Buy the Best Guitar Amplifier – 7 Best Options for You (Buyer’s Guide + Review)

    Stuck with finding the best guitar amplifier? Is the return policy saving you from all the embarrassment? Well, there is a solution to this. As a guitarist, you should focus more on improving the quality of your work instead of worrying about the guitar amplifier.

    The importance of having a great amplifier is huge. An amplifier has a huge duty to take care of the sound quality when it comes to enticing the audience. With the poor performance, the whole concert can be ruined for the crowd. Apart from it, the best guitar will even sound dull if the amplifier is not good.

    The guitar and the amplifier must be a perfect match to synchronize to get the best outcome. Without this, the possibility of having a great experience is ruined drastically. Setting up the amplifier’s tone along with the type of guitar you are using is another major factor we miss out on.

    Therefore, a lot of factors must be considered before moving forward with the best guitar amplifier in the town. With our extensive research in the domain, we have found some classified tactics to choose the right amplifier.

    The best guitar amplifier – buyer’s guide is a complete package for all those who aren’t aware of the different features of a guitar amplifier. They can even work on the different options available in the market.

    Guitar amplifiers are expensive. Spending money on the wrong one can become costly for you. Therefore, use the buyer’s guide is the best way possible. Let’s know more about it.

    Best Guitar Amplifier for 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

    Buying a guitar amplifier on Amazon can be tough. You don’t get to touch the product; neither can you test it for the product it claims to be. There are several other reasons why one prefers to visit a local store to buy a guitar amplifier.

    But we all know the shortcomings of approaching a local store. This is the only reason why we visit e-Commerce sites to find our perfect match.

    The situation can be handled pretty well with a thorough knowledge of the product. Once you are aware of the different terminologies and the different aspects to cover, it will become pretty much clear to you as a user.

    This will indeed help you pick up the right guitar amplifier for yourself. Therefore, stop wasting your time on different products in the local store and get what you have been waiting for so long.

    #1 Size

    Whenever going by the size, look out for the watt that the guitar amplifier has to offer. Imagine using a 100-watt guitar amp in a house. Well, the situation will be the worst to handle. Similarly, using a 10-watt guitar amp for a band with a drummer is a bad idea.

    Therefore, you have to make a smart choice while picking up the right amp. If you have a rock band and looking for studio recording, then going for a 30-watt guitar amp will be perfect for your needs.

    On the other hand, if the budget is low, then some of the classified small guitar amplifiers can do the work for you. However, we prefer to go for at least a 15-watt amplifier.

    #2 Tube, Solid-state or digital AMPs?

    By now, you must be aware of the different kinds of amps available in the market. Well, all of them work fine, but it is the class and the place which defines the type of guitar amplifier you must pick up.

    Tube or valve amps are the classiest one among the different kinds of amplifiers available. This was the very first guitar amplifier introduced in the market. If you are looking out for something which will provide the most accurate sound for your guitar, then the tube valve amp is the holy grail of all the amplifiers.

    It comes with vacuum tubes that boost signals at both the power amp and preamp stages. Being more responsive to light touches, this amp will produce the right tone irrespective of the guitar you use. However, using this amplifier can be tough. To provide a smoother and fatter sound, the user must have great experience in handling the device.

    One can’t just force the tube to work harder as they are not designed for that. You will end up with unpredictable results, which is the last thing you want.

    Similarly, the tube amps are heavy, expensive and costlier when it comes to maintenance. Therefore, if you are someone who can take care of all the different mentioned qualities, you should opt for it.

    Coming to the solid-state guitar amplifiers, it is an upgradation to the tube-valves. It replaces the vacuum tube with transistors. However, the amplification signals are affected as well. Using it to the best of its capabilities can result in thinner and distorted sound quality. However, it won’t be clear to a newbie.

    Apart from it, the solid-state amps come in both cheaper and lighter compared to the tube siblings. Therefore, if you are a beginner going with this will be perfect.

    The last one on the list is the Digital amplifiers, which have left the old school tube and transistor based amps way back in time. If your love for antique is lost and you have been waiting for the next-gen technology, then there are a dozen of digital amplifiers available in the market.

    Digital amplifiers are based on digital technology and not some tube or transistors. With special features, you will have the ability to mimic speakers, which is the best thing to have by your side.

