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    deadpool face

    Deadpool was the most unexpected hit that came out as an R-rated superhero movie. For anyone who is a marvel fan or has watched the Deadpool movie knows that he calls himself super but not a hero. When the movie came out, the audience was introduced to the god’s perfect idiot who the comic fans have known all along.

    The Deadpool face or his skin has been one of the biggest questions of his character. The character of Wade Wilson is extremely entertaining as he keeps joking around, talking too much, breaking the fourth wall for the humorous effects, and all the action that comes along. What more could anyone ask for?

    The funny, formidable and mysterious nature of Deadpool leaves the fans wanting more. I’m sure most of you who don’t know who Wade Wilson definitely wonders what is up with the Deadpool face? Well, here are the answers to those questions.

    Why Is The Deadpool Face The Way It Is?

    To start with, we definitely have to begin with how the Deadpool face, or rather his entire skin got the way it is in the first place. Well, we all are aware of the fact that apart from the comics, Deadpool has movie appearances in different timelines. If you didn’t know this, now you do.

    Based on these different timelines and movies, the story of how the Deadpool face is the way it is or how he gets his mutant powers are varied. Different timelines bring different stories. However, the latest movie ‘Deadpool 2’ has sort of explained why he has two different stories and how he is present in those different timelines. Also the way Ryan Reynolds has portrayed the role of Deadpool is absolutely commendable.

    So, what I am going to do is brief you up with both the timelines, both the stories and the correction factor. To make you understand better I will rather go in the order that explains everything than following the order in which the movies came out. Well, as it is Deadpool here we are talking about, things are going to be uproarious and weird.

    How The Deadpool Face? From X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    deadpool face

    Wade Wilson was a soldier and also a mercenary. He was a mutant who had astonishing reflexes and enhanced agility which made him far beyond a normal human could be. The story starts at the time of the Vietnam war in 1973. Wade was a part of a group which was named ‘Team X’.

    This ‘Team X’ was under the command of William Stryker. The team consisted of other members like Logan (Wolverine), John Wraith, Fred Dukes, Christopher Bradley, and Victor Creed. Wade would do as Stryker would command him to when it came down to killing people. Willian Stryker would always say that wade would be the perfect soldier but his inability to stop talking wouldn’t let him.

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    Later on, after six years, Team X breaks up, and Stryker captures wade in a base where there are experiments for a weapon. This is the exact time when wade turns into Deadpool and hence the face. So, wade is already killed by Victor and is now being used as a host for an experiment called ‘Weapon XI’.

    deadpool face

    Victor and Stryker collectively gather DNAs from other mutants whose powers can be used in a body together without destroying it. The experiment takes place on Wade’s body and this causes extreme effects on his body. After the experiment, Wade was now known as the Weapon XI.

    Stryker stitches wade’s mouth so that he can stop talking and that is how the Deadpool face is how it is. As powers from other mutants were incorporated into his body, he had the ability to heal (like the wolverine) along with the other powers.

    Heading Into The Other Timeline | Correction Factor

    The X-Men origins: wolverine ends with a fight between Logan and Deadpool. In this fight, Logan seems to kill him. However, in the latter, it is found out that Deadpool is still alive and is putting himself together.

    In the movie ‘Deadpool 2’, the end credits are designed such that the ‘Deadpool’ that came out in 2016 makes sense. The end credits go back to the time when Weapon XI was sent to kill Logan under the command of Stryker and when the big fight was just to begin.

    When Wolverine is escaping the children and looks at Weapon XI standing in front of him to begin a fight, the time-traveling Deadpool appears. He comes and shoots Weapon XI saying that he is just “cleaning up the timeline”. Followed by this he shoots his former self several more times before going.

    Now, some people may believe that the end credits of Deadpool 2 were just for fun but it is Marvel after all. The franchise never does things just for fun. Even the tiniest things happening in Marvel have a good reason behind it. So, this scene was actually set up so that the return of Deadpool with a different origin story could make sense after all.

    deadpool face

    How The Deadpool Face? From Deadpool (2016)

    In the revised timeline, before getting the Deadpool face, Wade Wilson was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He always jokes and fools around about the tough childhood he had. Later on, at a point of time in his life, he is a part of the Canadian special forces.

    He then moves to New York and works as a mercenary who screws up the bad guys for the sake of money. Wade doesn’t like to be called a hero yet he is the one who handles the bad guys. He becomes friends with a bartender named Weasel and also finds a love interest named ‘Venessa’ at the bar where Weasel works.

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    Both Wade and Venessa get together and one night when he proposes to her, he suddenly passes out. Next day upon seeing the doctor they discover that he is suffering from terminal cancer in his brain, prostate, liver, and lungs. Even after this Venessa stays by his side but Wade fears about how she will suffer because of his cancer.

