Adam Carolla Net Worth – Bio And 5 Interesting Facts

    adam carolla net worth

    Adam Carolla net worth in millions comes from talk shows, podcasts, and television shows. Adam started earning at 18, doing a couple of odd jobs. His podcasts are the most downloaded but you do not find a reason to watch a single show Adam’s, because there is no good content. Talking of content, isn’t the purpose of a talk show to give something to the audience? Like information, interesting tidbits, and entertainment?

    In most of his shows, the sine qua non called the ‘Entertainment’ is missing. His jokes are crude and obnoxious. They wouldn’t make an obnoxious teen laugh. But then, everybody had different tastes. His podcasts and shows cater to a niche audience who thinks what he does is comic. It could make you think, what version of comedy could this be?

    Adam has interviewed a lot of Hollywood celebrities on his show and roasted them. Most of them were in bad taste, but the actor-comedian did manage to make millions with bad content. His shows contain topics teens no more talk about during their puberty because the generation has evolved. For those who love Adam Carolla shows, good for you!

    Adam Carolla Net Worth

    adam carolla net worth

    Adam Carolla net worth comes with smart moves he made in his career. He is a college dropout because he wanted to focus on comedy and films. His shows made a lot of people angry because he had too many foot-in-the-mouth moments. Racist comments are a strict no-no, but he has done that blatantly and unabashedly on his shows. It’s not funny.

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    The Adam Carolla Show was an inspiration to Gerald Butler’s show in the movie The Ugly Truth. Adam is crass, cynical, and the content of his shows is inappropriate for an audience of any age. It’s just sad he thinks it’s funny. Many viewers don’t, and that’s also one of the reasons why the show was called off in 2009. Phew! That must have been a relief.

    Talking about his podcasts, the idea of ‘content’ is missing in his podcasts too. He is talking to celebrities and guests on the show and has no opinions on the topics he chooses to speak about. There is no substance, no valuable content, entertainment, or the takeaway, which is usually the crux of any talk show.

    Well, but he has made millions with the crass content, so let’s just give it to him! The applause, hmm.. maybe not the applause, but the strategy to pull the audience for content like that.

    Early And Personal Life

    adam carolla net worth

    There is speculation that Carolla was born in Pennsylvania. But most like to believe he was born in Los Angeles. He went to Colfax Elementary School, Walter Reed High School, and North Hollywood High School. He played football for seven years, suggested it placated the chaos in his life.

    He was born to Jim and Kris Carolla. After dropping out of Los Angeles Valley College, he worked as a carpenter, carpet cleaner, traffic school instructor, etc. Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel’s friendship started in 1994 when he worked as a boxing trainer ‘Kevin and Bean’ radio program.

    Carolla married Lynette Paradise in 2002. They have twins Natalia and Richard. He announced their divorce after 19 years of their marriage.

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    Television, Podcasts, Filmography

    Working on this show led him to a big break to co-host a radio show called ‘Loveline.’ The format of this show was later remade by MTV India which was must better than Carolla’s show. In 2005 he got to host ‘The Adam Carolla Show’ for Infinity Broadcasting Network. There is a difference between crass and candid. That is the subtle difference you find missing in Carolla’s shows. But there is a large audience who appreciate the satire, which sometimes borders sexist opinions.

    The character of Gerard Butler ‘Mike Chadway’ is loosely based on Adam Carolla from this show. He got in touch with Adam to understand his style of hosting the show.

    In 2009 he started a podcast called ‘The Adam Carolla Podcast.’ The Guinness Book records this to be the most downloaded podcast. His podcast topped the podcasts on iTunes. He made brief appearances in television shows from 1999.

    He produced Crank Yankers with his friend Jimmy Kimmel, which premiered on Comedy Central. It had a unique concept of portraying celebrities and crank callers enacted by puppets. It ran from 2002 to 2008 on various channels. In 2005 he hosted a show for Comedy Central called ‘Too Late With Adam Carolla.’

    He appeared as a celebrity panelist on the Gameshow Marathon for a single episode. He was also a contestant on Dancing With The Stars in 2008 but was voted off soon enough. He performed dancing styles like the foxtrot, mambo, tango, and pasodoble. He was voted off for showcasing the pasodoble style of dancing.

    He started The Car Show in 2011, which was similar to the format of Top Gear but has humor, reviews, and test rides. It ran only for one season but gained positive reviews for its content. Adam Carolla net worth does not come from the Italian restaurant Amalfi in Los Angeles in which he has a partnership.

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    He hosted a show called ‘Catch A Contractor,’ which was non-scripted. The concept was to expose fraudulent contractors who use unethical means to sell homes and wronged homeowners get retribution. The show started in 2014 and gained a million views but was canceled in 2015. Adam Carolla net worth is the money earned talking on various shows.

    Carolla is probably fond of home improvement projects. He started a show called The Adam Carolla Show Project in the early 2000s, which was about improving the condition of the chosen home. He did a similar project with Spike TV in 2017, a live show that tackled home improvements problems and was streamed on social media platforms.

    He voiced the cartoon Commander Nebula, Buzz lightyear Of Star Command, and Family Guy for Disney and Fox. Carolla starred in a couple of independent films and documentaries. Carolla wrote two best-selling books ‘In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks’ and ‘Not Taco Bell Material.’

    Things You Didn’t Know About Adam Carolla

    • He is known for cooking
    • His step-grandfather was an Oscar-winning screenplay writer
    • He has an interesting car collection
    • He has the habit of wearing ball caps most of the time
    • He thinks women can’t be as funny as men


    Adam Carolla net worth is the talking he does on most of the talk shows. He has millions of subscribers for podcasts and talk shows. A lot of things he talks about might not be suitable for a large audience. His satirical comic style is dry and banal, but millions like the content of his show.


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