How to cut baby boy hair! 3 best ways of cutting included!

    The only thing that might be scarier than trimming your child’s first set of nails is giving them their haircut. You can safely give your child their first haircut yourself if you have the right planning, attitude, and equipment. However, it’s also acceptable to forego the responsibility and bring your child to a reputable children’s hairstylist if you don’t feel up to it. 

    how to cut baby boy hair
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    So, how to cut baby boy hair? After a little practice, cutting your baby’s hair can even be enjoyable. You can use this activity to strengthen your relationship with your child as they grow. Even after that, if you do not feel like you can confidently handle the responsibility of your baby’s first haircut, consider making an appointment with a professional children’s hairstylist to do the work for you. 

    Many parents treat their children’s hair as the Holy Grail, and no one should ever touch it! We understand that! To us, those precious locks are like soft strands of solid gold. However, there will arrive a time when your baby will need to transition into the toddler world and receive a haircut, and we’re here to help you prepare. We spoke with our favorite stylists to get the best advice and answer your questions about how to cut baby boy hair.

    How to cut baby boy hair for the first time 

    As parents, we are often eager for our children to reach the next developmental juncture, and firsts can be exciting (like first-time crawling, walking, eating “real” food, etc.). However, haircuts are a first that should not be rushed because most babies will lose some or all of their baby hair in their first few months of life. 

    This is due to a combination of post-partum hormones causing your thick-haired baby to go bald. Don’t worry, their hair will grow back, but it also means you won’t have to rush to cut your baby’s hair in the first few months of life, or even up to the age of one for most children.

    So, how to cut baby boy hair? There are exceptions, like a baby with hair falling on their eyes, haircuts done for medical reasons, or religious and cultural traditions. Alternatively, some babies have such long curly hair that it becomes tangled and difficult to manage without a haircut.

    These are all scenarios in which a haircut before the age of one might be the best option. However, most parents will be happy with waiting.

    Despite widespread belief, shaving or cutting hair does not cause it to grow back faster or thicker. So, how to cut baby boy hair? Some cultures and religions have particular customs about the first haircut, so consult your religious or cultural leader if you are unsure how to proceed within your culture or faith.

    How to cut baby boy hair? Plan, Prepare, and Execute

    Keeping your child occupied and interested can make the first haircut go more smoothly. Give them a favorite toy or book, or allow them to watch a show on your phone throughout the procedure.

    Examine to see if your child is hungry or tired. A child who is “hangry” or weary is more prone to tantrums, which is the last thing you need during a haircut.

    It is recommended to host the haircut in the morning. Your baby will be rested from a full night’s sleep at this time of day. It’s also a good idea to invite another individual to assist.

    Be Prepared! You may have to sit in the chair with your child in your lap, depending on how they react to the haircut.

    How to cut baby boy hair? Maintain a Light Atmosphere

    If you are scared, your child will definitely pick up on it. They may feel terrified and uncomfortable as a result of this. Prepare yourself and your child for the haircut. Continue chatting to your child, telling them how much fun it will be and how good they will look afterward!

    How to cut baby boy hair? Locate the Appropriate Location

    You must select the correct Salon for your baby’s first haircut. This might make or break the experience and subsequent haircuts.

    Make certain that the Salon is child-friendly. You don’t want any judgmental eyes if your kid lets out a few screams. Request recommendations from other moms in your neighborhood.

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    Many salons that cater to children will provide first-cut packages that include before and after images. Some may even provide the haircut for free. Other salons include books and DVDs to keep your toddler entertained.

    How to cut baby boy hair? Setup the Salon 

    Locate the ideal place for your at-home Salon. To keep their child amused, many parents prefer to do the cut in front of the television (hopefully, your boy will stay as still as possible). Give your boy a toy to keep their hands occupied.

    Place a cloth or newspaper on the floor where you intend to work. Use a high chair for your youngster to make things easy on you and your back!

    How to cut baby boy hair? Make your little one ready

    Once your child is in the chair, wrap a towel across their shoulders and tie it with a hair clip. If your child considers the towel a deal breaker, make him wear an old T-shirt instead.

