Maisie Williams Net Worth – Bio And 5 Interesting Facts

    maisie williams net worth

    Maisie Williams net worth is built with her dazzling career in films and television. The British actress is best known for playing the lead character, Arya Stark, in the T.V series, Game Of Thrones. She has started in numerous TV shows, docudramas, and feature films. She is an internet entrepreneur.

    Williams gets the moniker ‘Maisie’ from the cartoon strips she loved and retains it to date. She has professional training in performance arts, ballet, and various dance forms from a prestigious performing arts school in the UK. The Game Of Thrones was her first big break while still in high school.

    The award-winning actress has been busy producing, creating apps, and doing charity work from a very young age. She started her acting career with the medieval fantasy fiction series, Game Of Thrones.

    Name Margaret Constance Williams
    D.O.B, Age 15 April 1997, 24
    Profession actress, entrepreneur
    Net Worth $6 million
    Relationship Reuben Selby (2019, present)

    Maisie Williams Net Worth

    maisie williams net worth

    Maisie Williams net worth is earned from her award-winning performances for Game of Thrones. She started acting at the age of 12 with Games Of Thrones until she was 22 years old. She admits to having developed self-esteem issues and not being lady-like playing Arya Stark for Game Of Thrones.

    She acted in numerous independent films, short films, and web series. She admits to having come a long way dealing with praise, criticism, and hatred that gets poured on social media platforms. At a young age, Maisie tasted worldwide fame and has been handling it well.

    Early Life

    maisie williams net worth

    Maisie Williams was born in Bristol, U.K, to Hilary Pitt Frances. Details of her biological father are not known. She has been raised by her mother and her stepfather. She is the youngest of four siblings. She didn’t complete her schooling because she was filming for Game Of Thrones at 13. It didn’t give her time to finish high school.

    She loves dancing and has taken dancing lessons in various dance forms from Bath Dance College. The Game Of Thrones launched her career in the acting profession in the film and television industry and gave her worldwide fame. Maisie Williams net worth is also about building a platform for other creative professionals.

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    She has expressed to Vogue magazine how her character of Arya Stark affected her self-esteem. She is a tomboy in real life who once loved climbing trees. Her taste in clothes and fashion sense is terrible. You can tell that from her pictures and the outfits she chooses to wear. Most of the time, they are démodé and unsuitable for her personality.

    Arya Stark Of Game Of Thrones And Cultural Impact

    maisie williams net worth

    Arya Stark is an important character in Game Of Thrones and appears in most of the seasons of the HBO series. Though the original plot from this fantasy fiction novel has different in the television series, it has carved a unique personality for the character Arya Stark.

    She is the younger child of the Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn Stark of the Winterfell fictional world created in the novel. She is an anti-heroine who does not have lady-like characteristics. She is portrayed as a feisty, killing machine who kills those who wronged her. Arya Stark is a personality you cannot define because it is a mix of good and bad characteristics.

    She comes across as ruthless and vengeful when dealing with those who wronged her and fights intensely for justice. She is loyal, loves pets, and listens to her mentors. She is not interested in power-plays or fighting for the throne. She is loyal to her peers and is protective about her family.

    Arya Stark is an unorthodox character who follows her path and does what she thinks is right. She cannot be impressed or influenced and has the skill to catch a lie. She does not like lady-like things such as sewing, grooming, embroidery. She is fascinated by combative sports such as a sword-fight.

    She is short-sighted, gritty, brash, and impulsive, making her lose a few, battling to win many with her agility. She is outdoorsy, chooses her adventures, and is an exception horserider. She is a lone warrior who is out to avenge her father’s death and everything that seems to have wronged her.

    She has an aversion to relationships and marriage, viewing how her sister is treated. She is courageous enough to battle men who are twice her size and stronger than her. She has no fear but lacks strategy and endurance, making her lose a few battles.

    Filmography, Television, And Theatre

    maisie williams net worth

    Game Of Thrones has been the starting point in her career. She acted in movies like The Falling, Mary Shelly, The Book Of Love, The New Mutants, The Owners, etc. Her performance ranges from choosing movies in a variety of genres such as horror, romcoms, animation films, period dramas, mystery, and horror.

