Smoky Or Smokey Eyes – 10 Beautiful Makeup Tips

    Smoky or smokey eyes are easy to achieve for all eye shapes. You could do a smokey eye in any color, make it dramatic or do it with subtlety. You could choose the best type of smoky or smokey eye makeup that suits your eye and face shape.

    Get creative with smokey eye makeup and choose from umpteen variations and ideas. Did you know that you could create smokey eyes in any color? Matte, neon, or more than two colors, with prints, design, motifs, and other elements. When you know the right technique to create a smokey eye, you can come up with different variations and create a smokey eye look of your choice.

    Smoky or Smokey Eyes – Basics

    smoky or smokey

    It is easy to create this look without a lot of effort or technique when you know how to create the right blend using the colors of your choice. A black smokey eye is the most common look created with dramatic or subtle usage of black eyeshadow blend.

    • Apply primer on the eye area
    • Apply black eye shadow on the eye crest area
    • Use an eye pencil and apply it to the upper and lower waterline
    • Choose a dark-color eye shadow and smudge it on the lower eye and a part above the crest line
    • Apply eyeliner and mascara

    This is a basic technique of creating smokey eyes with the use of eyeshadow. You can combine it with metallic, matte, or cream-based eyeshadows and create the smokey eye effect of your choice.

    Smoky Or Smokey Eyes – Metallic

    smoky or smokey

    smoky or smokey smoky or smokey

    Choose a metallic color in green, blue, gold, copper, or a metallic color of your choice. Follow the same steps as above and use metallic eye shadow instead of black. You could add a tinge of black for the dramatic effect or keep it subtle. Choose the eyeliner shape that suits the shape of your eyes and apply the mascara on eyelids.

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    To obtain the of smokey eyes effect, mascara is a must in the absence of which else it looks bland and incomplete. Use false eyelashes if you have to and apply mascara to get the dramatic look. Use a white color pencil on the lower waterline and apply a tinge of metallic on the inner corner of the eye for the glam look.

    Smoky Or Smokey Eyes – Neon

    smoky or smokey

    Use more or at least two colors to obtain this look. Choose one neon color and one matte color for the eyeshadow. Apply primer on the eye just below the eyebrow bone and on the crease. Apply a shade of neon color on the crease. Blend it with a matte eye shadow on the outer part of the eyes and utilize eyeliners in the shape of your choice. Apply mascara on the upper and lower eyelids after curling eyelashes with the eyelash curler.

    Smoky Or Smokey Eyes – Prints

    smoky or smokey

    Do a basic smokey eye in the color of your choice. You can also create a dramatic effect by choosing eyeliner or mascara other than black or blue. Create prints with colorful eyeliners on the outer corner of the area or just below the eyebrow bone. Choose the size of the motifs depending on the size and shape of your eyes.

    Smoky Or Smokey Eyes – Bold

    smoky or smokey smoky or smokey

    The bold look has shimmer, glitter, and is dramatic than subtle. It is created using a blend of two or three shades with metallic eyeshadows. Gold, copper, and blue metallic eyeshadows are the most common shades used to create a bold look along with a long eyeliner and lashes. It is more suitable for almond-shaped eyes. If you have hooded eyes, go subtle with metallic eye shadow and instead of creating a bold look.

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    Smoky Or Smokey Eyes – Eye Colors

    smoky or smokey smoky or smokey

    What is the color of your eye? Choose colors of eyeshadow that compliment the color of your eyes. If your eyes are light-colored, you can choose from light and dark shades. If you have dark-colored eyes, avoid dark shades as a rule of thumb. You want to accentuate the beauty of your eyes. Thus, choose the right colors that suit your eyes.


    smoky or smokey

    Blue eyes look beautiful with copper and gold metallic eyeshadow. You could combine silver with shades of red and pink. Avoid blue shades or light shades of green if you have blue eyes. Neon colors look overdone, so they are best avoided unless you are choosing shades of pink or red.


    smoky or smokey

    The same rule as blue eyes apply to green eyes as well. You must avoid neon green shades and tints for this eye color. Try anything else except the shade of the eye so it does not look camouflaged. You could use more than one color as long as you follow this rule of not choosing the same color as that of your eye. If you do, blend it with a darker shade and use it as a base subtly.


    smoky or smokey

    Almost all shades and tints do well with hazel eye color. Choose the right blend of colors whether you are doing metallic, neon, matte, or cream-based eye shadows. Avoid dark shades of metallic eye shadows if you have hazel-colored eyes.


    Avoid black if your eye color is black. Try lighter shades that compliment the color of your eyes and skin. Avoid brown and blue shades if you have black eyes. Use pink, red, green, purple, neon, and metallic in the same shade and tint.

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    Smoky Or Smokey Eyes – Eye Shape

    smoky or smokey

    Choosing the right eye shadow to create a smokey eye also depends on the shape of the eye. If you have a hooded or monolid eye shape, choose the right blend of eye shadow colors and avoid using garish and dark colors. Use metallic colors subtly. You can use a dash or shimmer of matte eye shadow. Avoid dark colors if you have this eye shape.

    Almond eyes and other eye shapes that have a wider crease can use a dash of dark and light shades of eye shadow. You can use more than two colors if you want a dramatic and avant-garde look. You can use silver, slate grey, or use a blend of dark and light colors for these eye shapes.

    Smoky Or Smokey Eyes – Occasions

    The gothic look is passé, and is used subtly, and looks uppity even when paired with a little black dress. For special occasions, add glitter subtly or use shades of burgundy, teal, blue, green, grey, and silver. Copper eye shadow can never turn you down. No matter what your eye shape, it is the safest bet if you don’t know what color to choose.

    Night, Party

    Use the shimmer in moderation to start with depending on the shape of your eyes. You can choose a light color eye pencil for the waterline if you want to make your eyes look bigger. A bit of highlighter on the corners of the eye area is like a finishing touch to make your eyes look all set for the party look.


    Choose black sparingly for a daytime look. Use subtle colors and avoid shimmers and highlights altogether. Silver, copper, pink, and nude colors do well for a day time smokey eye look. They are suitable for all eye shapes and eye colors.


    It is easy to create a smoky or smokey eye look for any occasion when you master the right blending techniques. Get creative and imaginative knowing the basics and create the smokey eye look of your choice with more than one color, motifs, prints, themes, and patterns.



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