12 Best Sore Gums Home Remedy Ideas

    People who experience pain in their mouth because of any dental issues, be it toothache, or sore gums, or cavities, know how painful these things could get. If they are not taken care of at the earliest time, they will grow into very complicated issues and that would not be good for them.

    One such dental issue is that of sore gums. If you experience gum pain, you will get very annoyed by it very soon and will start trying to find a way to relieve the pain or the soreness present. In such a case, you will also turn to the sore gums home remedy ideas that people might have.

    There are a lot of sore gums home remedy ideas available out there but you cannot be sure if they are going to help you or not. Sometimes, some of these home remedies can even turn out to be so bad that they just make the situation worse rather than helping you and that is something you absolutely do not want.

    Sore gums happen for a lot of reasons and if you are able to somehow identify that reason then it would become much easier for you to come up with a remedy that would suit you and you start working on relieving the pain. Sometimes, all the causes do not have to be because of a dental issue at all.

    Sore gums can also happen because of hormonal changes that occur in your body or if you are pregnant. Even when women have their periods, they might experience sore gums and that is why people look for some sore gums home remedy.

    So that is what I am going to tell you about in this article, every sore gums home remedy idea that can truly work for you and will help you relieve a lot of pain and in doing so, take away the irritation and bad mood that you would be in.

    sore gums home remedy

    What Is Gum Pain?

    I am sure that if you are looking for some sore gums home remedy, then you would know what gum pain is but I will tell you about gum pain just to give you some extra knowledge that you might not know is associated with gum pains.

    Gum pain can happen because of a lot of issues as I said before. You can get this if you brush your teeth very roughly or if you have canker sores or even if you are wearing dentures or retainers or braces on your teeth.

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    I also mentioned that you can have sore gums if you are undergoing some hormonal changes or if you are pregnant and even if you are past the menopause stage as well as when you are on your periods. Around these times, the estrogen level in the body is higher than normal and that can cause this issue.

    If you do not have anything like that, then the most basic explanation about the sore gums would be that it is a symptom of a serious oral health problem like gingivitis or periodontitis, or even thrush.

    People often do not like going to dentists and that is why they search for sore gums home remedy ideas on their own. It saves them both money and time or that is what they think. If you have a dental issue and you try treating it at home then it might not end up good for you because you are not a dental health expert and you might not realize what the actual issue is.

    So if you decide to not go to the dentist and find out that the soreness or pain in your gums did not go away even after you tried all the sore gums home remedy ideas, then you should absolutely visit a dentist as soon as you can. The fear of the dentist might not be a founded fear but it would be best for you if you overcame it and went to the professionals.

    So these are all the reasons or causes for the soreness in your gums. Now let me tell you about the sore gums home remedy tricks that will help you in relieving the pain and some other minor issues as well.

    12 Best Sore Gums Home Remedy Options

    You can make use of all these sore gums home remedies to help you.

    1. Saltwater

    sore gums home remedy

    Rinsing your mouth with saltwater would be a great way to relieve the pain in your gums as it directly targets one of the causes of the soreness which is the bacteria present in your mouth. It also prevents the bacteria from growing in your mouth.

    You can make the saltwater by adding a bit of salt to a glass of warm water and mix it properly and then swish the saltwater and rinse for some time before spitting it out. Because this prevents the bacteria from forming, doing this will also prevent the swelling of your gums. Make sure you don’t drink boiling water, only a bit of warm water.


    2. Cold Compress

    Aside from saltwater, another sore gums home remedy is using the compresses as they relieve pain in your gums. You can use an ice pack to make a cold compress and you do that by just wrapping it in a cloth and placing it on the area where the gum is.

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    sore gums home remedy

    3. Hot Compress

    The next thing that would be helpful to you is the hot compress where you can heat some water, not too much, enough so that it is hot but not burning to your skin, and then soak a piece of cloth in that water and apply the cloth to the affected area.

