Virtual Dog Training Classes- Benefits And 10 Best Classes To Consider

    Virtual Dog Training Classes – All You Need To Know For Your Furry Best Friend

    In the times when we turn on to the internet for every possible thing or to find the solution to every question, there needs to be something reliable for our dogs too, the virtual dog training classes are designed to keep our dogs entertained and in good guidance of trainers virtually.

    2020 was a tough year, we have learned a lot on the year from virtual classes to online sessions and work throughout the day we learned the need of taking our dogs for online sessions too. Just imagine you do not have to go outside and travel a lot with your buddy or skip your work to get their basic training done? Sounds fun and a relief to so many pet owners.

    You can do everything online, why not try to make everything easy for your dog too? If you are looking for trainers or advisors for your pet, there are a number of knowledgeable and experienced trainers on online platforms that are ready and seated for our comfort.

    Although you will be in dilemma to start your virtual dog training classes or bring them offline to tutors or trainers, you can try the first one and see if it works fine for your pet or not. There are many qualified trainers that are excellent with dogs and can help you a lot in any behavioral issue you are facing with your dogs.

    You might have got the hints on what actually virtual dog training classes are? Let’s see the importance of these classes so that you can figure out your dog needs them or not along with some of the best virtual dog training classes listed below.

    Benefits Of Having Virtual Dog Training Classes

    virtual dog training classes

    Having your dog registered for virtual dog training classes is great, if you are making up your mind on doing so, you are going to enjoy the following benefits for your dog.

    • If your dog is shy or was never able to take part in training classes in groups earlier, it is great for them to learn everything without socializing much, it will be able to work on their fears.
    • Virtual dog training classes are less distracting and help your dog to learn better than groups offline. If your dog is highly active or gets easily distracted in new places, with new people or dogs, these classes will work amazingly fine for you.
    • You can save a lot of expenses of traveling and it can save your time as well. You also get amazing discounts for registering online rather than going for offline classes for your dogs.

    Although, training your dog in person has its own pros and benefits, but for busy dog owners, virtual dog training classes are more than amazing. If you are struggling to commit to classes daily or even weekly, many virtual dog training classes will allow you to schedule your time and see your dog’s progress as per your time. You do not have to sacrifice anything to meet your dog’s training needs.

    Also, many dog classes offline do not provide all the courses of training together, through online classes you can opt for one course on one website or channel while going for another course by enrolling in another class. You will also be able to go through and optimize the training of your pup, sounds great, right? Let’s look at some of the best online classes where you can enroll your puppy today itself without spending weeks thinking and finding classes offline.

    Are Virtual Dog Training Classes Necessary For Your Canine Dog?

    virtual dog training classes

    While some of you have made your mind if you need virtual dog training classes or not, others are still struggling and thinking of they should start with any class or enroll themselves for their puppy. The foremost important reason that you should cinder for virtual dog training classes is socialization.

    Proper socialization is highly important for your dog does not matter what their breed is or what their age is. By socialization, we mean their experience with new people, new places, situations, and other dogs as well. It is highly crucial that your dog is well adjusted and confident in whichever environment or circumstance they are put across. Your dog might have to face challenges where their safety plays a key role.

    Despite so many significance and importance of training classes, people still do not recognize the importance of having sent their dogs to virtual dog training classes.

    Ontario Veterinary College has come up with new research that clearly states how virtual dog training classes ate important to ensure your dog is properly socialized.

    You might have understood pretty well why virtual dog training classes are so important, let us see some of the best classes that are present online for your dogs to get their training started.

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    Virtual Dog Training Classes

    1. Puppy Trained Right

    virtual dog training classes

    If you have a small puppy that you have just bought home ad it requires training, you can go for this virtual training session for your pup. The skills and techniques we learn in childhood stay with us for long or even forever, the same goes with your pup too. The courses offered by puppy’s trained right offers a wide range of courses for your puppies that will enable them to learn a lot.

    You will have to spare some time in the beginning because you will be required to go through a series of videos based on their teachings once you register yourself to their website. These videos are going to appear in a sequence and you will be able to find out what and all your pup is going to learn including obedience skills. Some skills include leash walking, impulse control, and learning fetch.

    Along with the video content, you will also have an access to many articles pertaining to crates, potty training, and many other crucial things to learn.

    The membership of puppy trainer right will cost you nearly 299 dollars. You will get aces to their training content for a year with this amount. You will also be able to see all the contents of their sites including many articles and videos. The methods listed in these virtual dog training classes are based on positive reinforcement. The format is video-based as we already mentioned previously, so it will give you the flexibility to work depending upon your busy schedule and free hours rather than sticking to a tight schedule on a routine basis.

    2. Peach On A Leash

    This is another website among virtual dog training classes that offers some of the most valuable courses and training sessions to your dog, it is based in Alpharetta, Georgia.

    This website or online class is highly customized and for those of you looking out for a training class that offers more individualized training, this is probably the best one.

    Its remote training courses online provide you access to many certified behaviorists and trainers along with customized coursework so as to focus on all the areas of your pup that need help. You can easily neglect the areas and reduce the cost for courses your dog does not require at the moment.

