How To Clear Cookies on iPhone: A Must-Read For iOS users!

    Cookies are text files that are used to store data, such as username, password, web activity, preferred settings, and many more things. Cookies are typically used for your own convenience, mainly for personalization and tracking. In this article, we have discussed a must know topic for iOS users. This article explains in detail about how to clear cookies on iPhone. Read on and enhance your device performance and privacy by clearing the cookies.

    Examples of cookies comprise your login data, topic preferences on the news site (this includes even the search type like business or sports-related topic), and your browsing history about your best of the bunch online stores or something else. Cookies are also associated with targeted ads. When you are using an iPhone and accepting cookies, you are decreasing your available storage space. Just for this reason, you need to know how to clear cookies on iPhone.

    On the other hand, your cache stores page resources, including pictures, with the objective of minimizing load time and enhancing the user experience. The bits of data get stored on your smart device to elevate the performance of the website. Therefore if you’ve already explored a website before and even downloaded those files, the browsers do not need to re-download them, and eventually it makes the upload processing quite faster.

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    This article demonstrates how to clear cookies on iPhone. Here we provide information about Chrome web browsers and Safari to cart off any sort of cookies.

    Process of clearing Safari browsing history and cookies

    You have some options for clearing or deleting cookies from the default Safari web browser on the iPhone. If you go through this article you will learn how to clear cookies on iPhone. You can clear your web history and cookies at the same time, delete entire cookies, or delete cookies only for a specific website.

    To clear all website data, comprising browser history, from Safari on iPhone, follow these steps:

    1. Open up the iPhone Settings app, scroll down and choose Safari.
    2. Choose Clear History and Website Data.
    3. When triggered to confirm your choice, select Clear history and Data to delete the login information about websites you have already visited and the cookies stored up for the Safari browser.
    How to clear cookies on iPhone
    1. Shut the Settings app down when you are fully done.

    ‘How to clear cookies on iPhone’ while saving Safari browser history

    You do not need to actually delete browser history to clear cookies from iPhone. You can delete only cookies or delete cookies for a specific website. When you delete all cookies, you will need to log in to websites again. If you have a problem with a particular website, delete the data for that website.

    1. Open up the iPhone Settings app and select Safari.
    2. Choose Advanced.
    3. You will have to select Website Data. A list of each website that stores cookies in the Safari browser app will display. You can clear all cookies from this screen or select specific cookies to delete cookies.
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    1. To delete individual cookies from the Website Data menu, just swipe left on any of the websites in the list and choose Delete.
    2. To clear up all the websites in the list, select Remove All Website Data and confirm by striking Remove Now option.

    Block the Cookies

    If you don’t want your iPhone to store cookies, go to Settings -> Safari -> Block all cookies.

    Keep it in mind; doing this might prevent you from visiting websites that usually need cookies in the future.

    Clearing the cache

    Clearing your cache is done the same way you clear your cookies: Go to the Settings -> Safari -> Clear History and Website Data. When “Clear History and Data” shows up, hit it to confirm. And, with the clearing of your cookies, this action will close all your open Safari TBs when accomplished.


    What does clearing your cookies actually do?

    Clearing your cache removes files and images (for instance, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript) from your smart device. If you frequently surf the web and visit numerous websites, the cookies can take up a lot of storing space on your iPhone and be inconvenient to its performance in the following ways:

    Storage space

    The main reason behind clearing cookies on your iPhone is for performance benefits. Every website you visit uses cookies and this takes up storage space on your device. By clearing cookies you not only free up this storage space, but you also improve the performance of your iPhone. This is especially beneficial if you have an iPhone with less memory that doesn’t have much storage to begin with.

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    Enhanced browsing speed

    By now you got to know how to clear cookies on iPhone. There are so many easy ways to speed up your phone, clearing cache and cookies is just one of them.

    Privacy Policy

    Cookies store your personally identifiable data and it’s especially pivotal to clear it up if you are using a shared device.


    Cookies include a lot of your information and if hackers get access to these data, it can be used for your identity theft. Hence, clear it anyway.

    Final Thoughts

    Here a question comes with this ‘How to clear cookies on iPhone’ article that how often you need to clear the cookies generally depends on how heavy an end user you are and how much storage space you should have left.

    Whenever most of your memory and storing space of your iPhone has been occupied, you will get to see a decline in performance or a low efficiency. In that very moment, you have to have cleared all your cookies. If you’re not short on storage, you don’t need to do it frequently.

    It’s also crucial to keep in mind that whenever you clear cookies, you’re clearing all your saved items’ passwords – which indicates you’ll have to re-enter them the very next time you visit that website of your choice.

    Using smart gadgets requires staying updated about their various functions and handling methods. Know more about your smart gadgets by reading interesting blogs on them. If you are an Apple user, you can read this blog on How to Turn on Airdrop on Mac? [4 Easy Methods].


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