    How to cut baby boy hair? Dampen your child’s hair with the spray bottle. You could also wash and shampoo their hair before the trim, but I find that bathing them afterward is easier. Then it will be easier to empty all the loose hair from their body.

    How to cut baby boy hair? Go Slowly 

    Comb the hair and focus on little portions at a time, first smoothing it down to make it straight.

    Hold the hair you’re about to cut with two fingers, just like a hairdresser. Move your fingers through the hair away from your baby’s head. When you’ve reached the correct length, carefully cut directly beneath your infant, keeping your fingers between the scissors and your kid.

    Continue taking little sections and trimming them. Take note of how much hair you take off, so it is all the same length.

    How to cut baby boy hair? A second sitting 

    The first haircut may not be a one-time occurrence. When trimming your baby boy’s hair, you must do a few touches the next day. That’s perfectly good – you’re moms, not stylists.

    how to cut baby boy hair
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    How to cut baby boy hair? 3 best ways

    Way One: How to cut baby boy hair with scissors?

    Step 1: Gather your materials

    It is critical to have everything ready for a perfect baby haircut. As we all know, overlooking something upstairs is a major problem when you have a baby; most won’t wait for you to find it.


    • a cloth
    • some kind of cape or fabric covering
    • salon-quality scissors (or those used to cut baby nails will also work well)
    • a comb
    • a bottle of spray
    • a high chair or another seat that keeps your kid safe
    • if you wish to save a lock of hair for the baby book, a little bag or envelope will come in handy

    You’ll also need your baby’s favorite toys, a pacifier, and possibly a distracting video setup (you know the one – cue “Baby Shark”). You’re now prepared to be as successful as possible with your baby’s haircut.

    Step 2: Select a time of day when the infant is calm and cool

    This is not the time to squeeze in one more thing before a nap or give yourself a “quick haircut” before lunch.

    Your infant should be fed, changed, well rested, and eager to play. This will reduce movement caused by weeping and fussiness from other sources.

    Step 3: Make it a big, exciting thing

    Babies respond to your social cues, so they’ll also be happier if you’re happy. You can sing songs, explain what’s going on cheerily, and show baby the fun tools (except the scissors) by letting them handle them and explaining what you’ll be doing.

    Baby hairdressers have entertained children for decades with a second comb that creates a pleasant sound when scratched. Hand that to your infant, and you’ll gain a few minutes of uninterrupted concentration. You can even give the infant their favorite special snack while cutting their hair in their high chair.

    Step 4: Anticipate their reaction

    Some babies are intrigued by the new experience, whether it’s the sound of the scissors (or clippers) or seeing you act ridiculously in an attempt to make them thrilled.

    Others are afraid, flailing and wailing despite your best attempts. Be prepared for either reaction, and don’t expect them to sit absolutely still like you would in a salon.

    Even a happy infant will shift their head around to see what you’re doing, which can result in a clipped ear if you’re not expecting it.

    Step 5: Carefully spray and cut

    We’re just five steps in, and we’re already getting down to business!

    • Spray baby’s hair lightly using your spray bottle.
    • Brush a tiny area of hair with your comb.
    • Hold the part between two fingers, away from their head.
    • Snip above this place, using your fingers to protect your head from the scissors.
    • Drop the section you just cut and move on to the next.
    • Small, slightly slanted cuts mix better than lengthy, straight cuts.

    This might take some practice, so don’t expect it to be as quick and easy as your hairdresser. Consider that wet hair appears longer, so be conservative with how much you snip off the first time (start small because you can always trim more later, but you can’t put any back).

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    Continue in a line over the baby’s head, either front to back or back to front, so you don’t miss any sections.

    Trim around the ears and neckline, covering the baby’s ear as much as possible with your hand.

    Don’t worry about comparing hair sections with each cut; simply take a similar amount off each time, using the comb and your fingertips to assess.

    Step 6: Keep a strand of hair.

    If you’re emotional, place a few snippets of clipped hair in your tiny bag or envelope. It may be beneficial to perform this first before using the spray bottle. You won’t have damp hair in your baby book or box for who knows how long that way.

    If this isn’t your style or seems unusual to you, don’t feel obligated to save a strand of hair. Most hairdressers, especially those in children’s salons, will offer you this at your child’s first haircut.

