7 Best Cream Of Tartar Substitute Used For Baking

    cream of tartar substitute

    Cream of tartar is a nice looking white powder used as a stabilizing agent in most delicious desserts and baking recipes. Cream of tartar substitute can be used in numerous baking dishes. It goes by the chemical name, Potassium Bitartrate. Oh, now let’s not get into chemical formulae when it is used in uplifting cakes, desserts, and doing its magic.

    If you have the cream of tartar, you got to think, you got baking or cleaning on your mind? Because it is used for both. But, there is more to the cream of tartar than meets the eye. It has multiple uses in baking, making frosting, syrups, cleaning rust, removing stains, polishing silver, and more.

    Why Would You Want Cream Of Tartar Substitute?

    If your recipes need the citric aroma or the lifting effect for desserts and other recipes, there are at least 5 creams of tartar substitutes available easily in your pantry. If you don’t find it handy, these are the ingredients you can use it in its place.

    Cream Of Tartar Substitute

    An ingredient loved by bakers, cream of tartar can be replaced by simple ingredients in the kitchen. What happens when you are out of this fine powder and you have to make meringue, pancakes, or cookies? To get those stiff peaks when you use egg whites you need this magical fine white powder.

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    Lemon As A Cream Of Tartar Substitute

    cream of tartar substitute

    You can use lemon instead of cream of tartar in recipes that need an acidic ingredient along with baking soda. It works best as a leaving agent in most baking recipes such as cakes and batters to give it a rising effect. When making recipes like meringue, lemon juice can be used instead of cream of tartar.

    Baking Powder Cream Of Tartar Substitute

    cream of tartar substitute

    Baking powder is the most common ingredient used for making baking recipes and as cream of tartar substitute. You need an extra portion of baking powder when you have to use it as a substitute. In recipes where the cream of tartar and baking powder are used, you can use it as a complete replacement by adding an extra portion of baking powder.

    Buttermilk Cream Of Tartar Substitute

    cream of tartar substitute

    Only in baking recipes for making the batter, buttermilk is a safe cream of tartar substitute. You can use it along with baking soda. Not all baking recipes get along with it. This is a choosy, nitpicker, that sits well only with a few of its trusty-sidekicks. Use less liquid when making the batter when you are using buttermilk as a cream or tartar substitute.

    Distilled Vinegar Cream Of Tartar Substitute

    cream of tartar substitute

    Vinegar works as good as lemon for the cream of tartar substitute. You can use it in recipes where egg whites need to be stabilized with it. There could be a difference in the flavour when you use vinegar in place of cream of tartar. So, check the ratio and proportions to meliorate the sharp taste left by the use of vinegar.

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    Yoghurt Cream Of Tartar Substitute

    cream of tartar substitute

    Oh, this yoghurt, soft and creamy, delightful like a flower blooming. It can be used as cream of tartar substitute as long as you reduce the thickness by adding water or milk and get the needed consistency. Cream of tartar substitute is not needed in most baking recipes as long as it is used as a leaving agent.

    Beat Egg Whites In A Copper Bowl

    cream of tartar substitute

    Surreal, isn’t it? This is an age-old French technique to get the pink tinge to the egg whites used for baking in numerous recipes. The copper agents mix with the egg whites and create a dream-like effect to delight your senses when you are baking recipes.

    Corn Syrup

    cream of tartar substitute

    Replace sugar and cream of tartar and watch the delicious magic of turning your dessert or baking recipe into a mouthwatering, surreal-tasting, delightful dish. It prevents the crystallization of sugar and all the jazz that happens when you do not use sugar and cream of tartar in unison.


    You could do away with a cream of tartar substitute if it is not needed or unavailable while you are baking. However, tangy and acidic substitutes can be used instead of cream of tartar.

    You don’t have to hop around the aisle in the supermarket to get a substitute. Most of these ingredients are available in your kitchen. Next time you want your baking recipes puffed up like nice prima donnas, you know which ingredients to pick.

    Hmm, so, now you know quite a lot! Hurrah! Bake them delish goodies sans the pretty looking cream of tartar.

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