    Wade visits the bar and there he meets a recruiter who offers to cure his cancer. Despite of declining the offer at first, his fear of hurting Venessa makes him go for it one fine night. Here is where the Deadpool face is comes into picture. He there meets a guy named Ajax where he later finds out that his real name is Francis.

    Ajax injects some serum to create a mutation but nothing works. Finally, he puts Wade in a chamber and cuts off the oxygen. The drop in oxygen is intended to generate cancer healing factor but rather the cancer cells get enhanced and disintegrates his body to how it is. This is how he gets the Deadpool face. Due to this he generates an ability to cure from any injury or even regenerate a body part.

    Is It Possible To Fix The Deadpool Face?

    Well, the entire plot of the movie released in 2016 is about how he gets the Deadpool face and how he tries to get it back to how it was before. His body disintegrates due to the low oxygen levels and his enhanced cancer cells.

    After he is transformed from Wade Wilson to Deadpool, Ajax (Francis) tells him that he could fix his Deadpool face but he won’t. Later on, Wade escapes from that base and meets up with his friend Weasel. Upon showing him the Deadpool face, Weasel says that his Deadpool face looks like an avocado had a baby with another more uglier avocado.

    deadpool face

    Wade starts wondering how he is going to show his Deadpool face to Venessa and doesn’t wish to scare her. So, he starts hunting for Ajax so that he can get his face fixed for Venessa, for whom he agreed with the recruiter in the first place.

    In the process, he fights with many bad guys and also teams up with two of the X-Men who keep asking Wade to join them. At the end of the movie, Ajax (Francis) kidnaps Venessa and there is a final fight. In this fight, Wade almost kills him and asks him to fix his Deadpool face and skin.

    Unfortunately, Ajax (Francis) tells him that it is not something that can be fixed and it never was. Wade gets angry and kills him. However, Venessa accepts him even with his weird Deadpool face and skin. So, according to this movie, we come to know that the Deadpool face will certainly remain the same and can’t really be fixed.

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    Now if you are thinking that is there no way to fix the Deadpool face? Well, if we go deep into comics, Wade actually does get his original handsome face back in Deadpool #57. Let’s find out how.

    How Does Wade Fix His Deadpool Face? : From The Comics

    deadpool face

    In Deadpool #57, there are certain events which leads Wade to get back his original face. According to these comics, Sabretooth (Wolverine’s enemy) somehow gets Deadpool to join the Weapon X program. Here both of them arrive at a laboratory where there are tests carried out to enhance individuals physically.

    This is when Deadpool meets the man who runs these tests. Thanks to Wolverine, even this man has a scratched face. However, Deadpool obviously argues about the fact that he can bring his old face back. The in-charge gives him an assurance that his serum will work and is safe to use.

    Wade is then given a sample of the Weapon X serum and soon after that the man in charge chops of his arm. Only to discover that Deadpool is now able to heal and regenerate himself even faster than he did before. His arm grows back in a matter of seconds and he takes off his mask to see that his handsome face is back again.

    Again, Deadpool being himself, without any delay, he goes to chop off his crotch to see how that works out. However, the man in charge stops him from doing so and tells him that this serum would last just for an hour and that he should reconsider undergoing further testing and getting the full serum.

    The Deadpool fans shouldn’t be surprised to know that he does agree with undergoing further tests and gets the full serum in Deadpool #58. This is how Deadpool face gets fixed and he gets his beautiful face back.

    Will The Deadpool Face Ever Get Fixed In The Movies?

    deadpool face

    The Marvel fans would probably know this already that Deadpool 3 is confirmed and is already in development. Kevin Feige who is the official primary director and producer of the Marvel cinematic universe has himself confirmed that Deadpool 3 is in the drafting stages and hasn’t started filming yet as Ryan is a busy man.

    There are no clues or hints about what could be the plot or storyline of Deadpool 3 yet. However, since it is Marvel and in phase 4 they are pretty much more inspired by the comics than ever before, there is no harm in hoping or even thinking about the Deadpool face getting fixed.

    Closure | Deadpool Face

    Well, that was all there is in the know about the Deadpool face so far. According to the comics, yes, Wade does get the Deadpool face fixed. However, we don’t know yet if the same would happen in the movies as well. But again we can always hope for it to happen as no one minds the charm of Ryan Reynolds.

    The information I shared was based on my knowledge about the Deadpool face in the movies as well as the comics. If you think you know something more and that people should know about the same, do not hesitate to mention in the comments section.

    Till then we will have to wait for the next movie to come out.


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