How To Delete Tiktok Account: Making It Easy And Effortless!

    Creating short-length music videos that one can share with thousands of people may help you kick-start your career in the industry of music. At this moment in time it is one of the superior video sharing platforms for budding music video makers as it comprises active monthly users of approximately 500 million. In this article, we will talk about how to delete Tiktok account if you had your time and fun on the platform and now, want to leave the platform once and for all. This guide can also be handy for people looking to create a new account by deleting their previous one.

    Joining the community of Tiktok and making your own account is quite a simple and easy process, whereas deleting a Tiktok account is a bit complicated. Lack of privacy settings is always the reason why application users prefer to delete their accounts permanently.

    If you would like to make inactive your Tiktok account, you will come to the upright place, because in this article ‘how to delete Tiktok account’, we will take you through each and every step to delete the account.

    How to delete Tiktok account?

    Not long ago, users of the Tiktok platform had to communicate with customer support in order to delete their profiles. Nevertheless, the current introduction of ‘Thinking about removing your account’ option has made this task even faster. Here’s how to delete Tiktok account in a few simple steps.

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    Step 1

    You must first add the phone number to your Tiktok account before you commence preceding how to delete Tiktok account. After you start the application, tap on the Profile Information icon in the lower side right corner of the application window. Strike on the Settings option and then choose the Privacy and Settings feature from the pop-up menu on the screen.

    Select the Manage My Account option from Settings menu, then find the Phone Number feature and click on it to enter your phone number. The application will send a one-time password (OTP) to your phone number, so your task is just entering the verification code in the appropriate box, and your phone will be automatically connected to your own Tiktok account.

    Step 2

    After that, you need to once again tap on the Profile Info icon in the bottom right corner.

    How to delete tiktok account

    Once a new window opens up, tap the settings icon.


    Later on the screen a pop-up menu will instantly appear, commencing to choose the Privacy and Settings option.

    When the Privacy and Settings dialog box appears and you should hit on the Manage My Account option, present at the top of the list.


    Find the ‘Thinking about removing your account’ block, then click on it and the application will automatically send an OTP message to your phone.

    Step 3

    Enter the verification code you received through the OTP message into the appropriate box and press the Continue button to accomplish the process of deleting your own Tiktok account.


    Keep it in mind that once your account has been deleted, it cannot be recovered anyhow and all other unsaved information will be visible to other Tiktok users even after you make deactivation to your account.

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    Double check your decision to delete Tiktok account

    If you want to know ‘how to delete Tiktok account’ but also do not want to lose all the videos shared by you on Tiktok, you need to download them from your profile to smart phone as all the data stored on your account will be deleted. In addition, you will not receive a refund for any application purchases you made while using Tiktok.

    If you prefer to just go on social media intervals for a while, the application offers some technologically advanced options which enable you to keep your account safe while completely making it invisible on the platform. Here are some solutions you may want to contemplate before deciding to delete your ticket account permanently.

    3 alternate options of deleting a Tiktok account

    The platform proffers its users many advanced options that enable those persons to be hidden from public view. That’s the reason why you don’t need to proceed with how to delete Tiktok account if you do not desire your music videos to be accessible to other Tiktok users. Here are some alternative options for you.

    Control on who can post comments and send messages on your Tiktok videos

    Restricting the number of people who can communicate with you via Tiktok is another way to increase your security on this video sharing platform. The options of Who can send me comments and Who can send me messages, are available inside the Privacy and Security menu, therefore you can easily set these two options to Just friends if you do not want to receive messages from Tiktok users whom you do not know.

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    Prevent other Tiktok users from finding you


    The ‘Allow others to find me’ option allows you to control who can see your profile because if you enable it, your account will not be visible to other users in friend suggestions. This option is available in the Privacy and Security menu, so if you enable it by default, you can turn it off. Getting back to the previous status is possible whenever you want if you decide at any time that you want to display your profile publicly.

    Opt for private in Privacy Settings


    All accounts on the Tiktok platform are public, the Tiktok application can be used in private mode when you first create them. Once you switch to private mode, all new followers will have to send you a friend request to watch your videos, enabling you to control who can see the content shared on your account. You can activate this option by going to the Settings menu and selecting the

    Privacy and Security feature. After that, all you have to do is go to the Private Account option, and after a while, only your followers will be capable to see the content you have posted on the Tiktok platform.

    Bottom Line


    With the ‘how to delete Tiktok account’ article you already got to know about the deletion process. Recent updates of the application and the introduction about ‘Thinking about removing your account’ option have made it a quick process of deleting the Tiktok account.

    Regardless, this action is completely permanent and once you delete your account, anyhow you will not be able to use Tiktok again. That’s the reason why you need to re-think about this decision, especially since the application offers so many ways to enhance your privacy.

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