    #3 Power

    Having the best electric guitar with the most powerful guitar amplifier is what everyone dreams of. Well, those gigantic dreams of having a bunch of speakers around is not a great idea if it’s not for a stadium or hall filled with people.

    You can obviously have the most powerful speaker and play it at a lower configuration to fit it in your place. However, this will just be an utter wastage of money. Therefore, decide the wattage, configuration and size of the speaker before bringing one to your place.

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    Wattage is used as the measurement for the amp’s power output. However, it is not measured on a scale; therefore, even a 10-watt amp can work better than a 20-watt amp. Therefore, you can’t just expect a 100-watt guitar amp to be the best in the town.

    #4 Additional Features

    One of the most vibrant features that you might be looking out for is the effects that a guitar amp can produce. Both digital and hybrid amps stand as the best guitar amps when it comes to providing outstanding performance.

    Similarly, checking the inputs and outputs of a guitar amplifier will also be a wise decision. If you don’t find inputs and outputs of all sizes, it is best to avoid that guitar amp and, thus, lookout for something better.

    Well, if you keep all of the mentioned points with you, it will be a great start for you when you go out to pick up the best guitar amps. The huge option in the market can baffle you but select the one which is perfect for you.

    Best Guitar Amplifiers for 2021 (Review)

    #1 Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amplifier

    Best Guitar Amplifier

    Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amplifier Specifications
    Type Modelling Desktop AMP
    Output 40 Watts
    Onboard Effects 40 Effects and 30 AMP models
    Dimensions 350 mm x 180 mm x 190 mm
    Weight 5.2 kgs
    Speakers 2 speakers of 4″

    This is the best guitar amplifier that you can opt for in the market. With all the quality features, the Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amplifier is a star in its industry. It comes in with 30 watts and can work out to 40 with the proper set up of the effects.

    The Auto Chord and Smart Jam function make it’s a next-gen tech, which is why most of the users prefer it. All the people who have been looking out for the best guitar amplifier for a home will pick up this guitar amp for its compact size and lightweight. It weighs around 5.2 kgs and has a pair of 4” speakers.

    The positive grid spark guitar amplifier is known to set a record in the market. It was ordered by 25000 people before entering the segment. In its first year of release, the total number of bookings rose to 100k and has kept growing since then.

    Speaking of the control panel, it is very intuitive, and no user will face any problem with the same. By the looks themselves, users will find out the right configuration to make their night the best. They can even use the manual guide will be discussing the different setups to enhance the music quality.

    This device is filled with all the different creative points that we need for our lifestyle. You can connect the device to your handset and play any music you love. The Auto Chord feature will analyze the music and play the chords for you so that you can follow up with the song. Well, the feature is exciting as it helps you to explore different songs and genres.

    We have always wanted to be a part of a band; this can be done right with the use of the Smart Jam feature. You might not have 4-5 individuals playing for you, but the feels it has to offer will bring such imagination to life. All you need to do is pick up some genre, select a tempo, play a few chords, and that’s all. The amplifier will take it into account and play the track for you.

    However, you might not be satisfied with the designs. It comes in with a vintage look to itself. Therefore, you must be okay with the looks if you are looking for some great features. Well, it is indeed the best guitar amplifier at the price range it is available.

    If you are worried about finding a new chord for your music, then this device will help you out. The online gallery has a huge collection of chords that you can opt from. Similarly, you won’t forget your favorite chords, as you can upload them on the site as well.

    Users might miss out on the digital screen, which entices the millennial nowadays. But if we keep that aside, then the Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amplifier will fit perfectly for your practice sessions and for daily use as well.


    • Tones of features
    • Smart Jam and Auto Chord makes it special
    • Worth every penny
    • AMP response is great


    • No footswitch for changing the channels

    Buy it on Amazon

    #2 Blackstar HT-20R MKII Amplifier

    Best Guitar Amplifiers

    Blackstar HT-20R MKII Specifications
    Type Valve Combo
    Output 20 Watts
    Onboard Effects NA
    Dimensions 20.87 x 15.35 x 24.41 inches
    Weight 16.2 kg
    Speakers 1 x 12″

    With all due respect, this piece deserves to be second on the list. The company took a toll on their best guitar amplifier and revamped it to make it the best in the market. The HT series is completely revamped with the inclusion of heads and combos, which are nowhere to be found. The improved MKII HT-20R is a total blast and left everyone astonished in the market.

