How to wipe a baby girl? 7+ best tips 

    A happy baby girl is a clean baby girl. Understanding how to wipe a baby girl is critical for keeping her healthy and hygienic throughout the day or night.

    Whether you’re a first-time parent or are raising your first daughter, there are a few differences in how to wipe a baby girl versus a little boy. For starters, their vulva and vagina need to be cleaned differently than the baby boy’s genitals.

    how to wipe a baby girl
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    Bathing and keeping a baby clean is a new mother’s top priority. While many new mothers seek assistance from elders in their families, others seek assistance from maids. There are different approaches to cleanliness for both boys and girls. 

    The good news is that your baby girl’s vagina cleans itself pretty well. However, some specific cleaning techniques are needed to keep your little lady healthy and happy.

    If you’ve wondered how to wipe a baby girl,  this is the place. We have the answers.

    How to wipe a baby girl: Challenges 

    Unlike wiping down a young boy, there is a chance that poo will get on their vulva, labia, or in their vagina and urethra, potentially causing an infection.

    When cleaning your baby girl, always wipe from front to back and away from her vagina and urethra. This should keep bacteria from spreading from her bum to these vulnerable areas.

    How to wipe a baby girl
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    Sometimes, you may open her nappy and realize it’s too late because poo has gotten everywhere. Don’t worry, as you can thoroughly clean it to eliminate the risk of infection by:

    • Using clean fingers, carefully separate your baby’s vaginal lips.
    • Wipe down the center from front to back using a clean, damp cloth, cotton pad, or baby wipe.
    • Cleaning the sides of her labia with a different clean, damp cloth.

    It’s a delicate area, and certain products may irritate your child’s skin. If they become red, avoid using baby wipes containing alcohol or perfume; use clean water and a mild baby cleanser.

    How to wipe a baby girl? Techniques

    Your baby girl’s genitals are extremely delicate, so clean this area with care. Many parents wash the nappy area for the first few weeks with only water and cotton pads.

    You can use sensitive, fragrance-free, alcohol-free baby wipes or a combination of both, or add a mild liquid baby cleanser to the water you’re wiping with. Mild cleansers made specifically for babies will aid in the protection of your baby’s natural skin barrier.

    How to wipe a baby girl

    You can ensure that a liquid cleanser or baby wipe is safe for your baby by first trying it on a small area of her skin. Make sure to dilute the cleaner in water, just like you would if you were bathing your baby.

    When changing diapers, use a clean piece of the nappy to wipe away any poo. Always wipe the area from front to back, away from your daughter’s vagina and urethra, when changing her diaper (the opening through which she does a wee). Wiping your baby’s bottom from front to back will help to prevent bacteria from transferring from her bottom to her vagina or urethra and causing an infection.

    If your newborn has a filthy nappy and poo has entered her vaginal lips (labia), do the following:

    • Gently separate your baby’s vaginal lips with clean fingers.
    • Clean the spot from front to back, down the middle, with a moist cotton pad, a clean, dampened cloth, or a fragrance-free baby wipe.
    • Using a fresh, damp cloth, moist cotton pad, or fragrance-free baby wipe, clean each side of her labia.
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    How to wipe a baby girl
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    You should avoid baby products made with soap and baby wipes containing alcohol or perfume because they can disrupt the natural balance of your baby’s skin. A study of one brand of fragrance-free baby wipes discovered that they were just as safe and effective as water for washing the skin of a newborn baby.

    If your baby has a poopy nappy before bathtime, clean her genitals and bottom before putting her in the tub.

    Other methods for cleaning her genitals in a safe and sanitary manner include:

    • Before putting her in the bath, clean her genitals, still cleaning from front to back around her little behind.
    • For an effective clean, scrub and rub gently while swishing around in the water.
    • To protect the skin’s delicate surface layer, pat her down with a soft towel to dry.

