Sodapoppin Net Worth – Bio And 10 Interesting Facts

    sodapoppin net worth

    Sodapoppin net worth is made streaming the games he plays online and gives a live commentary playing games in various genres. A typical game aficionado lost in the world of gaming. The only reason he is a streaming and internet sensation because game junkies subscribe to him.

    None of his narrations or commentaries are funny. He is pretty much stuck in his teen shell and unwilling to come out of it. Frankly speaking, you can’t sit through a few seconds of his videos because they are neither entertaining nor do they provide the know-how of the game. But his strategy of making millions doing nothing on the internet but live streaming the video games he plays is commendable.

    Would you make millions doing just that? I don’t think so. Many internet junkies have made millions through blogging, vlogs, etc., and have used this platform to give something to the audience.

    But here is a smart-alec doing nothing, entertaining himself live streaming, not interacting with the audience through live chats either, and making millions. Isn’t that something! Let’s dig deeper and know more about the 27-something Youtuber. You can put him in the list of ‘Ways to earn money,’ but we are talking about million dollars here.

    Name Thomas Chance Morris
    D.O.B, Age 15 February 1994, 27
    Profession Youtuber, gamer
    Net Worth $8 million
    Marriage Girlfriend, Ley May Carrier


    Sodapoppin Net Worth

    sodapoppin net worth

    Sodapoppin net worth is in millions because of live streaming gameplay on Twitch. He has become a sensation with a lot of subscribers, mostly from the gaming arena. This is because he has a good and candid strategy of live streaming when he plays any game. It gives the users an insight into his winning game strategy, which he is not hiding, which makes him honest.

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    He loves gaming, and he is providing that experience to other gamers without editing or hiding his wins or failures. Maybe that is the reason he has millions of subscribers. People love honesty. When you are candid about whatever you do and have nothing to hide, it’s a win-win situation. Sodapoppin net worth says a lot about his inventiveness.

    He is not entertaining or giving a verbal walkthrough or a cheat sheet via his videos. He is pretty straight about everything he does in gaming and live streaming it. He is only showing his users how he is playing those games and winning or losing.

    It’s natural. Gamers love that. It’s not scripted or pretentious. Morris’s merch is top-quality and interesting. Even if you are not a gamer, it’s something you would like to buy because of the art and colors used in making them.

    Why Is Sodapoppin Famous?

    sodapoppin net worth

    He plays old games and is not switching to newer experiences in gaming. That is because when you hop on to yesterday’s timeline, there are games you will always love playing no matter in what century you are. Super Mario, Age of Empires, Warcraft, Legend Of Zelda, Sim games, etc.

    Many gamers who must have not scored as good as he does, so everything he is live streaming playing games is engaging for games who want to win. Sodapoppin net worth also comes from playing casino games. He has lost a few thousand in those gamers and is not shying away from showing people whenever he loses.

    Early Life Of Thomas Morris

    sodapoppin net worth

    He grew up in Austin, Texas. He has not yet revealed the names of his parents or siblings. He has seven siblings; a few of them are adopted. At the age of 14, he brought a computer and developed a passion for gaming. He started earning money mowing neighbors’ lawns. He dropped out of the University of Texas to start his streaming career.

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    He started streaming first on Xfire, instant messaging service for gamers, in 2009. His viewership grew, and he switched to Twitch in 2011 and started live streaming only World Of Warcraft. He garners millions of subscribers. He earned through the feature of donations on Twitch. He started posting clips of his streaming gigs on Youtube and was banned for a while for insulting gamers and using profane language.

    Doesn’t money and fame come with a bit of arrogance? It does, like an add-on feature, doesn’t it. That bug bit him too. Between 2014 and 2015, when he got bored of playing Warcraft, he switched to casino games and treated it like a joke. After gaining criticism for impacting younger audiences negatively, he switched back to streaming video games.

    He lost $5000 during the casino tryst and told the users he could afford to lose that much which sent a bad message. Since then, he started focusing on online tournaments and managed to get to the top, eliminating some best players.

    He has been irresponsible about his online presence and he did it on purpose to get popular. He has been banned a couple of times for streaming explicit content, harassing Twitch staff with such content, and resorting to blasphemous behavior when streaming online.

    Though there was an outrage for everything he was doing online, he also managed to be the sixth most popular watched channel worldwide. He is not all about controversies. He is an entrepreneur who started a gaming company, Northern Gaming, in 2016. It was later purchased by NRG sports, and he holds a stake in that venture.

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    He developed an online store Teepublic that sells high-end merch such as t-shirts, hoodies, home goodies, kids apparel, stickers, posters, mugs, notebooks, and many more items. They have scored well on quality and have good reviews.

    Personal Life

    He was in a relationship with the legendary gamer, Lea May. He was in an on and off relation with his girlfriend. He is probably single now and focused on work.

    Things You Didn’t Know About Sodapoppin
    • He has separate Instagram accounts for three of his dogs Buddy, Kevin, and Finn.
    • He has 2.7 million subscribers on Twitch.
    • He was banned temporarily from various online platforms for profanity and live streaming, explicit content.
    • He is generous enough to pay for travel, so other streamers can attend events like Twitch Rivals, etc.
    • He flooded his hotel room, leaving the tap open in the bathtub and going for a nap. He admitted it was his fault. Twitch sponsored his trip for the Twitch Rival event.
    • He is a cross-dresser and loves changing hair color.
    • He is an avid gamer and knows a lot about gaming which is why he is so popular.
    • One of the Twitch users made a generous donation of $50,000 on his account.
    • He gets millions of views on videos he posted 5 years ago.
    • He earns $600 on YouTube per day approximately.


    Sodapoppin net worth is because of his unique strategy and love for gaming. He has gained millions of followers, earning him popularity, wealth, and enough money to start a venture. He is a self-made entrepreneur. Though he uses profanity, he has managed to make millions at a young age streaming old games online.


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