Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6 sends the dynamic stalwarts back to school

    Riverdale has been creating some buzz ever since its premiere. Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6 witnesses some serious dynamic changes in the gang. This time, the gang is back to school again, not as students, as teachers.

    Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6 plot

    The episode begins with the town trying to oust Hiram’s devious plan at any cost. Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica return to school as teachers. Alas! They have a hard time connecting with the students. They feel out of the place, yet they’ve to do their job somehow. Archie recruits some fine gentlemen for the ROTC program. Jughead, the so-called established writer, is teaching Of Mice and Men to a bunch of students who don’t pay any heed at all.

    Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6
    Betty and Archie in Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6.

    Veronica is teaching economics, while Betty is teaching how to take car parts apart. Things become uncomfortable when the students start asking questions about the Black Hood or Jughead’s literary career. Veronica gets a nice surprise from her husband, Chadwick. But the first encounter between Archie and Chad is full of tension. You’ll sense an awkward handshake as both the gentlemen eye Veronica.

    Veronica and Chad join the rest of the gang for a karaoke night. Things went well, and the duo sang Shallow. The rocky bond between them seemed to be healing. They started connecting once again and spent a really “comfortable” night.

    Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6
    Veronica teaching Economics in Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6.

    Jughead, on the other hand, takes Tabitha’s help to write a story about Riverdale, like a portrait of this small town. Tabitha even arranges another meeting with an old guy who tries to sell the story about “Mothman”. They’re aliens who take people up in their spaceship. All those taken gentlemen are duly returned but all of them eventually died of cancer. Sounds far-fetched? But Jughead has decided to use this character to spice up this story. Also, Jug’s students see him working as a waiter at Pop’s and keep a tip jar at the class next day.

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    Amidst all the humdrum, you’ll witness chemistry blooming between Jughead and Tabitha. Tabitha seems to have grown a fondness towards Jughead. Though, it is quite evident that Tabitha will hate Jug once the book comes out. Speaking of chemistry, there is a real steamy Barchie scene in a car. But all good things don’t last long. The school fire alarm goes off, and Archie runs to the scene, to find out some sketchy Stonewall Prep student setting fire at school. They’re Hiram’s puppets. Upon investigation, Archie finds out that their high school coach Reggie has sent them. Archie knocks Reggie off and challenges him to a football competition.

    Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6
    Jughead and Tabitha in Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6.

    The Return of Bulldogs

    Due to lack of budget, the Bulldogs were called off. Archie tries hard to recruit some youngsters to fight for his school’s pride. A girl also joins his team, but he falls short on funding. When he tries to convince Cheryl to contribute to the team in honour of her brother, Cheryl goes into a fit rage. As a last resort, Archie approaches Veronica. Mrs. Gekko happily agrees to help, but Chad tries to demean Archie.

    Chad knows that Archie is a vet, so he won’t take “handouts.” Instead, he can renovate the Pembrooke and take the money in return. Veronica thought that Chad has changed, and she wanted to give their relationship a shot. She even made elaborate arrangements for their travels between New York and Riverdale. Unfortunately, the conniving and jealous husband of hers couldn’t repress his true nature for long. Moreover, when Veronica finds out that Chad was talking to her father behind her back, she feels betrayed.

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    Why would Chad consider taking a job at SoDale without talking to her first? Moreover, he is always trying to cross Veronica’s initiatives. Seeing his behaviour with Archie, Veronica tells him that she needs a break from him.

    Cheryl is busy forging art. She wants to sell a fake painting of her brother for quarter a million dollars. Toni somehow knew that Cheryl isn’t being herself. So, she decides to bring back the Vixens without consulting Cheryl. Toni knows how much the Vixens meant to Cheryl. And her plan works. A heartbroken Cheryl decides to confront Toni, and come out of Thornhill.

    Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6
    Cheryl forging art in Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6.

    Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6 sees a return of the Bulldogs as well as the Vixens.

    The Mole

    It was evident that someone was tipping Hiram off about the school’s whereabouts. Riverdale season 5 episode 6 shows that it was Mrs.Bell who was tipping Hiram off. She also told Cheryl about the return of the Vixens. What a snitch!

    Polly’s Disappearance

    Betty is still worried about Polly’s disappearance. Toni told her that her truck drivers saw Polly hanging out with some sketchy guys and dealing with Jingle Jangle. Betty finds out that Polly went out with a guy the night she had disappeared. They were on the highway, when Polly freaked out and jumped off the truck, and started running towards the forest. That is the last time anyone has seen or heard of her.

    Betty and Alice go on a Polly hunt, but they only find her belongings here and there in the forest. So, where is Polly? Why would she leave her kids behind for a petty fight with Betty? Is the Mothman involved here somehow?

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    On the other hand, Hiram is infuriated that the school is doing so well. Moreover, a new football team under Archie’s guidance is a direct threat to his precious SoDale. The next thing we know, Archie’s house is on fire.

    This is a direct clash between the two parties. What will Archie do next? Moreover, it is for sure that we will witness more Chad and Archie drama. How will he bring Hiram down? Check out the clipping of the next episode-

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