17 Essential Health Benefits Of Nutmeg You Cannot Miss!

    Health Benefits Of Nutmeg- Know All The Benefits To Include This Spice Today Itself!

    Nutmeg is growing so much in popularity these days that it’s common to think about the health benefits of nutmeg. It is a popular spice made out of Myristica Fragrans. This is a tropical evergreen plant native to parts of Indonesia. It is often sold as a spice but you can get it available for you in form of whole-seeds.

    This spice contains a slightly nutty flavor so it is most often used for desserts and curries. Some people also prefer using it in drinks like tea and mulled wine. Although many of you might know this as a spice, there are numerous health benefits of nutmeg that you are not familiar with.

    The Health benefits of nutmeg are pretty impressive and most benefits are backed by science. This article tells you about several health benefits of nutmeg that are worth knowing to use it today onwards. Let’s start.

    Health Benefits Of Nutmeg


    1. Nutmeg Has Anti-Bacterial Properties

    Nutmeg is known to have anti-bacterial properties that help it act against harmful strains of bacteria and protect our body once we start consuming it. Bacterias like Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans and streptococcus mutants can lead to causing gum diseases and dental cavities.

    A test-tube study was conducted previously which found out that extracts of nutmeg had strong and powerful antibacterial effects against the above-given bacterias and another bacteria called porphyromonas gingivalis. All these bacterias are known for causing gum inflammation and cavities.

    Nutmeg has also been reported to inhibit the rapid growth of harmful strains of bacteria E.coli such as 0157. This strain is known to cause severe illness in humans, the illness is so fatal that it might lead to death.

    From the studies, it is very clear that nutmeg has certain antibacterial properties, more studies are required on humans to affirm and determine whether it can prevent bacteria-related infections and oral health issues.

    2. May Boost Libido

    Some animal studies were conducted that showed that nutmeg was able to enhance sex drive in animals and increase their performance. In a study, male rats were injected high doses of extract from nutmeg, the dose was 227 mg per pound. The results were unbelievable. Nutmeg was able to increase the sexual activity and performance tie in animals who were injected as compared to another group of animals that were not given nutmeg.

    A similar study was conducted which was believed to show the same results as this study. However, the researchers are still not able to find out how this simple spice can help increase libido. Some believe that these effects might be due to their ability to stimulate the nervous system.

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    In traditional medicine, like the Unani system of medicine used in South Asia, the extract of nutmeg is used to treat disorders related to sexual health. Many studies are still required to affirm the facts and their effects on humans in terms of improving sex health.

    3. Anti-inflammatory Properties

    Chronic inflammation is often linked to some severe health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, etc. Nutmeg is enriched with anti-inflammatory compounds known as monoterpenes which include pinene, terpineol, and sabinene. These help a lot in reducing inflammation in one’s body and benefit those who already have some inflammatory conditions.

    The wide array of such antioxidants found in different spices like phenolic compounds and cyanidings also have some strong anti-inflammatory properties.

    A study was conducted in which rats were injected with an inflammation-producing solution and then they were given extracts of nutmeg oil. Some rats were allowed to remain with the solution itself. The results were pretty amazing and it was observed that rats that consumed nutmeg oil later experienced a reduction in inflammation whereas others did not. The swelling was also reduced in those rats.

    4. Has Powerful Antioxidants

    Though nutmeg is small in size, the health benefits of nutmeg are more than its size. The seeds of nutmeg are enriched with certain compounds that act as excellent antioxidants in our bodies. Antioxidants are those compounds that help to protect your cells from the damage caused by free radicals. The molecules having unpaired electrons are called free radicals and these are unstable plus highly reactive.

    When the level of free radicals becomes too high in your body, oxidative stress happens to take place. It is associated with the onset and progression of different chronic conditions like certain cancers, neurodegeneration, and heart diseases. The antioxidants released by nutmeg helps in neutralizing the free radicals and preventing cellar damage. The levels of these free radicals are also in check due to nutmeg. Such health benefits of nutmeg make it worth consuming.

    Nutmeg is believed to have an abundance of such antioxidants which include plant pigments like essential oils, cyanidin, terpenes, phenylpropanoids, and certain phenolic compounds which include ferulic, protocatechuic, and caffeine acids.

    An animal study conducted had shown that taking nutmeg extracts helped to prevent cellar damage in rats that were treated using isoproterenol. This is a medication known to induce serious oxidative stress.

    Rats that had not given extracts of nutmeg experience damage in their tissues and cell death as a result of this treatment whereas the rats that were given nutmeg extracts did not have any such effects.

    Test tube studies conducted had shown that extracts of nutmeg have powerful antioxidants against all such free radicals. The health benefits of nutmeg are powerful and act against disease-causing free radicals.

    5. Nutmeg Helps Improve Digestion

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    The Health benefits of nutmeg do not last on its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, nutmeg is also considered to have medicinal properties that can be useful in treating stomach ulcers which later help indigestion.

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    Many people add nutmeg to their food as spice so that it helps with their digestion. Indian desserts are mainly laced with nutmeg for this particular reason.

    6. Helps With Treatment Of Insomnia

    Nutmeg seems to be great for insomnia as well. When you use little nutmeg mixed in warm milk, you can easily induce good sleep. This has been helpful to many people. A lot of mothers use this trick for their toddlers by mixing powder of nutmeg.

