WandaVision Episode 6 gives a horrific glimpse of Wanda’s powers while Trick or Treating

    WandaVision Episode 6 is a typical Halloween episode. Everyone is decked up in beautiful costumes and painted the town with colours. But, the spooky festival is a foreboding of what’s about to come. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into the episode analysis and figure out the horrors in Westview.

    WandaVision Episode 6 analysis

    Episode 6 begins with the twins Billy and Tommy decked up in their costumes. Tommy refuses to dress up, and considers himself the cool twin. He is extremely inspired by his uncle, Pietro. Pietro realises that the twins are observing him so, he takes them out on a fun spin. Wanda has a hard time dealing with the chaos in her household and the Halloween preparations. She thought that they all will go for Trick or Treat together, but Vision is on patrol duty. Somehow Wanda finds it suspicious, but she ignores it.

    WandaVision Episode 6
    Wanda and Peter in WandaVision Episode 6.

    When Wanda asks Peter what he was doing in Westview, Peter gives a strange reply. He tells her that he is here to cause some tension between her and Vision, and ultimately cause her grief. He heard Wanda calling out his name, and the next thing he knows, he is in Westview. Strange, right?

    This is Billy and Tommy’s first trick or treat. They’re growing up in a matter of seconds so, it has to be their first Halloween. Pietro and Tommy wreak havoc in the town, as they go on stealing all the candies and smashing the pumpkins. Wanda can’t believe that Peter is such a bad influence on her kids. She wants them to return all the candies, and apologize. Peter jokingly asks her where she was hiding all these kids. This shows that Wanda is in complete control.

    Wanda confesses to him that she has no idea how any of this happened. All she remembers is feeling alone and empty, and the next thing she knows, she is in Westview. Monica and Vision were right. A part of her subconscious mind took over her powers, and she had no idea of what happened. By the time she realised what she has done, she couldn’t let go of this perfect life with Vision and her kids. She just wanted to fill the void in her heart and be happy.

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    WandaVision Episode 6
    Darcy, Monica, and Jimmy in WandaVision Episode 6.

    At the S.W.O.R.D camp, Hayward accuses Wanda of being a fugitive and a terrorist. Monica tried to defend her, but Hayward fired her as well as Darcy and Jimmy. They suspect that Hayward is up to something mischievous. They manage to break into the control room, and find out that Hayward has found a way to break through the barrier. He will go through it even at the expense of killing Wanda.

    Meanwhile, Vision wanders off to the farthest corners of the town. He is determined to uncover the secret of Westview. As he approaches the corners of Westview, he sees the residents in a comatose state. They’re standing still with no response at all. He comes across Agnes and finds out another shocking revelation. When Agnes recognises Vision, she requests him to save the residents and bring in the other Avengers. She even wonders if she is dead as Vision is dead. Vision can’t believe what he is hearing, neither can he recall who are the Avengers.

    For the first time, Vision comes to know that he has died. He realises the bigger play, and why Wanda wanted to protect him.

    WandaVision Episode 6

    Speed and Wiccan in WandaVision Episode 6.Vision sees the barrier, and he is determined too through it and get all the help. However, when he attempts to go through it, he gets nearly torn apart. Hayward and the others can see how much Vision wants to get out, but nobody steps forward to help him. Even in his dying moments, Vision requested Hayward to save the people. The barrier keeps on drawing Vision, and the audience can see how Vision is fading into oblivion, something that happened in Infinity War.

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    Billy suddenly feels Vision’s agonising cry. He has the power of a telepath just like his mother. When Peter jokes about Wanda’s dead husband can’t die twice, all hell breaks loose. She blasts Peter and channels all the power to save Vision. Monica and Jimmy can see the barrier expanding. All the S.W.O.R.D agents try to run away, but most of them are swept up in the barrier, including Darcy. The S.W.O.R.D agents turn into clowns, the camp turns into a circus, and Vision is kept inside the barrier. Wanda manages to save his life.

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    A Glimpse of Power

    This episode is special in many ways. For the first time in WandaVision Episode 6, the audience gets a glimpse of Billy and Tommy’s power as Wiccan and Speed, respectively. Wiccan is also a prominent gay superhero in the comics. There is a possibility that this story line might be explored later on. Moreover, this episode is an example of the magnitude of Wanda’s power. Vision had an Infinity Stone yet, he couldn’t surpass the barrier without disintegrating himself into pieces. Wanda made the energy barrier so strong that nobody could get in or out of it without her permission.

    WandaVision Episode 6
    Wanda channeling her powers in WandaVision Episode 6.

    The future of Darcy

    We know that Darcy and other S.W.O.R.D agents got swept inside the barrier. They’re all dressed up in different kinds of costumes but, the audience didn’t get a glimpse of Darcy. It’ll be interesting to see how Darcy fits in Wanda’s alternative world. Will she remember the events of the outside world? Can she make Wanda realise the potential of her power? Will Monica and Jimmy succeed in saving them?

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    WandaVision Episode 6 made it clear that the power structure in the universe is crumbling, and people are finding it hard to trust the superheroes. Wanda has to face the repercussion of holding an entire town hostage, and manipulating them into submission. But, she isn’t a bad human being. She is having a hard time coping up with her grief. All she needs is a friend to lean on.

    Vision and Peter’s questionable existence

    Wanda has no clue about taking Vision’s corpse and making it come back to life. Since we already saw that Vision cannot exist outside the barrier, will he cease to exist in the future? Will Wanda continue her charade to save Vision? Will Vision remember the memories of his past life as an Avenger?

    WandaVision Episode 6
    Vision outside the barrier in WandaVision Episode 6.

    Peter’s existence is also questionable. At least Wanda had Vision’s body but, how did Peter come here? Why did his face change? Peter said that he heard her calling him. Is this the first possible crossover between the MCU And X-Men verse? Why did Wanda bring Peter to cause grief?

    Moreover, in WandaVision Episode 6, there was a strange commercial. A kid cannot seem to open a packet of Yo-Magic. His body turns into a skeleton, still he fails to eat it. Can this be a sign of overuse of Wanda’s powers till nothing is left? Or perhaps, it might be the fate of Vision after Wanda’s repeated attempts to save his life.

    Vision now knows that Wanda is holding an entire town hostage. He nearly sacrificed himself to save the others. Will he do something like this again? Or can he succeed in changing Wanda’s mind? We’ve to wait for the next episode to solve the mystery. Till then, get a glimpse of the newly released trailer of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

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