5 Best Peyronie’s Disease Exercises that Actually Helps!

    Peyronie’s Disease Exercises- All You Need To Know-

    You might be wondering if there are any Peyronie’s disease exercises to help you, or you can limit the symptoms using a few exercises.

    Most of us know how the erection works. You require an intact blood vessel and the nervous system to improve blood flow to the corpora cavernosa.

    But what if the corpora cavernosa is impaired? What if you possess a structural issue within the penis? The outcome can be a slightly curved penis, which is more common than you can imagine.

    Peyronie’s disease can influence sexual intercourse. It can give rise to a feeling of insecurity about yourself. It can furthermore influence the length of the erect penis. Generally, you will like to understand and solve it yourself and perhaps try a remedy before visiting your doctor.

    That’s why we are discussing the topic and deeming non-surgical options for Peyronie’s disease treatment. More precisely, Peyronie’s disease exercises work to rectify the issue. Can you unravel the situation on your own? Let’s find out.

    What is Peyronie’s disease?

    The majority of people have a slight inclination or curve of their penis. Nonetheless, Peyronie’s disease is a well-known connective tissue disease giving rise to an abnormal curvature of your penis.

    The issue usually results in problems during your intercourse. More generally, erectile dysfunction, penile pain, and periodically a penile fracture.

    It essentially results from scar tissue building within a men’s penis. It occasionally fixes independently, but we cannot rely on that. Most men face chronic symptoms, and ignoring the issue will worsen.

    Peyronie’s disease is not an extensively common disorder. However, it is not unusual either. As per the statistics, it influences up to 3.2% of men within the United States. As we become older, the percentage increases. It attains 6.5% in men over 70 years of age, and each country has varied statistics. Therefore, if you have an inclination penis, it is helpful to inquire a urologist about it.

    Peyronie’s disease affects 1 in 200 men and can be attained for different reasons. It mainly occurs due to the following:

    • Physical injury
    • Trauma to the penis
    • Rough sexual intercourse
    • Accidents
    • Rough masturbation

    Can Peyronie’s disease exercises help?

    Peyronie’s disease exercises are designed to rectify the issue but to what limit, depending on several factors. Peyronies disease treatment depends on the seriousness and the victim. In a few cases, penile injections may benefit by regulating inflammation and limiting scar Appearance.

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    But, in exceptional cases, the doctor might propose surgery to eliminate the scar plaques in your penis. In minor cases, you may not require aggressive treatment. However, it is not an ailment you should avoid.

    As per the studies, timely diagnosis and cure for Peyronie’s disease have improved prognosis. In other words, if you detect the dilemma in an early phase, discovering a solution will be more straightforward.

    The consultant might propose penile stretches and Peyronie’s disease exercises based on every Peyronie disease case. The justification behind the suggestion is that mild stretching will eventually break the scar plaques after a period. As they crack and begin dissolving, the penile inclination can rectify itself.

    There is research regarding this fact. Writers reveal that penis elongation and straightening equipment help recover penile length and form erect in Peyronie’s disease. To be precise, yes. Peyronie’s disease exercises to correct a curved penis, and they help.

    But can you perform Peyronie’s disease exercises on your own? You want professional guidance because the explanation relies on the stringency of your situation. After analyzing your case, your urologist might suggest one of the alternatives described below.

    Peyronie’s disease exercises to try-

    Before mentioning some useful Peyronie’s disease exercises, it is essential to comprehend something. This ailment has two phases- the acute phase and the chronic phase.

    The acute stage is the introductory stage when your penis begins to acquire a curve. The magnitude of this stage is uncertain, but it remains up to seven months in utmost cases. The patient enters the chronic stage, where the curve grows extra solid and steadies.

    Most Peyronie’s disease exercises are suggested in the preliminary phase (acute phase). Others can be incorporated with additional treatment techniques.

    You will discern that a few Peyronie’s disease exercises need a remote device, but not all of these do. You can even attempt some of them at the comfort of your home, but only once you receive proper guidance. Let’s go through every technique one by one:

    1. Penile traction therapy

    peyronie's disease exercises
    Semantic Scholar

    The research mentioned above in this article was established on penile traction therapy. It includes utilizing a device every day on the penis for a duration of time. After some weeks, you may begin discerning changes in the penile arch.

    Penile traction types of equipment have two rods attached to a backing ring. The rods will be positioned onto the penile shaft, and the ring will be positioned on the bottom of the penis. There is furthermore a second ring to be positioned on the glans. Both these rings are adjustable.

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    Research is relatively restricted, but so far, it has no protection problems and gives modifications in penile curve and size. It is primarily proposed when Peyronie’s disease begins, not when it reaches chronic cases. It can be proposed following surgery, too. In a few cases, it will be helpful to maintain penile length. 