    The trainers will follow up after taking each session via phone calls or emails to inform you and provide the solutions in any area where your dog is not able to perform properly or is stuck somewhere. They have plenty of solutions as they are professionals. You may get help with all the matters from behavior or your puppy to obedience and manners for your adult dogs. This clearly states their range and professionalism with training.

    In case you are willing to opt for peach on a leash virtual dog training classes, their package starts from 225 dollars and keeps increasing as per your customized plans. They also offer offline courses to your dog, in case you are a local and have time on weekends, you may visit them in Alpharetta. Online courses are, however, better as they allow you to set a customized plan involving all that your dog needs at the moment.

    3. FDSA or Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

    virtual dog training classes

    If you are looking for virtual dog training classes that are likely to focus on the areas of the development and classes of your pup for all age groups, you can enroll in this sports academy for dogs.

    It is another online training class that offers a wide variety of courses and focuses on training. This online class is quite different from all other virtual dog training classes as you can revisit the courses you had opted for and course material after finishing the training of a year. This allows you to opt for the same lessons again if you think your dog is a slow learner or your dog has not grabbed all the details very well.

    These classes are going to cover all the niches from behavior to agility to the health and fitness of your dog. They are highly active and passionate about the training sessions and they keep starting new classes so you will always find one or the other class that will fit the criteria you have set most likely. The best part is that you can also opt for webinars, videos, and quick programs that will enable you to learn tips and tricks.

    Their range of courses and price also varies greatly. The course range starts from nearly 65 dollars to 260 dollars. The courses typically take 6 weeks to get over. Meantime when the classes are on, you will have full access to the articles and video sessions on their website depending on which membership you have chosen.

    They give bronze membership too which will allow you to ask questions and seek help from the tutors. You can collaborate with other owners via their website for collaboration making the process fun!

    These details about Virtual dog training classes make it fun and wholesome for you as well as your dogs to enroll in them.

    4. Dogmantics

    virtual dog training classes

    This virtual dog training class has one of the best membership in the entire class. You will also find a youtube channel of the owner Emily Larlham. Emily is a san-Diego based trainer and her youtube channel named Kikopup offers a great wealth of training your dog free of cost with amazing tips and tricks.

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    Although she offers most of the content that teaches your dog a lot of basic things for free, she also has exclusive material which provides in-depth training for your dog. If you are searching for in-depth and exclusive material to teach your dog, you can enroll in her courses anytime.

    The weekly videos she offers to her customers once they enroll include concepts like tricks, puppy manners, and focus-building classes. Currently, she also offers a standalone course that is entirely based on the development of leash-walking skills for your puppy or dog. These videos are efficient in improving their obedience skills and leash-walking skills.

    Emily’s videos use a form of training that is positive and dedicated to progressive reinforcement. She uses humane techniques that would not involve and include psychological or physical intimidation for your puppy or dog, making ts stand out in virtual dog training classes.

    Another great thing about her membership is that they are highly affordable, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on your dog’s training or classes. Her membership package starts from nearly 40 dollars and rises up to 99 dollars only which is very low as compared to other courses. Other than these impressive features, she also offers la carte videos on various topics related to training and ample free clips and written content in form of articles.

    It does not matter which country or region you belong to, her clips or written content is available in 7 different languages. You can check her website and see which language fits you well to start your dog’s training as soon as possible.

    5. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    Another virtual dog training class having an online free platform for teaching and training dogs. This youtube channel has many subscribers and is probably one of the most followed youtube channels in the category of training.

    Zak George is known for creating content on youtube and advises many important things on training your dog for free. He has the best video series for training. You will not likely to get courses for learning in sequence but his youtube channel covers everything from obedience to skills of training.

    Your dog will be able to learn puppy training from leash walking to developing complex skills and tricks through his videos. If you are looking for a free method that requires no investment, this one is perfect for you.

    His youtube page will offer playlists in the form of clips step by step to get the training started anytime. They will also focus on different games for improving skills. The techniques used by Zak are positive training techniques. His channel is compulsively watchable, just try it out.

    6. All Day Dog Adventures

    virtual dog training classes

    If you want virtual dog training classes that offer more than usual and basic training material, this is the one that seems perfect for you. It offers many more things than just basic training sessions. It will let you schedule the time you wish to give to the training while working with certified trainers via online apps. You can closely work with trainers to receive all the benefits properly.

    Although they offer puppy and dog training at basic levels, they also have some specialized courses for your furry BFF regarding strength, scent training, and improving agility. Other than group lessons virtually they also offer one-to-one interaction and consultation with private trainers for your pup to focus on different aspects including behavioral issues and obedience issues that need to be fixed.

    All-day dog adventures virtual courses range from nearly 100 dollars and go up to 180 dollars. This cost typically includes anywhere between 4 to 6-week sessions. You can also expect the cost to increase in near times as they are also expanding their courses by adding certain therapy sessions that need to be there in a dog’s life too.

    7. Petco

    These virtual dog training classes will fit your budget really well. It is most likely that you already know what Petco is how it actually works, but you might not be aware that Petco also offers Stellar training services.