    Despite its compact size, the control panel has a different feeling to itself. It comes in with all the luxurious knobs which customize the sound as per our need. It does more than just coming in with the tone and volume arrangements. It is a masterpiece due to the special Blackstar’s patented ISF control. This allows the user to change the amps from the USA to British voicing keeping all the different pointers stable.

    It is the special channels, i.e., overdrive and clean channels, which provides promising results without disturbing the music. When a person is looking for the American amps, he can opt for the clean channel and similarly, when he wants the British mode, the overdrive channel will provide the Class A jangles with a midrange focus.

    On the other hand, you can find all the voicings from mega-gain rock to mild crunch if you use the high gain and classic overdrive. The control panel even has a power reduction switch, which will change the power output from 20 to 2 in seconds to bring the right drops we have always waited for.

    Coming to the back panel, users will find a USB socket with a balanced XLR output, which will help connect directly to the desktop. You can use it stereo output socket to connect it with your headphones. Apart from that, a level switch and an MP3 line-in complete the device.

    Coming to the choices available when we talk about the output options, then we can find 1×12 and 4×12 cab EQs. The sound quality is something that we will love to pay for. It has mesmerizing high-quality mild and clean overdrives in the clean channel, which will cover the exotic combos.

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    One can keep speaking about the pros that this device has with it. Well, that’s because of the extravagant features that it provides at such a nominal rate. Users just get blown away when they look at the price. It is not possible for every company to come up with a solution where every month is worth the price.

    Therefore, if you haven’t made your choice already, then picking up the Blackstar HT-20R MKII will be the best choice 2021 for you.


    • Versatile
    • No weak points in the tonal
    • Vast options for connectivity


    • Hard to find any

    Buy the Blackstar HT-20R from Amazon

    #3 Fender Blues Junior IV Guitar Amplifier

    Best Guitar Amplifiers

    Fender Blues Junior IV Specifications
    Type Valve Combo
    Output 15 Watts
    Onboard Effects Spring Reverb
    Dimensions 20 x 19 x 12 inches
    Weight 14.3 Kg
    Speakers One 12″ A Type Celestion Speaker

    If you have been in the industry and you haven’t come across the Fender Blues Junior collection, then you are doing it wrong. This device came into the market back in 1993 and has left every device behind when it comes to extravagant features.

    Fender started gaining popularity with the introduction of this device. Before this, it was known for the Tweed and Blackface amps produced by them. Over the years, all the necessary updates have been made to the product to keep with the high-tech gadgets available.

    All this time, this device was known for its pedal-friendly credentials, light-weight and compact size. But the Mark IV specification brought in the necessary alignments to the product, which added features like Celestion’s A-Type Loudspeaker.

    The design of the device is vintage, and therefore, people might feel it old school. However, nothing was being compromised while we talk about the features it has to offer. One can mix the different channels to provide the right tone.

    Speaking of the outputs, you will find 3 12AX7s and two EL84s as the 5 valves. Common to all the different ranges, you will find the reverb spring to beautifully driven by the dual op-amp. Users won’t have to worry about the control as it has all the different switch we will ask for. Whether it be the base treble, master volume, reverb level or the middle treble, everything is covered pretty much by the device.

    The special addition with time has made the Fender’s tones really impressive. With the loudspeakers in hand, every tone from sparkling cleans to smooth midrange crunch will be covered up as expected. Therefore, there will be nothing that you must be worried about as a user.

    Users can put the fat switch to its best use by adding a generous midrange boost. The footswitch even makes it accessible to change the tone while working on a new tone.

    As a user, you won’t have to be worried about the type of guitar that you will put to use. The different pedals add the required amount of volume to the body. You won’t worry about the sound as it is top-notch compared to the industry-standards and the products that cost you 4 times more than usual.

    Therefore, we prefer to keep the Fender Blues Junior Iv third on our list due to the extravagant feeling it will provide if you are looking out for something aesthetic.