    You can use simple water or a mild liquid baby cleanser when bathing your baby. Swish the water around and gently clean her bottom area with a flannel or sponge, wiping from front to back. To avoid harming the delicate surface layer of your baby’s skin, avoid scrubbing or rubbing when washing or drying her bottom. It is best to pat her dry.

    How to wipe a baby girl
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    If your baby’s bottom skin is dry, you could add bath emollient to the water when bathing her. Take extra caution, as it can make her slick to handle.

    How to wipe a baby girl? Concerns

    You may detect that your baby’s genitals are swollen and red in the first few weeks or that she has a transparent, white, or slightly bloody discharge from her vagina. This is typical. This occurs because she was exposed to your hormones while in your womb.

    Swelling and discharge should subside in a few weeks. However, if your baby continues to have discharge after the first six weeks, notify your doctor at your postnatal check.

    Also, find out if it’s normal for your baby to poop after each feeding.

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    How to wipe a baby girl
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    How to wipe a baby girl? Why is it important? 

    More than 60% of women have a urinary tract infection. The primary reason for this is due to the anatomy of a female. As a result, a baby girl is more vulnerable to infections than a baby boy. Because girls have a shorter distance between the end of the urethra and the bladder than boys, they appear to have a higher risk of infection this way. 

    Mothers mostly do it wrong without knowing how to clean a baby girl’s private parts. The genital organs of a baby are extremely delicate and susceptible to infection. As a result, one must take great care to clean it in a sanitary and correct manner.

    How to wipe a baby girl
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    How to wipe a baby girl? Tips

    • Simple water trick

    Plain warm water will suffice for the first few days when the baby is only a few days old. Because a newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive and delicate, it is best to avoid using any soap or liquid solution in addition to water. To clean your baby’s genitals, simply use cotton wool and plain water.

    How to wipe a baby girl
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    • Keep the directions in mind

    Females have a higher risk of infection than their male counterparts due to their anatomy. That is why you must consider how you should clean the vaginal area. Always wash the vaginal area from front to back, starting in the middle, when cleaning your baby’s genitals. This action will protect against all bacterial infections. This must be the first and foremost consideration when considering how to clean a baby girl’s private parts.

    • Be gentle with your baby
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    Cleaning the baby’s genitals necessitates patience as well as the vision of an eagle! Yes, you read that correctly. Always use caution when cleaning the area. The specified area is extremely sensitive, and any kind of scrubbing may cause discomfort to the child. Scrubbing and rubbing are therefore strictly prohibited. Simply pat it dry, and you’ve learned how to clean a baby girl’s private parts without causing rashes.

    How to wipe a baby girl
    • After passing stools, thoroughly clean the area

    After your child has passed stools, immediate cleaning of the baby’s genitals is required. However, if this is not done right away, it may result in infections and rashes. Always keep an eye out for feces around the labia and clean from front to back with a soft cloth or tissues; bacterial infections can occur if found sitting on the area. In addition to how to clean a baby girl’s private parts, when is also an issue.

    • Use a gentle cleanser

    After a few weeks, you can use natural and mild cleansers to clean the baby’s genitals when the baby has adjusted well to her new environment. Put a small amount of cleanser in warm water and wipe from front to back, avoiding the vagina and urethra. Before using a cleanser, always perform a patch test on a small skin area.

    • Maintain hygiene

    You don’t want to jeopardize your child’s health by experimenting with hygiene levels, do you? Always wash your hands before changing your baby’s diaper. Remember to bring hand sanitizer with you for the same purpose when traveling.

    How to wipe a baby girl
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    • Don’t be concerned if there is a discharge

    Don’t be concerned if your baby girl has a whitish vaginal discharge. This is typical for a baby girl and does not necessitate immediate action. According to leading pediatricians, new parents frequently ask or Google this question: Newborn girl bloody discharge.

    There is a high possibility of a reddish discharge, known as pseudo menstruation, say the doctors. This will vanish within a few days. Always use a soft damp cotton cloth to clean and then pat dry.

