Seth Green Net Worth – The Brilliant Fortunes of The Actor and Voice Artist

    Seth Benjamin Green, also known as Seth Benjamin Gesshel-Green is a famous American actor, producer, writer, and filmmaker. He is the one who co-created and co-produced Robot Chicken along with Adult Swim. Robot Chicken is an American adult sketch comedy television series. He is one of the actors who have portrayed various characters in the MC Universe. He is also famous for voicing the character of Wizard in the movie, Batman.

    Seth Green Net Worth
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    Birth name Seth Benjamin Green
    Date Of Birth 8th February 1974
    Age 47 years
    Nationality American
    Profession Actor



    Voice actor


    Seth Green net worth

    (as of September 2021)

    $45 million
    Seth Green net worth

    (as of September 2021)

    $45 million


    This article deals with a few of the facts about this all-rounder, Seth Green’s net worth (as of 2021), information about his childhood, education, his personal, lesser-known facts about Seth, and so on. So, gear up for a fact-filled ride.

    Early Life and Education of Green

    Seth Benjamin Green was born on the 8th of February, 1974 in Overbrook Park of West Philadelphia situated in Pennsylvania, U.S, to Herbert Green and Barbara Gesshel. He has an elder sister named Kaela Green. To give further professional touch, Seth Benjamin chose his stage name as Seth Green.

    Seth Green Net Worth

    Mr. Green commenced acting before he entering into his teenage days. He began acting at the tender age of seven. He received his acting influence from Bill Cosby, Caddyshack, Porky’s, Blackadder, Monty Python, Saturday Night Live, and so on.

    Seth Green was a studious guy back in school. He attended the Robert Eneas Lamberton High School. He always did his homework properly and he also graduated from the Robert Lamberton school with honors. For his Bachelor’s degree, Seth attended Princeton University and the London School of Economics for his Master’s degree. He also possesses a degree in law from Yale University which certainly goes on to add immensely to the Seth Green net worth.


    Seth Green’s debut films are The Hotel New Hampshire and Billions For Boris. He also starred in the 1987 Steve Rash film Can’t Buy Me Love, which is one of the famous American rom coms of the ’80s. He played the character of Chuckie Miller who was the hero’s (Patrick Dempsey) kid brother.

    Seth Green Net Worth

    Seth also starred in various hit commercials like Jell-O Gelatin Pops, The Cha-Ching commercial, etc. Green is also known for starring in one of the most famous horror series of all time, It, a 1990 American horror mini-series. In this horror-drama series, Seth played the role of Richie Tozier. He was only 12 years old when he played the role of Richie.

    Seth Green started gaining attention and fame through Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a 90’s American supernatural series, in which he played the character named Daniel “Oz” Osbourne. This series served as a game-changer in his career in acting and gave him a bright career reach.

    Seth Green Net Worth
    Den of Geek

    Seth Green also gained immense attention from the viewers through Family Guy, which is an animated adult sitcom by Seth McFarlane. He gained fame through this sitcom by giving voice to “Chris Griffin”, one of the animated characters in the sitcom who is a teenage overweight son of Neil Goldman, who is another character of the Family Guy.

    Another game-changer in his career was Robot Chicken, which is a 2005 film written, co-created and produced by Seth Green. This fact is enough to prove how multitalented Seth is.

    Awards won by Seth Green So Far

    Seth Green Net Worth
    Young Artist Awards 1992 Outstanding Young Comedian in a Television Series
    Spice Video Game Awards 2006 Best Cast
    Annie Awards 2008 Directing in an Animated Television Production
    Annie Awards 2009 Best Animated Television Production
    Annie Awards 2009 Writing in an Animated Television Production/Short Form
    Primetime Emmy Awards 2010 Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program
    Annie Awards 2011 Writing in a Television Production
    Annie Awards 2013 Best General Audience Animated Television Production
    Primetime Emmy Awards 2016 Outstanding Short-Format Animated Production
    Primetime Emmy Awards 2018 Outstanding Short-Format Animated Production


    Seth Green Net Worth 2021

    The above-mentioned list of awards itself is enough proof to justify Seth Green’s net worth. He has earned both fame and fortune with his career in acting and direction. Besides that, we also know that he is a voice artist and a famous producer. Wondering what Seth Green’s net worth is?

    Seth Green Net Worth

    Well, as mentioned earlier, Seth Green’s net worth, as of September 2021, is an estimated amount of $45 million. The elevation in Seth Green’s net worth has more to do with his salary from the various series. It is believed that he had been receiving $200 thousand per episode of Family Guy.

    Personal Life

    Seth Green Net Worth

    On New Year’s Eve of 2009, Seth Green got engaged to Clare Grant, the famous American actress/model/producer. Later, on 1st May 2010, the two got married to each other in Northern California. They currently don’t have any children of their own.

    Cool Facts About Seth Green

    • In 1998, Seth Green was labeled in the list of “100 most entertaining people”, in the Entertainment Weekly.
    • Seth Green was raised in the Jewish way and even had a bar mitzvah for him.
    • He appeared in the fourth season of Grey’s Anatomy, in the role of Nick Hanscom.
    • Seth Green actually created an animated version of the Star Wars series which it never got to see the light.
    • Before dating the love of his life, Clare Grant, he dated many other famous personalities like Chad Morgan, Candace Bailey, Robin Bain, and so on.

    Cessation | Seth Green’s Net Worth

    It is said that Seth Green has been concentrating on the record part much more than others. Seth Green’s accomplishments and hard work prove that it is skill that matters the most when it comes to achievement.

    Hope you liked reading this article about Seth Green net worth, his personal life, and accomplishments. Feel free to share your suggestions for the next celebrity net worth article.

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