    This is an old tradition that had been passed onto future generations by ancestors because it is highly effective. In fact, nutmeg is of the healthiest ways to induce sleep and treat insomnia.

    7. Gives Relief From Pain

    As you already know by now the health benefits of nutmeg include its anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can help reduce pain and discomfort. It has some chemicals such as elemicin, eugenol, and myristicin that make it helpful for reducing pain. These chemicals are mainly present in nutmeg oil which makes it beneficial for treating joint pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, sores, pain, swelling, etc.

    8. Brain Activity

    Many of you might not know this but the health benefits of nutmeg are present for the brain too. It works as an aphrodisiac which means it has the ability to stimulate nerve cells in the brain. Various chemicals in this spice help the brain to release feel-good hormones. These hormones are most likely to have a calming effect on your mind and body. Nutmeg is an excellent way to treat stress since it helps in lifting your mood and works as a tonic too.

    9. Nutmeg Is Great For The Skin

    If you are looking for a natural product to help you deal with skin issues, the health benefits of nutmeg are here to help you. There are numerous benefits of nutmeg for your skin and face. You already know it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help keep your skin supple, healthy, and unclog the pores and blackheads. It also works as a great face scrub.

    The best way to use nutmeg for your skin is to mix it in the form of powder with honey and form a scrub for scrubbing your face weekly.

    10. Treats Bad Breath

    Bad breath occurs when your body is overloaded with toxins. As nutmeg has some antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it will help clean your system. Eugenol is also found in nutmeg which is an essential oil, it will help relieve the pain caused due to tooth removal or toothache. Another chemical found inside nutmeg called macelignan can help immensely in preventing cavities.

    11. Blood Pressure And Circulation

    Nutmeg is enriched with essential minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, and manganese. All these are known for helping in regulating blood pressure and helps enhance blood circulation. These minerals are also known to have effects in reducing stress and anxiety. They help to manage and regulate the blood vessels and aid in blood pressure regulation throughout the body.

    12. Protecting The Liver

    The Health benefits of nutmeg not only stop here, there are many more to know. Nutmeg is enriched with myrislignan, a chemical that helps in the treatment of liver injuries and disorders related to it. Research has suggested that nutmeg extracts can work amazingly in treating hepatitis inflammations. As mentioned before, it has several anti-inflammatory properties due to which it can also help with the treatment of liver inflammation. The toxins in your body can be removed with the help of this spice alone particularly from the liver thus leading to good health.

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    13. Anti-Cancer Properties

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    Nutmeg is believed to have chemopreventive properties which means it can help to prevent cancer-like diseases. The chemical present inside its scale myristicin can help fight the growth of numerous cancer cells or tumor cells thus stopping metastasis or growth of these cells in other parts of the body and various other tissues or organs.

    14. Lowers Cholesterol Levels In Body

    The Health benefits of nutmeg are beneficial to keep in mind as regular health issues like an increase in cholesterol can be prevented using this spice. When you take nutmeg in needed or appropriate amounts it has shown that the levels of cholesterol will be lowered. This spice has properties that can lower hypolipidemic effects that are usually the reason for rising in cholesterol levels.

    15. Relief From Diarrhea

    The Health benefits of nutmeg are not only limited to its antibacterial proprieties and a chemical released by it. You will be surprised to know that nutmeg helps with digestion as well, so most probably it also helps with diarrhea problems. Nutmeg has certain chemicals having carminative properties. You can consume nutmeg with cold water to treat diarrhea if you have one.

    16. Nutmeg For Growth Of Hair

    We all desire long shiny hair and great skin, now the health benefits of nutmeg are related to good skin but what about hair? You will be relieved to know that you can use it for your skin as well as your hair. Nutmeg is an excellent organic product for the growth of your hair.

    The antimicrobial properties of nutmeg help keeping your scalp clean and healthy thus preventing dandruff. There are various over-the-counter shampoos that use nutmeg as a base ingredient for the growth of your hair. You can easily make a paste to apply at home or purchase products available in the market having nutmeg, just read the ingredient description and you will fund out.

    17. Helps With Weight Loss

    Nutmeg also aids in weight loss. It helps the body eliminate harmful toxins and has some digestive properties that can help to increase your metabolism thereby helping you with your weight loss journey.

    With so many health benefits of nutmeg, you must start using it in your diet as well as externally to be applied on your skin and haircare routines as well. Imagine applying a chemical-free, natural product for your skin that works wonders, isn’t that totally worth it?

    The Bottom Line

    Nutmeg is used as a spice in nearly all the kitchens in the globe. It has warm and nutty flavors that make all the dishes taste better, making it an amazing ingredient for desserts too.

    Besides various culinary uses, the health benefits of nutmeg are with finding out as it is a strong anti-inflammatory plant that contains numerous antioxidants. It helps with many health predicaments including heart health, blood sugar levels, removing stress, etc.

    You must know that although there are so many health benefits of nutmeg, consuming it in large quantities altogether can lead to overdose which jas some severe side effects so make sure you avoid taking it in more amounts.

    This was all you needed to know about the health benefits of nutmeg.


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