    • Great Sound
    • Awesome Build Quality
    • Lightweight
    • Comes with footswitch


    • Not the right choice for an experienced guitarist

    Buy it from Amazon

    #4 BluGuitar AMP1 Special Mercury Edition

    Best Guitar Amplifiers

    BluGuitar Amp1 Mercury Edition Specifications
    Type Pedalboard AMP
    Output 100 Watts
    Onboard Effects NA
    Dimensions 12.5 x 9 x 3.25 inches
    Weight 1.2 kg
    Speakers NA

    The modern amps have to work out pretty professional to stick in the industry. There is no possibility for them to be amateur anymore, and therefore, BluGuitar, with its mercury edition, brings the features to life. All the features that we look into a next-gen digital model or a Class D power amps are available with this device.

    The BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition is specially designed by Hughes himself. With the help of Kettner, the unique design of the product was built fantastically. While most of the products today have a digital outlook on their functionality, the BluGuitar chose to go with the analog model.

    It used the solid-state model, which can drive power of 100-watts and work best with the Class D output functionality. The digital reverb on the side is pretty smooth to operate.

    Coming to the building, we can find that the upgraded version of this guitar amp works fantastically. Being lightweight and compact, the user-interface of this device becomes super convenient.

    The control panel is protected using a thick sheet of aluminum. Apart from that, the controls are logically set up, which makes it pretty convenient for the users to opt for. From the master volume to the different base controlling knobs, everything is pretty much visible to the users.

    Coming to the sound quality of this device, there is no change from the previous version. However, users can tweak the springy response of the clean channel using the custom controls.

    It is packed with all the classic features that we expect out of the best guitar amplifier. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about missing out on any feature with this beast.


    • Simple Analogue Control Panel
    • Great Flexibility


    • Add-ons are expensive

    Buy it from Amazon

    #5 Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb Amplifier (New)

    Best Guitar Amplifiers

    Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb Amplifier (New)
    TYPE Reverb Amplifier
    OUTPUT 15 watts
    DIMENSIONS 9.5 x 16 x 19.88 inches
    WEIGHT 12.7 kg
    SPEAKER 10″ Celestion TEN 30

    Fender 68 Reverb Amplifier is the redefined version of Fender Amplifiers that came out in 1968. This is an authentic Fender product with a completely new, redesigned look. One of the most special features of this amplifier is that it is an all-valve combo. You can find everything you want in one place with this golden option.

    The amplifier comes with an attractive, classy, and new-edge look with a silver and turquoise front panel and an aluminum “drip-edge” grille cloth trim. The incorporated 10″ Celestial TEN 30 speaker adds to the plus points of this amplifier because of the distinctive rock ‘n’ roll flavored sound that it delivers. The speaker gives a rich and expressive quality sound that combines warm lows, vocal mid-range, and articulate top-end sound. If you push harder, you get the full-fledged Celestion grind, and it just gets better.

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    Fender 68 Reverb Amplifier is still considered by Guitarists to be the perfect amplifier for recording and gigging. The tone circuit in this amp has been modified to a great extent, which gives modern players much needed tonal flexibility. The amplifier’s negative feedback has also been reduced. This has had many positive implications and led to an improvement in performance resulting in greater touch sensitivity as well as a swifter onset of overdrive.

    The Fender 68 Reverb Amplifier comes in a classic black color and has many other added advantages apart from all these amazing features. It has a built-in fitted Amplifier cover, which provides proper protection from external factors. It also includes a 2-button footswitch, which means that you need not go for a hunt looking for a footswitch that will be suitable and compatible. It might be a bit heavier than your regular amplifier, but it makes up for it with greater tonal flexibility, including pedals.

    The best part? Along with all these advantages, you also get hand-wired valve sockets (present right under the hood) and custom-made Schumacher transformers. The sound is absolutely divine.


    ● It is perfect for small gigs.

    ● The sound is clear and loud.

    ● It has maximum positive customer reviews.

    ● It comes with a dual input system and valve-driven reverb.

    ● It is considered to be one of the best guitar amplifiers.


    ● It might be too heavy to carry around easily.

    Buy the product on

    #6 EVH 5150III 50W EL34

    Best Guitar Amplifiers

    EVH 5150III 50W EL34
    TYPE Valve head
    OUTPUT 50 watt at 4 ohms
    ONBOARD EFFECTS Series effects loop
    DIMENSIONS 15 x 17 x 28 inches
    WEIGHT 15.6 kg

    Are you a beginner? Or, just an amateur who hasn’t figured out their genre yet? No worries, if you go for this EVH 5150III 50W EL34 Amplifier. It has Edward Van Halen’s initials at the beginning of its name, so you must have figured out that it pretty much transcends the boundaries of what is considered normal when it comes to sound quality. It will suit you no matter what you are in the mood for-, be it the harmonically volatile weekend rock tone or the contemporary metal, be it the high tones or the old school Van Halen sound.

