Review of trending weight loss diets

    Why fad weight-loss diets are dangerous?

    Fad weight-loss diets are often overrated and cause nutrient deficiency if the facts are not scientifically proven. Crazy trending diets like potato diet, no water diet, the Atkins diet is broad now. Many people may not know the health risks of muscle health, imbalance in electrolytes, cardiovascular and kidney health problems that unscientific weight loss diets can cause.

    According to, Forbes these are the most trending diets of the year and let’s review some others along with others in terms of sustainability and nutrition.

    Volumetrics Diet

    weight loss diet

    Created by Dr Barbara, volumetrics diet divides foods into four categories according to the calorie density. Category 1 foods are low in calories, high in fibre and minerals like and processed, and canned foods and dessert in group 4. This diet encourages a big portion from category 1 foods like broccoli, soups, yoghurt, fishes, etc. This diet has no restriction as it allows a medium proportion of category 2 foods and few intakes of category 3 or 4 foods.

    It is wholesome and can be served in big proportions. Though it can have restrictions but also have lots of variation, nutrient-rich foods, making it sustainable and helpful in long-term weight loss.

    Keto Diet

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    Keto diet consists of a high amount of healthy and natural high-fat foods and a low-carb diet. The keto diet plan seems to give a natural glow in skin and hair because of the breakdown of the fatty acids which is known as ketosis. It generally includes foods like avocados and its oil, nuts, seed butter, hemp hearts, chia and flax seeds, olive oils, eggs, coconut oil, full-fat yoghurt etc.

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    Keto diet on continuing for a moderate time will give you dizziness, increased urination to remove ketones from the body nausea, constipation because of low carb or fuel food. It also creates an imbalance in the electrolysis processes and many people have problems in concentrating and have often cravings. This diet is clearly not sustainable and advisable.

    Vegan diet

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    The vegan lifestyle has been adopted by at least 1% of the global population and in countries like Australia, Canada, US, Germany, New Zealand are leading the way. Veganism is a plant-based diet that is devoid of animal sources of food including dairy. Being plant-based it has the advantage of being high fibre and consisting of enough vitamins and minerals.

    The vegan lifestyle has very few restrictions and ample food choices. If you can avoid junk and processed food with veganism it may be helpful as a weight loss diet. It is completely sustainable and helpful for the environment.

    Whole 30 diets

    The whole 30 diet, though is a commercial diet, is very helpful if you are trying to reset your eating habits. This diet encourages the dieters to avoid sugar, alcohol, legumes, grains and dairy.

    Thereafter, this diet can be a temporary fix to unaccountable eating problems if you have. This can devoid somebody of a few nutritional benefits. Since it is a short-term diet it may not take much toll on the body. However, the claims of the Whole 30 dit foundation to cure diseases are completely unproven.

    Intermittent Fasting

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    Intermittent fasting is gaining fame and love day by day because of its simplicity of planning. The plan is to restrict your eating window for a certain time of the day. Many people do the 16/8 plan that is 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating in a day. Some go for the 1:1 plan( 1 day of eating and 1 day of fasting) and 5:2 plan ( 5 days of eating and 2 days of fasting) also.

    Intermittent fasting is not suitable for everybody, especially diabetic patients as fasting can cause low blood sugar. The absence of any restrictions in terms of food items is a good and a bad thing for weight loss.

    The good part is the windows to have wholesome and balanced meals. And, the bad part is as there are no restrictions you can end up eating unhealthy foods limitlessly. Overall, intermittent fasting has proven to have effects on people in good sleep patterns, and overweight when the food items were also maintained to be natural.

    Dukan Diet

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    Dukan diet is a high protein low-carb diet that is divided into two phases. The first phase is the attack or weight loss phase and the second one is the weight maintenance phase. The dieters eat only high protein and almost no carb foods during the first phase and during the second phase, proteins are followed by non-starchy carbohydrates and little amount of fat.

    The diet shows effectiveness in terms of weight loss and high protein helps in losing weight. But there is little scientific research to prove that it’s safe. It is nutritionally devoid of carbohydrates and fats. Also, some high protein sources are some times high in fat which can increase hunger. This diet has been related to risks of kidney and cardiovascular health.

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    These were the review of some of the popular weight-loss diets that you may have had or not the knowledge of. Always consult with your doctor and focus on happiness while choosing a diet for yourself. Confused about how to choose your diet? Click to know the things to consider.


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