    Way Two: How to cut baby boy hair with trimmers/clippers?

    If you intend to use clippers to trim your baby’s hair, repeat steps 1–4 above, but instead of step 5, follow these instructions:

    • Select a high-level guard till you can see how short the baby’s hair will look. While you or your partner may utilize a 1 or 2, a 1 on a baby may appear shorter than desired. You may always remove more.
    • How to cut baby boy hair with trimmers/clippers? Pay note to the lever on the guard that allows you to modify the length of that number (when you have the 2 guards on the clippers, you might have a “short 2” or a “longer 2”).
    • How to cut baby boy hair with trimmers/clippers? To obtain an even haircut, go over the baby’s head several times in both directions. If you desire the top to be longer than the sides, put a taller guard on the top and a number between the two to blend the transition hairline. If you want a lengthier look on the top, consider using a combination of scissors and clippers.

    Shaving a baby’s head with a razor might be risky, as babies rarely stay still during a haircut and are wiggly little clients (who constantly forget to tip!).

    They have softer heads because their skulls are not fully developed, so using a razor or clippers too forcefully is not a good idea. Be gentle with them during the first few haircuts.

    how to cut baby boy hair
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    Way Three: How to cut baby boy hair at the Salon?

    Step 1: Select a hairdresser with experience trimming a baby’s hair. If you’re having problems finding one, seek help from other parents. Friends, relatives, neighbors, or even members of social media parenting groups can also be asked.

    Step 2: Take the baby to the Salon for more appointments. When you go to get your hair trimmed, this is a fantastic opportunity. This will assist your infant in getting more familiar with the environment and less fearful of it. Check with the Salon ahead to ensure that bringing your baby is permitted. Children are not permitted in some salons.

    Some salons that cater to children even have unique booths that appeal to children. They can have stickers on their mirrors or expensive furniture.

    Step 3:

    1. Maintain your baby’s pleasant mood before and throughout the appointment.
    2. Before leaving the house, make sure your baby is well-fed and rested. You can even chat to your infant about their friends’ haircuts if they are old enough to understand what you are saying.
    3. Don’t forget to bring some toys!

    Step 4: Stay cool, especially if the baby refuses to cooperate. If things begin to go wrong, don’t be scared to reschedule. If you force the baby to sit through the haircut while upset, they may begin to associate haircuts with weeping, worry, and anxiety. If they had a terrible experience, they might be hesitant to have another haircut.

    Bring an envelope in which to store a lock of hair. Many parents like to save a lock of their baby’s first haircut. Bring an envelope with you so you may safely return the lock to your residence. Avoid using plastic baggies because static electricity can cause hair to clump together.

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    Tips for healthy hair and scalp 

    • Babies, like adults, do not require daily hair washing. A couple of times per week is adequate. Use gentle shampoos with few chemicals, perfumes, and additives. You do not need to purchase specific baby shampoo. Many unscented “adult” products will suffice.
    • Many parents are concerned that their child will develop a “cradle cap,” characterized by brown or yellow flakes on the scalp and occasionally redness that can spread to the face, neck, and even the diaper area.
    • The illness, also known as seborrheic dermatitis, is treated with a daily light shampoo or, in certain cases, a prescription-strength shampoo. After that, brush your baby’s hair with a soft brush to eliminate scales.
    • However, cradle cap normally goes away on its own within a few weeks to a few months without therapy. It is generally gone by the time your baby reaches the age of one.
    • Shaving a baby’s hair to treat cradle caps is not suggested because it can irritate the skin and worsen the problem. Babies with this disease can still have their hair cut regularly at home or in a salon.
    • Around the age of one, babies may begin to practice combing their hair as they learn to use things for their intended purposes.
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    What Hairstyle Should I Get for My Baby?

    Tiny babies frequently only require their fine hair clipped and evened out. Nevertheless, if your child is older and has thicker hair, he or she will be able to flaunt a new haircut that reflects their personality. Bangs, bobs, and fades can all look amazing but require varying levels of upkeep.