    It might not be very cheap, but the multiple high ends feature more than make up for it. This 50-watt Amplifier has three channels- Channel 1 (Clean), Channel 2 (Crunch), and Channel 3 (Lead). Channel 1 and Channel 2 have been provided with the same EQ, but the different volume controls. Channel 3 has a separate dedicated EQ.

    Like any other Van Halen product, the EVH 5150III 50W EL34 has been beautifully ideated and constructed, and it is a treat to the eyes as much as it is to the ears. It has a solid steel chassis trimmed in black, while the handle is made of a molded plastic strap with nickel-plated caps. The cabinet has been made from high-quality premium birch plywood with the trademark EVH stripes over the front panel. This amp has been equipped with a few convenient and super useful features like a headphone outlet and a series effects loop, which can be easily and seamlessly switched using the 4-footswitch system.

    When it comes to the sound- not only the manufacturers but pretty much every person who has used it says it is incredible. No matter if you’re playing in front of ten people, a hundred, or a thousand. No matter if you have a hall or an entire arena to entertain, you can rest assured that your music will reach every last person in the audience in its original, undiluted form.


    ● Powerful amplified sound

    ● Drives distortion effectively

    ● Made from high-grade material

    ● Provides onboard effects and excellent volume control

    ● It is considered to be one of the best guitar amplifiers in 2021.


    ● It might not be affordable for all.

    Check the price and buy the product from

    #7 Supro 169RT Black Magick Reverb

    Best Guitar Amplifiers

    Supro 169RT Black Magick Reverb
    TYPE All-tube Supro
    OUTPUT 25 watt at 4ohms
    DIMENSIONS 20.47 x 18.74 x 8.74 inches
    WEIGHT 20 kg
    SPEAKER BD12 speaker

    Want to be prepared for unexpected gigs? Well, then Supro 169RT Black Magick Reverb is for you because it is the perfect grab-and-go amplifier! This amplifier is special- it is the improved, remodeled version of the award-winning recreation of Jimmy Page’s vintage Supro amp. Want to know what’s new? It includes artist-requested premium features!

    There can be absolutely no doubt about the sound quality- this amplifier features a custom-designed BD12 speaker. Supro 169RT Black Magick Reverb features two channels- channels 1 and 2, which have been intelligently connected in parallel to supplement the gain and volume. Not only a custom made speaker, but this Amplifier also comes with a custom-built Supro transformer that allows you to control the output options- 4, 8, and 16 ohms.

    Supro 169RT Black Magick Reverb includes both manual and power cables. This reverb version has two independent preamp channels that can be manipulated to achieve the fattest possible tone by linking them together with an input jack. It is different from the original Black Magick owing to the aspect that it has been remodeled to include separate treble and bass knobs. This significantly enhances the range of possible sounds.

    The Black Magick Reverb has been built as powerfully as its name sounds. It is placed in a similar cabinet as its predecessor and features a black and silver rhino hide vinyl apart from the trademark thunderbolt badge and the silver-correct grille cloth. The difference comes in with the control panel- the flexibility quotient has been significantly increased because of the Kravitz collaboration. The footswitch is a very effective feature that makes switching between the reverb and tremolo effects quite easy and convenient.


    ● It is portable.

    ● The metal film resistors ensure low noise and consistency.

    ● Both the built-in tremolo and the conventional reverb spring are driven by the power valve.

    ● High quality super powerful PCB in the chassis supports the entire system except for the mains and the back sockets.

    ● It is definitely one of the best guitar amplifiers out there and has found a position on the best guitar Amplifiers 2021 list.


    ● It is quite pricey and might not be affordable for all.

    Purchase the product from


    All the different best guitar amplifiers have been mentioned above. With the buyer’s guide, users are free to make their choice based on the features that we have mentioned.

    Apart from that, taking the different factors into account will help the user understand the different aspects of a guitar amplifier and the different ways in which they can put it to use. Therefore, the best guitar amplifiers are available; all you got to do is make the right choice.


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