    2. Vacuum erection devices

    Peyronie's disease exercise

    These types of equipment are generally used to promote erections in cases of erectile dysfunction. They are furthermore called penis pumps and can be helpful in Peyronie’s disease, also.

    The device comprises a vacuum tube that you are thought to put in your penis. Once you turn it on, it will establish suction and stretch your penis.

    If you go for this workout, you use this appliance two times a day for a few weeks to gain the most excellent results. As per the studies, after twelve weeks of around 10 minutes two times a day, you can discern a few modifications in your penile curvature.

    Additional symptoms might also enhance, encompassing a painful erection and discomfort during intercourse. As the penile curvature modifies, the penile length might also improve.

    3. Penile modeling techniques

    peyronie's disease exercises
    Journal of sexual medicine

    Even if you do not have a tool, it is feasible to alter the curvature of the penis. This is accomplished through penile modeling methods, and a urologist generally performs them.

    The aim is to curve the penis on the contrary direction of the deviated curvature. Patients are advised on how to do it based on the particularities of the ailment. Only then, and obeying all the instructions, can they accomplish it at home.

    As per a very modern study, a remarkable number of men had great results after doing this for three months. If they proceeded with the treatment for over six months, 95% of them observed a decrease in the penis curvature.

    Penile modeling (PM) has two significant variables:

    1. PM after inflatable penile (prosthesis implantation)

    Penile implants are specific prosthetic equipment introduced within your penis via surgery. It fixed erectile dysfunction (ED) when other things did not work out.

    Besides, it is a good treatment of Peyronie’s disease with Erectile Dysfunction. It rectifies the curve of your penis while rectifying erectile problems. However, a penis implant is not sufficient to rectify the problem at times.

    In such types of cases, penile modeling might rectify the problem further. The physician utilizes a strategy to bend the penis opposite to the direction of curvature. You would need various sessions repeating the maneuver until your penis becomes straight.

    2. PM after collagenase injections (collagenase clostridium histolyticum)

    You can also incorporate penile modeling strategies with penile collagenase injections. Xiaflex injections hold a particular enzyme that cracks and dissolves the buildup of Peyronie’s plaque.

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    Along with the appropriate bending actions, it can cure Peyronie’s disease. You want to put up with the follow-up calls seriously with the urologist, though. This technique might lead to urethral damage.

    4. Penile massages

    peyronie's disease exercises

    In extremely mild cases, a penile massage can also be helpful. Such massages are executed using a lubricant to stretch your penis manually.

    If this method interests you, make sure to speak to the doctor before pursuing any advice. Or else, you may hurt yourself and result in lesions down there. Besides, we do not know how beneficial it will be.

    Before starting these Peyronie’s Disease exercises, it is nice to pursue treatment with the doctor to attain access to particular and customized supervision that fits your requirements.

    Consult a Sexual Health Expert for a Medical Strategy to Treat Peyronie’s Disease. While Peyronie’s Disease is usually dealt with by surgery, there are options to reduce the physical deficiencies of the penis by seizing a multi-faceted strategy to treatment.

    Using a mixture of massages, therapies, stretches, and additional Peyronie’s disease exercises, there have been several successful tries in fixing Peyronie’s disease without needing surgery.

    5. Jelquing

    Also called milking, Jelqing is another non-invasive and device-less stretching exercise. First, you will delicately massage the bottom of the penis and move in a circle shape around it. You will want to use your index finger and thumb to massage it, gradually tightening the circle and putting pressure on your penis shaft. Then, you get an inch closer to your penis head and again follow the cycle. Also, keep in the brain to decrease any pressure if you undergo any pain.

    A single cycle of such massage will take nearly 3 to 5 seconds. Do this for 20 minutes every day for the most relevant results.

    The Bottom Line

    To summarize it all, we have wrapped the topic of Peyronie’s disease exercises and put forward an initial question: Can you unravel the issue on your own at home?

    The explanation depends on the stage of your situation, which can be either acute or Chronic. It furthermore depends on the seriousness of the curvature and your treatment options. Surgical treatment is earmarked for severe cases, and it periodically involves positioning a penile prosthesis.

    But if the penile weakness is not severe, the doctor can propose a vacuum erection device or a penile traction therapy. Be ready to utilize special tools in these situations and follow the urologist’s guidelines.

    Penile modeling is one more technique to regain the shape of the penis. Nevertheless, the doctor must always tutor you on this one. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself.

    As concerning penile massages, there is not sufficient information for this method. It is uncertain about working out but speak to your doctor to prevent an injury if you still wish to try it. If you obey instructions, not just you will regain your penis length, shape, and confidence. You might also avoid further harm, pain during intercourse, and a penile fracture.


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