    How to wipe a baby girl? How can I keep the genitals of my baby clean?

    Try to balance keeping your baby clean and not washing or wiping them too frequently, as this can irritate their sensitive skin.

    Check whether your baby needs to be altered every couple of hours during the day and once at night if you use disposable nappies.

    If you use cloth diapers, replace them as soon as they become wet or dirty. Changing wet nappies regularly will reduce the dampness of your baby’s skin and the risk of nappy rash. Nappy rash can affect your baby’s genitals, inner thighs, and bottom.

    Because the combination of poo and pee is most likely to irritate your baby’s skin, alter the nappy and wash your baby as soon as possible after a poo.

    It’s best to use water and a little liquid baby cleanser or baby wipes to clean your baby during a nappy change, especially if your baby has pooped. Water alone will not remove the fatty deposits in baby poo that can adhere to your baby’s skin.

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    How to wipe a baby girl
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    Mild baby cleansers are preferable because they are less likely to harm your baby’s natural skin barrier. Avoid products or wipes containing alcohol or perfume if your baby’s skin is irritated or she has a nappy rash.

    Gently clean your baby’s bottom and dry it with a soft towel. Rubbing excessively can harm your baby’s skin’s delicate surface layer. Allow your baby to go nappy-free as much as possible, and don’t always rush to put a clean nappy on.

    If you’ve hired a maid to massage or bathe your baby, discuss how you’d like her to clean your baby’s bottom with her. To be sure, ask her to clean your baby before you the first few times.

    How to wipe a baby girl
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    To end with

    Now, as you know how to wipe a baby girl, clean your daughter’s genitals properly. Washing the private parts is the same as cleaning any other part of her body. There is no need to go any more in-depth. Spread the labia and gently wash out the creases. 

    Nature takes care of cleaning the inside of the vagina naturally. Only use warm water; no soap is required. Wipe from front to back to avoid poop contamination of the vaginal area. Remember that this sensitive tissue is the same as found inside the mouth.

    If you see a foul odor coming from the discharge, this could be an indication of infection. In addition, profuse bleeding or bleeding that does not stop after a few days may necessitate medical attention.

    Frequently asked questions on how to wipe a baby girl

    How to wipe a baby girl
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    • How to wipe a baby girl easily?

    Before putting her in the bath, clean her genitals from front to back around her little behind. For an effective clean, scrub and rub gently while swishing around in the water. To protect the skin’s delicate surface layer, pat her down with a soft towel to dry off.

    • What should you do if the private part of a baby girl is swollen?

    Many newborn babies have swollen genitals for a few days after birth, usually caused by the withdrawal of maternal hormones or the extra fluid they carry. It should pass in a few days, flushed out naturally in her urine, and you shouldn’t have to do anything – it’s harmless.

    There may also be some withdrawal bleeding, which is normal. You can use warm water or a clean baby wipe to rinse. If your baby girl has small red bumps on her private parts or bum, it could signify nappy rash, a common condition caused by skin irritation.

    • Is it normal for my baby girl to have a smell down below?

    Many baby girls’ and toddlers’ vaginas produce a distinct odor accentuated by the presence of poo and wee in their diapers. Combined with natural discharge, it can produce a strong odor, but it is usually not a cause for concern.

    If you’ve noticed a distinct change in odor, especially in conjunction with any redness or pain, it could be a sign of vulvovaginitis. Although this is common in many young girls, you should still take them to a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

    • Is it necessary to wipe a baby girl after she pees?

    No. You don’t have to worry about wiping after a baby girl pees. This is because urine does not normally irritate the skin, and most nappies absorb it anyway. However, if your precious little princess is crying or unhappy, it may be worth cleaning them up because the dampness may cause discomfort.

    • How exactly do you wipe a girl?

    Always wipe from front to back. Take wipes to gently and quickly clean the area, remembering to wipe from front to back. Swabbing from the back to the front can result in bacteria entering the vagina or urethra from the bottom, potentially leading to infection. 


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