Hilary Duff Net Worth – Bio And 10 Interesting Facts

    hilary duff net worth

    Hilary Duff net worth is the wealth earned in millions because of her acting, singing, and business enterprises. She rose to fame with Disney’s Lizzie McGuire television series. Since her childhood, Hilary has been passionate about acting and performed in numerous theatre productions before joining television.

    Duff started her film career getting a break in mainstream films early. She started winning awards and laurels at a young age for her performance in T.V. and films. Duff worked in various genres like horror, drama, comedy, etc. She had become a teen idol with Disney’s television series, later made into a movie. Hilary Duff net worth is a journey worth knowing is a mix of fame and controversies.

    Duff has successfully worked with Disney on various shows and movies. She started her singing career in the early 2000s and launched top-charting music studio albums, and received a long list of prestigious awards and admiration for her performance and singing.

    Name Hilary Erhard Duff
    D.O.B, Age 28 September 1987, 34
    Profession Actress, singer, entrepreneur
    Net Worth $35 million
    Marriage Matthew Koma(m.2019), two children


    Hilary Duff Net Worth

    hilary duff net worth

    Hilary Duff net worth is a legacy created with her performances, Disney movies, singing, and enterprises. The multi-talented actress is an author of a few books and has succeeded in every entertainment line. She was also cast in numerous television commercials.

    Lizzie McGuire’s show and the movie were a hit because its merchandise alone was sold for $100 million, making Duff popular worldwide. Duff’s musical career also started with Disney when she started recording soundtracks and singles, topped Billboard charts, and sold a million copies.

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    Early And Personal Life

    hilary duff net worth

    Since eight, Hilary Duff has been home-schooled because she started acting quite early. Duff was born in Huston, Texas, to Robert Erhard and Susan Collen Duff. Her father owns a convenience store, and her mother is a film and music producer.

    Her older sister Haylie is also an actress and singer. Her mother inspired Duff and her sister to take acting and singing classes. Duff had numerous relationships before getting married to Ice hockey player Mike Comrie in 2007 and having a son.

    Duff separated from Comrie in 2014 and dated a few people briefly before marrying Matthew Koma in 2017. He is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. They have two daughters together.

    When Duff claimed that she was going to Harvard, the university publication Harvard Crimson criticized Duff. It gave a scathing opinion correcting she is going to Harvard Extension and not the university per se.

    Television And Filmography

    hilary duff net worth

    Duff starred in numerous movies like Cheaper By The Dozen, Agent Cody Banks, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, A Cinderella Story, Casper Meets Wendy, etc. Her primary work is seen in television in Cadet Kelly, Frasier, Ghost Whisperer, Law & Order, Gossip Girl, Project Runway, Beauty & the Briefcase, etc. She stars in the upcoming spin-off of the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother called How I Met Your Father.

    Music And Discography

    Santa Claus Lane was the first studio album of Duff and was a hit. It followed a series of successful albums, which were hits and increased her popularity as a singer and a musician. In between creating studio albums Hilary Duff and Dignity, Duff went through many personal issues that affected the commercial success of the Hilary Duff album. It also received negative reviews and moderate commercial success.

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    Like Miley Cyrus, Duff gave up her demure look and experimented with a wild side that was not well received for the studio album Dignity. Maybe it’s stereotypical teen pop stars who have an epiphany from sweet to provocative images. Pop can get tiring after a few years, and the wilderness is ushered mindlessly, making it look like a natural change. Hilary Duff net worth includes numerous enterprises, fashion, and makeup brands.

    But most teen pop artists do not understand, it’s the most unwelcome experiment, and the audience might not like it. Those who love pop music find it challenging to settle with the provocative changes in their favorite pop stars. Dignity received a positive reception, and Duff’s artwork and look for the album got five stars.

    Business, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy

    hilary duff net worth

    Duff started her line of beauty and cosmetic products in 2018. She was the executive producer of The Haunting Of Sharon Tate in 2019 and won the best and worst actress award for the movie. It received mixed reviews. She raised a few million for children’s products named Cubcoat.

    Her children’s line of clothing is called Little Moon Society. In 2019 she launched a makeup kit called Daydreamer. She co-owns a few brands such as Happy Little Camper, Veeda, and Naturaleza.

    Duff is a true humanitarian and a philanthropist. She has donated millions for various causes like hurricane relief, supports youth charities, and is a youth ambassador. She is a vegetarian and an animal rights activist. Duff has raised funds in millions to help children and the poor.

    The Lizzie McGuire Legacy

    Duff created a legacy with two long-running shows, Younger and Lizzie McGuire. A wide range of merchandise includes dolls, public figures, video games, etc. Her album Metamorphosis revived Hollywood Records. Duff is also an influence for many singers like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, etc.

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    Controversies And Social Media Backlash

    Duff’s Halloween costume from 2016 drew criticism. Social media has been a platform for many celebrities to express themselves and share their stories. But it’s not all roses for many. Duff had to deal with false and malicious accusations on social media related to her son. Her sharp reply was enough to get those tweets deleted.

    Duff also used social media to express her concern and disgust for her inconsiderate neighbor, whose smoking habits and lack of hygiene affected her living. Her neighbor used police to harass her, and Duff had no choice but to vent her frustration on social media, which caught a lot of attention.

    Thing You Didn’t Know About Hilary Duff
    • Duff is left-handed and hates bell peppers.
    • She was in a love triangle with Aaron Carter and Lindsay Lohan.
    • She is a fan of Janis Joplin.
    • Her perfume line is named With Love …Hilary Duff.
    • Duff dislikes techno music.
    • The Bahamas is her favorite place in the world.
    • Drop Dead Gorgeous is her favorite movie.
    • Duff rapped with Snoop Dogg.
    • She loves the computer game The Sims.
    • Duff designs clothes for her celebrity doll.


    Hilary Duff net worth in millions is a journey started with the longest-running Disney show. It has given the actress an excellent platform to showcase her talent in acting and singing. The teen icon, a successful actor, singer, and entrepreneur, has significantly influenced numerous pop artists.


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