    Earlier they used to take person-to-person classes offline but changing times and the covid situation enabled them to start their chain of classes online or virtually. All the classes are highly affordable and easily fit your budget if you not preparing to spend too much on virtual dog training classes.

    They are currently providing three Zoom LED classes which cost about 99 dollars each for carrying 4 sessions. They will cover all the training sessions starting from basic to advance in these sessions like potty training and coming to their owner when they are asked to do so. They will enforce the dogs to establish a positive attitude and good behavior which will, in turn, help your puppy or dog to adjust while meeting new people or while experiencing unfamiliar situations.

    They have some advanced courses too which will help you address some specific behavior cues for example “leave it”.

    8. SIRIUS Dog Training

    virtual dog training classes

    If you are looking for virtual dog training classes that are best overall, we would recommend you to go for SIRIUS dog training. If you have come this far in search of dog training classes you might be familiar with a popular name Dr. Ian Dunbar. He is one of the most popular names when it comes to training classes or sessions for dogs. He is the one to developed the SIRIUS puppy program.

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    In modern times you can take all the benefits from this virtual dog training class as it has innovative techniques to help your dog learn better in convenient online courses. They have courses for puppy training as well as dog training.

    Unline other classes and youtube channels that offer online courses and classes based on their pre-recorded videos or articles for every dog type, SIRIUS uses live classroom sessions for your dog which are the same as if your dog is present with them. They take classes in small batches having 5 to 6 students. You do not have to be worried about the teachers as they are experienced in their courses.

    Current courses present on their websites offer puppy manners, basic manners, puppy training, etc. They will be adding many advanced courses too in the future.

    The course fee starts from 120 dollars and they consist of 3 to 5 weeks of sessions. You can expect each group of sessions to run around 50 minutes. You can sign up easily by visiting their website and learning how to enroll using simple guidance.

    9. Paws And Possibilities

    This training class will help you immensely in improving your relationship with your loving pet. They offer unique means of teaching your dog that vary greatly. They offer unlimited access to their online courses and learning resources constantly which makes them one of the most amazing and astonishing virtual dog training classes.

    They have beginner to intermediate to advanced classes and courses for your dogs to learn efficiently. Even they use videos that are pre-recorded to show you different exercises that you may learn in order to develop a good relationship.

    If you have a puppy having an age of 6 months or less, they provide time and allow you to go for learning about specific issues related to your pup. Your puppy will be able to learn crate training, potty training, and many other things once you enroll with them.

    They also address the importance of socialization and have a lot of tips and resources that may help you out in setting great goals for your puppy’s training. These classes will be conducted via online apps like Zoom, if you do not know how to use them, do not panic as they have a great set of instructions to help you out with that.

    10. Spirit Dog Training Classes

    Here comes the last class in virtual dog training classes that is equally amazing and beneficial like the other classes mentioned on the top. They provide positive and effective training to your dog anytime and any hour of the day to help you. They have great video lessons that you can opt for today itself once you enroll on their website. There are different levels also mentioned that can be used for training while going for this one.

    They have proven that their classes produce fasten results. They will show you the skills you need in your dog along with the stage your dog is keeping up with. As the stage increases, their sequence of videos will also change and you will be able to see how far your puppy or dog has reached. Step-by-step guidance will be provided so you need not worry about anything.

    They also offer some great solutions to tackle reactivity. If you are struggling with your dog barking, lunging, or being extremely aggressive these days, you can easily tell them the problem. They will discuss it thoroughly with certified trainers and bring the best solutions for you.

    How Long Will It Take For Virtual Dog Training Classes To Teach Your Dog

    virtual dog training classes

    By going through all the virtual dog training classes mentioned above, you might have seen a similar pattern. Most of these classes last for nearly 6 weeks but you cannot expect your puppy or dog to acquire all the training and obedience in such a short span of time.

    Good training for your puppy does not require you to spend months or hours, you just need a good mentor or trainer and some efficient ways that can really help in better and fast training overall. Therefore it is highly important that you invest in virtual dog training classes.

    Using only one course to train them fully is not a good idea, it is as if you are going to school to learn math and then you are expected to appear for science and history examinations, getting the point? Many trainers work with their clients and dogs for years to train the dogs fully as per their owner’s or clients’ needs. Some trainers also advise the clients to keep up with training classes even if they are twice a month or so after completing the courses so that their dog becomes even better and matured to be obedient and happy.

    It is believed by many experts that by 6 months, the dog develops a great foundation of whichever training courses they have been enrolled in. The dogs should be bounded sufficiently with you for following all the commands and display an eagerness or willingness to learn more in these virtual dog training classes.

    That being said, all the dogs are different from one another and so is their ability to grasp things. So you have to remain flexible with your expectations from the dogs and do not pressurize them. Also, you should not expect them to follow everything you say after enrolling them for few weeks into virtual dog training classes.

    Choose the best virtual dog training classes for your dog and see how they can become your best friends in no time (i am assuming they already are). Once your puppy enjoys these classes, try these delicious dog cake recipes to encourage them after their sessions.



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