they will get used to it. And after a few hits, they do not react to it anymore.

    At What Age Should a Child Get Spanked?

    Now, to the main question, let’s talk about – at what age should your child get spanked? According to the experts, the appropriate age is 2 years. Before 2 years of age, the child usually does not develop the ability to understand why you hit them. As a result, they consider it an act of violence and get scared of you.

    what age should a child get spanked

    Before We Go

    So, it was all about at what age a child should get spanked. I have discussed the details about how to discipline your child with spanking. Do you have any more questions? Ask me in the comments.

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