Top 10 Nipple Piercing Jewelry Styles!

    Nipple Piercing Jewelry is quite a trend nowadays, people are very interested in piercing their nipples and putting nice jewelry on them. There are many jewelry available now for nipples like people can have gold and even a couple of diamonds on them.

    You are here so I guess you are one of those who are confused about what to buy for your nipple piercings. I know there are a lot of varieties of jewelry available in the market and you might be confused, and you want to buy something good! So you have come to th

    right place, today I’ll mention some types of Nipple Piercing Jewelry, its material, and size so you can choose for yourself. So let’s start this.

    Material Used in Nipple Piercing Jewelry

    The type of material used in the jewelry is quite important to know. If you are looking for expensive ones then you’ll have the information but for the cheaper ones, the material is unknown. Knowing the type of material you will wear is important because the material can react with your body if the material doesn’t suit your skin.

    Many people are allergic to various materials and they can cause long-term effects, and short-term effects such as skin rashes, etc. There are many materials in the market from which mostly no one develops any infection or allergies as such, the materials are Titanium, niobium, PTFE, Gold, and surgical stainless steel, other than that Nickel is the metal which can react mostly to the people who have sensitive skin.

    PTFE is the hypoallergenic material from which people don’t get any infections and allergies as such, this material is best for the skin but because of its property of softness and flexibility, very few designs are available in the market.

    After PTFE the next best material you can choose is titanium, the reason titanium is good because it is the most inert metal. Titanium is the best metal to use because it is available in various designs compared to other metals.

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    Another Material that can be used is Surgical stainless, and it is obvious that it can be used as it is used in surgery so it has nearly no reactions. The last metal is gold, as it has been used for centuries and everyone knows that no one has any problems or reactions on their skin with gold.

    Jewelry Size

    The size of the jewelry varies because it depends on the size of the nipple. Mostly the size of the piercing is measured in gauge and the most commonly used gauge is 14. Gauge 14 is commonly used but the sizes can vary from person to person.

    It is not preferable to use smaller gauge sizes without consulting professionals. The nipple is one of the sensitive parts of the body and using a smaller gauge size for nipple piercing jewelry may form scars and I guess you don’t want such a sensitive part of your body to suffer.

    When you are ready to put jewelry, please compare the size of your nipple and jewelry, and talk to the one who will be doing the piercing. Many times after Nipple piercing, the area around the nipple swells and it does hurt sometimes, so using proper size is a must.

    Nipple piercing jewelry Design

    Captive Bead Ring (CBR)

    Nipple Piercing Jewelry

    CBR is one of the classic designs available for Nipple piercing jewelry. This design is still in use since the time it was made. It is not popular now but still many people love to make some CBR jewelry.

    Captive Bead Ring is like circular Barbells and people who want a more simple and decent design can prefer this design. This design has a hoop in which the bead is fitted, and you can pop it in and out. Most people who have a nipple piercing have this design in their collection.

    Straight Barbell

    Nipple Piercing Jewelry

    The most basic jewel you can ever find in the Nipple Piercing Jewelry collection is the Straight Barbell. Every other person who has a nipple pierced will have this jewel for sure, it is so common just like the basic stuff you should have if you have a nipple piercing.

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    The design is a replica of a dumble or from its name you can say a barbell, just a straight rod supported by two balls on each end. The Straight Barbell has two types, one is internally threaded and the other is externally threaded. The internal threads in this design are of high quality.

    The jewel comes with various designs like diamonds on the side, or maybe pearls. There are many other materials used for side support. Sometimes the whole jewel is made of gold or titanium or other metals.

    Nipple Clickers

    Nipple Piercing Jewelry

    If you have seen or have hinged earrings, you can take a reference to it to compare this jewel. Nipple Clickers are just like hinged earrings, just they are put on nipples. As they are quite in a trend now because of their quick one-click detachment. People find these clickers very handy and easy to use so the demand for this Nipple Clicker is high for Nipple piercing jewelry.

    This jewel comes with the same kind of design as CBR, as this is also a ring and can come in gold, or titanium and can have diamonds and other stones on the side to look more attractive

    Horseshoe Barbell

    Nipple Piercing Jewelry

    Horseshoe Barbell is another popular ring in Nipple Piercing Jewelry, this ring is just like a straight barbell bent in the shape of a horseshoe. This design was most popular among boys or men, you can say, it is a masculine design but nowadays it does come with pearls on side and diamonds so girls can use it. Horseshoe is said to be a more comfortable and simple design to put on.

    Curved Barbell

    Nipple Piercing Jewelry

    People used straight barbells and after a time felt like it was old-fashioned and wished for something more. Later, people loved Horseshoe but felt it is bent too much so we have Curved Barbell on our list.

    Curved Barbell is just a slight curve, not so straight and not so bent either. It comes with the same varieties of types as mentioned above in other Nipple Piercing Jewelry.

    Nipple Shield

    Nipple Piercing Jewelry

    This Design is kind of exotic, people really love it. It is nothing but a ring just covered around your nipple and it is pierced inside. The design is made around the ring, it does have an aesthetic design and it is big compared to other designs.

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    The Nipple shield comes with diamonds and pearls on it and comes in gold. It is said to be worn on special occasions. It is worn on special occasions because it may be quite painful for you to wear for a long time, and most women prefer this Nipple Piercing Jewelry.


    Nipple Piercing Jewelry

    This type of Nipple Piercing Jewelry has a ring and chain attached to it. If there is any element hanging on the ring whether it is of rod-type or chain type it is called a Dangle, you can see a lot of design in this type.

    This too is an exotic jewel to wear. People prefer to wear dangle mostly on special occasions because it can get caught in your clothes, and if the design has some pointed feature it can tear your clothes too so be careful with such designs.

    Twister Barbell

    Nipple Piercing Jewelry

    Twister Barbell is another popular type of Nipple Piercing Jewelry, this is more popular among the youngsters. Twister barbell is a spiral design just rolled over but with high pitch distance. Just like a straight Barbell it has a threaded ball and is comfortable to use.

    If you are thinking about trying this design then go for small ones, because they are more comfortable and don’t create any such problems and they really look good.

    Seamless Ring

    Nipple Piercing Jewelry

    The name of this jewel itself explains its design. It is a continuous circle without any obstruction. Wearing it is quite easy just like straight barbells or more easier than that. It is easy to remove and has no issues while wearing, and it is more comfortable.

    Segment Ring

    Nipple Piercing Jewelry

    A segment Ring is nothing but a CBR but instead of a bead it has a segment, and it is like a seamless ring. You can say it is a type of seamless ring.

    Cessation | Nipple Piercing Jewelry

    Winding up with this article, I hope I covered all the information important for you to get really quick. I’ve covered all the materials, sizes, and types. I hope you will get the best of it. Just consider asking some professionals so they can give you proper advice.

    Select the Nipple piercing jewelry which suits your body and looks good too. I hope you liked this article. If you have any special suggestions or want to add more information on it you can add it to the comment section.



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