    Choose a hairdo that is appropriate for your and your child’s lifestyle. Long hair may be ideal if you have plenty of time in the morning and a calm infant who doesn’t mind brushing their hair. If you have a naughty child who won’t sit still, a short cut that keeps it out of their eyes and meals and doesn’t require detangling might be beneficial.

    how to cut baby boy hair
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    Ideas for a Salon haircut 

    Specifying how you want your toddler’s hair to be is a very important part. While you take your baby boy to the Salon, you might have some ideas in your mind. Specify them to the expert so they can prepare your kid’s hair accordingly. Here are a few suggestions that you can go through before visiting the Salon. However, if you are a haircut expert, you can also try to style these ideas while giving your boy a haircut. 

    • Brush for the Sides

    When a major event approaches, it is time for your small boy to dress like a genuine man. Little boy’s haircuts have evolved into a form of self-expression, so if your child enjoys standing out, this gentleman’s haircut appearance will do the trick. Create a neat side part and brush the top with wax to transform his undercut into a voluminous flowing quiff.

    • Crew Cut for Boys

    You can’t go wrong with classics when looking for useful and fashionable cuts for children. And the classic crew cut that men of all ages wear as one would be an excellent choice for your child. The boys’ crew cut, like the adult version, has short sides and slightly longer hair on top. While simple, this cut will make your child feel more at ease with his hair, especially if it is thick. Besides, if his father has the same haircut, your son will be unable to refuse!

    • Texture has been shortened

    A short and textured kids’ haircut looks stylish, requiring little to no upkeep and styling. To highlight the strands and give them a messy finish, your little champ can tousle his locks on top of himself.

    • Quiff on the side

    Do you require something nice and refined for your little gentleman? A quiff is a trendy toddler hairstyle. If your child chooses to wear his or her hair messy, it is not difficult to transform it into a sophisticated hairdo. For a clean silhouette, simply define the hair with a side part and smooth it out.

    • Haircut with Scissors

    Because of the buzzing, children are frequently terrified of hair trimmers. This is why many parents prefer scissor haircuts for their children. Furthermore, they are textured and delineated. As a result, you won’t have to spend much time styling or maintaining your child’s hair.

    • Sideswept Short Hair

    The elegant young boy hairstyles with the current side sweep are impossible to achieve without the proper haircut. And such styles are so popular with both boys and men because there are so many different ways to wear them! For example, a classic crewcut on fine hair is used to get this style. The side-swept hairdo helps the child’s hair appear fuller, giving him a sophisticated, dapper appearance.

    To End With 

    How to cut baby boy hair? Unless there’s an emergency, you shouldn’t think about cutting your baby’s hair until they’re roughly a year old.

    You have two options for your baby’s first haircut: do it yourself with scissors or clippers or go to a salon specializing in children’s haircuts. A little forethought can ensure that they have a great experience regardless.

    Following the haircut, you may maintain your baby’s hair and scalp healthy by brushing and washing their hair with a light shampoo a few times a week and treating cradle cap as your doctor suggests. Finally, a baby’s first haircut can be both memorable and joyful.

    Frequently asked question on how to cut baby boy hair

    • When should I cut the hair of my infant boy?

    Unless there’s an emergency, you shouldn’t think about cutting your baby’s hair until they’re roughly a year old. You have two options for your baby’s first haircut: do it yourself with scissors or clippers or go to a salon specializing in children’s haircuts.

    • Why shouldn’t I trim a baby’s hair at an early age?

    You should also remember that babies, particularly newborns, regulate their body temperature through their heads. As a result, shaving your baby’s head at such a young age may put them in danger of losing body heat, which can lead to illness, especially in colder weather.

    • What is the most prevalent haircut for boys?

    An undercut with a firm portion is a great look for any young man. The combination creates an edgy and cool look since the undercut fade has short sides and back and longer length on top. This makes it a versatile option worn with various hairstyles, from slicked-back to a quiff.

    • What should I do for the first haircut of my baby boy?

    Bring reinforcements with you. Bring snacks, a favorite toy, pacifier, mobile device, or even another family member to keep your child peaceful and occupied throughout the haircut. This will assist keep them motionless for the stylist and allow you to take great shots.

    • Is it true that cutting newborn hair causes it to grow faster?

    No. This has no bearing on how thickly the hair grows. Hair develops from a follicle beneath the scalp, and what you do to the surface hair does not affect the hair growing in the follicle.


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