    You should apply a bit of pressure on the area to get better results and allow the gums to absorb the heat. You can use both the hot compress and cold compress till the pain goes away. This helps with swelling and inflammation as well.


    4. Oil Dental Sprays

    sore gums home remedy

    The next sore gums home remedy is the oil dental sprays. Certain oils help with the soreness of the gum and a few other dental issues as well. You can just dilute these oils with carrier oils and apply them to the affected area or you can make dental sprays with these oils and use those.

    The oils that you use are essential oils and you dilute them before letting them come in contact with your skin. Make sure you do not swallow these oils either. You can use oils like peppermint, oregano, clove, etc. as these have a lot of pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing properties.


    5. Tea

    sore gums home remedy

    This might sound weird to some people but tea actually helps and there is a reason why the Asian countries consume so much tea. If you just boil water for 5 minutes with a teabag in it and let the bag cool off for a bit before applying it to the affected gums, it will do wonders for you.

    Just make sure the teabag is cool enough to be bearable to you but hot enough to do its work. You can use teas like green tea, black tea, hibiscus tea, etc. All these teas have astringent properties in them.


    6. Tea Tree Oil

    sore gums home remedy

    The tea tree oil is a great sore gums home remedy as it has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties in it and they will help reduce the pain and bacteria in your gums and also help resolve some other oral issues.

    You can just drop a few drops of this oil into a glass of water and then use it as a mouthwash. There are certain kinds of toothpaste that have tea tree oil, you can use those as well.


    7. Oral Anesthetic Gels

    There are a number of oral anesthetic gels available that help with gum pain as well. This is a sore gums home remedy that is pretty popular amongst people who do not prefer pain killers. These gels have ingredients that are both natural and synthetic. These gels have some natural pain reliever like clove, spilanthes, etc.

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    8. Herbal Poultice

    sore gums home remedy

    There are a lot of herbs and spices that help with gum inflammation and pain. Things like clove and spilanthes are both natural pain relievers like I said. You can just mix the powdered herb with warm water and make a paste and then apply it to the gum where you feel the soreness or pain and then rinse your mouth. You can use this remedy as much as you like.


    9. Turmeric

    sore gums home remedy

    Turmeric is something that is a part of a lot of home remedies and it also helps with sore gums, swelling, etc. Turmeric has a lot of antioxidants as well as some anti-inflammatory properties. You can use turmeric just like any other herbal remedy.

    Just make a paste of it with warm water and apply it on the gums for 5 minutes and then rinse it. While you are applying the turmeric on the gums, be sure to gently massage the gums.


    10. Pain Killers

    If you find that the pain is not going away or if you just want some instant relief from it, you could always opt for using painkillers. You can take painkillers like aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc. to reduce pain. If you want some extra help, you can just use one of the other sore gums home remedy ideas to help you.


    11. Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide is known to kill germs and help with pain and inflammation. You can mix this in water and then swish the solution in the mouth for around 20 seconds and then spit it out. Make sure you do not swallow it.


    12. Improving Your Diet

    sore gums home remedy

    One of the most basic sore gums home remedy ideas is to improve your diet and include things like calcium, vitamin C and folic acid in the food you eat. All these things can help in preventing the soreness of your gums altogether.

    You can eat broccoli, bell peppers, etc. for vitamin C and beans, lentils for folic acid. These things will help improve the overall health as well.

    If you feel like the symptoms aren’t going away even after trying all these sore gums home remedy ideas, you should go see the dentist. If the pain is intense or increases and interferes with your sleeping or eating or if it comes with some other symptoms, then it could be indicating another issue altogether.

    Closure | Sore Gums Home Remedy

    The above mentioned sore gums home remedy ideas will help in reducing the soreness, pain, and inflammation in the affected area. You can try more than one of these remedies as they all work. Taking care of your dental health is very essential. After all, your smile is your best asset and you do not want to lose that.



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