Katt Williams Net Worth – Fortune of a Stand-up Comedian

    We’ll be talking about Katt Williams net worth. The American actor is popularly known for his role in the comedy flick Friday after next that rolled out in 2002 and the show wild n out.

    We all love watching movies and listening to songs, don’t we? Have you ever thought of how much do these actors and singers earn? You all must have come across this thought at least once in your lifetime, but did you find the answer to It? How do these actors and singers afford such a lavish life?

    We cannot learn about each and everyone’s net worth but will try to learn about the net worth of at least one of them. So, as mentioned above, we will talk about Katt Williams net worth today.

    Early life

    The rapper was born on 2nd September 1973. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a kid, he grew up in Dayton, Ohio. Williams in his school times was an intelligent kid, he has received excellent grades. At the young age of 13, Williams parted his way with his parents and went to Florida. As he had to feed himself he started working as a street seller.

    Katt Williams Net Worth

    Subsequently, he began performing as a comedian in his hometown in Ohio. Even though he was young, he had comedians’ access in the local clubs. Later on, he moved to San Francisco where he sharpened his talent and started performing as a stand-up comedian in the clubs.

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    As stated earlier, he moved to San Francisco and began his comedian career around 1990. By then he had performed at various popular locations such as the ice house, the improv as well as Hollywood Casino. And hence he became very popular among the youth of African Americans in the United States of America.

    Later on, he also worked in programs such as comic view, which helped in increasing Katt Williams net worth. In the coming times, he had accumulated thousands of devoted fan following.

    After accumulating such popularity, he inaugurated his very first comedy show that went by the name- “Katt Williams live- let a playa play”. This show rolled out in 2006, which made him even more popular and enabled him to work with HBO. His second show and the first with HBO that was titled as the Pimp Chronicle, pt.1. The show that gave him the biggest prosperity came out next year in 2007 titled “The American Hustle”.

    Katt Williams Net Worth
    Prime Video

    He once again worked with HBO to create a show named as-” It’s Pimpin Pimpin”. This show came out in the year 2008. The American singer had also conducted a comedy tour in the same year.

    Subsequently, he took our break for an unknown reason from 2008. A big break of 4 years ended in 2012, in which he made his comeback with another hilarious show named Kattpacalypse. And then again embarked on a tour in 2013 after which he worked on another show which was supervised by very popular Spike Lee.

    Katt Williams Net Worth

    Subsequently, he also filmed another show, the shoot of which was carried out in Florida. Furthermore, this show was created in Association with Netflix. The above-mentioned show named Great America rolled out on Netflix in the year 2018. This all boosted Katt Williams net worth significantly.

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    Katt Williams Acting Career

    Alongside singing, Katt Williams was also an excellent actor. He has played several different roles in various movies and shows. He made his acting debut in 2002 in a show named NYPD blue. And as mentioned earlier he also played a role in wild n out. He has also appeared in a situational comedy show named “My Wife and My Kid”.

    Katt Williams Net Worth

    Later on, he also worked in a show named “flavor fav”. He has achieved a lot through his acting career. Acting has also helped in increasing Katt Williams net worth. In the year 2018, the American actor also received an Emmy award for best guest actor in the comedy show named Atlanta.

    He has also acted in a supporting role in several shows such as Internet Dating that released in 2008, “First Sunday” which also rolled out in the same year, “Norbit” came in 2007, and ultimately the Ganked that was released in 2005.

    Katt Williams Net Worth

    So, as we now know how a multi-talented person Katt William is. It’s time to learn Katt Williams Net Worth. Can you guess how much is it? Of course, it is significant. Matt Williams net worth is just around $1.5 million. Are you surprised? do let us know in the comment section.

    Legal Issues

    Katt Williams is an aggressive person and has been imprisoned on several occasions during his concert. Due to this issue, his concerts had been turned down before time. Moreover, he was arrested by the cops as he possessed a stolen gun at the L.An airport. Once she was arrested as he possessed a dangerous firearm and was imprisoned for three years.

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    Katt Williams Net Worth
    Deccan Chronicle

    Subsequently, once again he was accused of the slaughter of a man and hence was imprisoned. In 2012, he was charged with homicide with a deadly weapon subsequent to hitting the man with a bottle and that too while he was on a tour bus.

    Personal Life

    Katt William is a father of eight kids out of which two of them are his biological children and the other six are adopted by him. The American singer follows Christianity even though he was a part of the Nation of Islam while he moved to San Francisco.

    Cessation | Katt Williams Net Worth

    This was all about Katt Williams, the very popular rapper as well as an actor. We’ve tried to cover all information regarding the singer. If anything is missed do post the same in the comment and we’ll try to tend to it as soon as possible.

    More such content is coming up so be sure to check again regularly so that you don’t miss out on anything and you stay updated with all the latest information.


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