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    Post Game Of Thrones, Maisie starred in numerous television shows like ‘The Secret Of Crickley Hall,’ ‘Cyberbully,’ ‘Doctor Who,’ etc. She has starred in web series called ‘Gen: Lock’ set in a dystopian future. She has starred in numerous music videos for various artists.

    Ted Talks

    maisie williams net worth

    She presented a meaningful topic in Ted Talks in Manchester about nurturing talent instead of striving for fame. She talks about everything ranging from her childhood, to realizing her dreams, success, and how the entertainment industry works. She also talks about her app ‘Daisie’, which gives complete control to artists to showcase their work and collaborate with other creative professionals.

    Maisie Williams Businesses And Pursuits

    maisie williams net worth

    Maisie started her startup as a teenager and built a few production companies. She is an internet entrepreneur who started the app Daisie and has 100,000 members. Daisie was launched in 2018 and is a social media platform for artists and creative professionals from all creative industries to showcase their work, find work, and collaborate.

    Maisie Williams Production Companies

    She started a production company named Daisy Chain Productions with Don Santry and actor Bill Milner focused on scouting new talent and making short films. She developed Pint-Sized Pictures to encourage female talent in the U.K.

    The Story Of Launching Daisie App

    The Daisie app works differently than how most of the talent-hunting social media apps work. The user’s profile grows not by getting more subscribers or followers but by collaborating with other creative professionals like a chain.

    Individuals can sign up and search for creative projects. Companies are not allowed to sign up, which makes it a great platform for creative professionals to find genuine work and people to collaborate with. The focus of this app is to help find budding creative professionals find work they love and gain recognition. Maisie Williams net worth is wealth earned and used for a good purpose of uplifting young talent.

    The company has 17 staff and is located in an eastern district of London. It has raised $2.5 million in funds and has hundreds of signups after its launch. The app has got good reviews and a score of 4 out of 5.

    Creative Advisor On Contact Platform

    Williams and her partner Rueben founded the Contact platform that enables modeling agencies and models to allow booking various events and shows.

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    They raised a fund of $1.9 million for this venture. Their goal is to expand it to photo and videographers, stylists, and those involved in the creative fields. It makes it easier to showcase work and book creative professionals for events and shows without the need for middlemen or agencies.

    Williams Sustainable Genderless Fashion Line

    Though Williams fashion sense does not display great taste, she and her partner Reuben designed an androgynous fashion line showcased at Paris Fashion Week. Reuben and Williams pretty much started a couple of ventures successfully, raising funds and getting good reviews. Maisie Williams net worth comes from her acting professions and startup ventures.

    Williams is not an insecure actress. She is an enterprising actress who wants opportunities for all and works hard towards fulfilling these goals that help creative professionals in any industry fulfill their dreams. There are very few young actresses who have worked to build start-ups that let others shine.

    Campaigns And Activities

    Williams is an active environmental activist. She protests Dolphin hunting and is a part of support groups for antibullying, gay marriages, and trans rights. She is a part of numerous charitable organizations that provide clean water and encourage young people to vote.

    Williams is focused on designing sustainable clothes and accessories. She was appointed by World Wildlife Fund for supporting its mission towards climate change and conserving nature. Maisie Williams net worth comes mostly from Game Of Thrones and startup ventures.

    Awards And Achievements

    Williams has won numerous from 2011 to 2019 in various categories for Game Of Thrones. She is the youngest actress so far to have received a prestigious award for Best Supporting actress.

    Williams achieved a lot at a very young age. Her philanthropic side to launch startups to help other creative professionals speak volumes about her confidence and the will to do good. Maisie Williams net worth is built not only through her hard work but is also used for a good cause of uplifting talent.

    Things You Didn’t Know About Maisie Williams

    • Maisie learned to perform activities using her left hand to prepare for her role as Arya Stark in the Game Of Thrones.
    • The reason she auditioned for Game Of Thrones was because she wanted to earn enough to buy a laptop.
    • She is closer to her co-star from Game Of Thrones, and they grew closer on the sets as teens.
    • She was bullied at school after starring in Game Of Thrones
    • She sometimes worries about her look in Game Of Thrones thinking, it might affect her career.


    Maisie Williams net worth comes from choosing acting as a profession at the age of thirteen. She is an award-winning young actress with good causes to advocate. Williams is a philanthropic internet entrepreneur who encourages young talent and has built several platforms to let creative professionals find work and collaborate.


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